Dødsritual To Release “Under Sort Sol” Album

Norway’s Dødsritual and new offering “Under Sort Sol” is radical, twisted, vicious, and progressive. Filled with all manner of haunted, unexpected melodies, harbored over ten tracks and 46+ minutes, the album will drop April 25th, with pre-orders now online here.

1. Under Sort Sol
2. Lost in the Remains
3. Dømt til å leve
4. Alt Lys er Slukket
5. Venomtongue
6. A Glorious Past
7. The Eternal Return
8. The Visitor
9. Oh Nemesis
10. Dark Hole

Under Sort Sol by Dødsritual

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Blood Region Releases New EP “For All The Fallen Heroes”

Finnish metal band Blood Region has released a new EP titled “For All The Fallen Heroes,” which is now online for streaming and can be heard in the Spotify player below.

Blood Region is a melodic metal five-piece group originally started in 2003 and pulling from a diverse range of influences. “For All The Fallen Heroes” presents a journey through varied soundscapes and follows two previous releases. The EP sees official release today – January 26th – via Inverse Records.

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Deivos Announces New Album “Endemic Divine”

Two years after releasing “Theodicy,” Poland’s Deivos returns next month with a 5th full-length album entitled “Endemic Divine.”

The album brings forth 8 songs of heavy, brutal, and technical death metal, with pre-orders now online right here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Daimonion
2. Apeiron
3. Sisters of Mercy
4. Dust of the Universe
5. Gods of Death
6. Through the Eyes of the Hangman
7. Courtesan
8. Endemic Divine

Endemic Divine by DEIVOS

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Body Stuff Streaming New EP “Body Stuff 2”

Body Stuff’s new EP, “Body Stuff 2,” is out today on The Path Less Traveled Records. The release was composed in a house on a lake in Maine, and recorded and mixed in Brooklyn, New York, with the help of Ryan Jones (Mutilation Rites).

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, all six tracks are now online for streaming as the EP sees official release today (November 4th). The full track listing is as follows:

1. Ice 03:58
2. World of Men 01:37
3. Witness 02:38
4. Cabin Song 02:53
5. Coward Song 03:00
6. Last Dance 03:32

Body Stuff 2 by Body Stuff

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Caro Streaming New Song “Escape The Night”

Caro has been releasing one track each day off new EP “Sever The 6th Head,” with final song “Escape The Night” now online and available below. The band had this to say:

“We finally released the last song on the EP. Which means that it’s time to spin through the whole EP! ‘Escape the Night” is the fifth and last track off ‘Sever the 6th Head.’

“It’s a fast, and crushing tune. The hardest to record on all instruments. The song came together in one rehearsal. It was one of those songs where everybody just knew, that this probably would make the record.”

1. Manufactured Suicide
2. Life
3. Sever the 6th Head
4. The Event of Revolt
5. Escape the Night

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Gost Streaming Full “Non Paradisi” Album

Following on the heels of GosT’s debut album “Behemoth,” new album “Non Paradisi” is a loose musical adaptation of John Milton’s epic poem “Paradise Lost,” concerning Lucifer’s fall from Heaven and ensuing ascent from the Lake of Fire.

The entire darkwave album is now online for streaming in the YouTube player below, provided courtesy of Vice. “Non Paradisi” will be released worldwide on September 30th, 2016 via Blood Music and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Commencement
2. Nascency
3. Aggrandizement (feat. Bitchcraft)
4. Lake of Fire
5. Supreme (feat. Hayley Stewart)
6. 4th
7. Arise (feat. Kriistal Ann)
8. Maleficarum
9. Unum Infernum
10. I Am Abaddon

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ARP Streaming New EP “Gone (Not Here)”

ARP (Augmented Reality Project) is a modern prog/core project from Tel Aviv, Israel. The writing and production are handled by Yoav Efron of Distorted Harmony and the band’s debut EP “Gone (Not Here)” is now online for streaming below.

1. Gone (Not Here) 05:12
2. Promised 04:33
3. Reborn 04:15
4. Somewhere 04:28

Gone (Not Here) [EP] by ARP


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Lord Of War Posts “Suffer” Lyric Video

Last week, atmospheric deathcore brigade Lord Of War unleashed the audio lashings of latest full-length album “Suffer” via Unique Leader Records. A lyric video for the title track is now online and can be seen elow.

“Suffer” was engineered and mixed by Daniel Castleman and Kelly Cairns (Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Carnifex, Winds Of Plague, Molotov Solution) and mastered by Miah Lajeunesse (Whitechapel, Aegaeon).

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Fange Streaming Full New Album “Purge”

Fange’s debut full-length album “Purge” is now online and available for streaming in the Bandcamp player below, with the CD / vinyl offering set for an official release via Throatruiner Records on September 2nd. Pre-orders are available here and the track listing is as follows:

01. Cour Martiale
02. Mâchefer
03. Roy-Vermine
04. Étouffoir
05. De Guerre Lasse
06. Girone Della Merda

Purge by Fange

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Beelzefuzz Releases “Nazzriff” Music Video

The first full video from Beelzefuzz’s forthcoming new album “The Righteous Bloom” is now online – check out “Nazzriff” below, which was created by Cinemavericks Media.

“The Righteous Bloom” is the band’s first album to be distributed nationally via Restricted Release / Abstract Distribution, with an August 19th release date now nailed down.

Produced by the band with Richard Whittaker (Skullflower), it features original artwork by illustrator David Paul Seymour (Red Fang, Graveyard). The track listing is:

1. Nazriff
2. The Soulless
3. Hardluck Melody
4. Rat Poison Parfait
5. Eternal Waltz
6. Within Trance
7. Nebulous
8. The Righteous Bloom
9. Sanctum & Solace
10. Dying On The Vine
11. Peace Mind

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