Gorthaur’s Wrath Announces Guest Drummer Christian Bass For New Album

Gorthaur’s Wrath had previously announced that Triptykon’s Norman Lonhard would be appearing on the band’s new album. The group has now issued the following update about Lonhard being unavailable for the recording and recruiting a new guest drummer:

“Much sought after German drummer Christian Bass (White Eyes, ex-Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Night In Gales, Heaven Shall Burn-Live) will join Gorthaur’s Wrath in the studio for the recordings of the band’s upcoming album ‘War For Heaven’ on a yet-undisclosed label.

“He is also involved in writing the drum part and so being part of the whole record. This is a top addition to the band’s ranks and another great step for Gorthaur’s Wrath to release a top new album later this year.

“Christian Bass will also exclusively appear live with Gorthaur’s Wrath at the Metalfest in Zadar/Croatia where the band will present new songs and the new line up on stage for the first time.

“Until the record is done check out Chris’s website and Facebook.

“Chris is replacing Norman Lonhard (Triptykon, Pigeon Toe) who can’t join us, as posted earlier, because of his schedule.”

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Gorthaur’s Wrath Taps Triptykon Drummer Norman Lonhard For New Album

Gorthaur’s Wrath split with drummer “Grind Artillery” last month, and the band has now issued the following announcement about tapping Norman Lonhard for the recording of a new album:

“Leading German extreme metal drummer Norman Lonhard (Triptykon/Pigeon Toe) is going to join Gorthaur’s Wrath in the studio for the upcoming album recording.

“This will be the second studio album of Gorthaur’s Wrath, named ‘War For Heaven,’ which is set to be recorded in May 2012 at Woodshed Studios in Germany by V.Santura (Dark Fortress, Triptykon).

“The first upcoming live band appearance and exclusive presentation of the new songs will be at Zadar metalfest 2012 in Croatia.”

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