Meliah Rage Premiere New Music Video For “Idol Hands”

Massachusetts-based power metal outfit MELIAH RAGE debut their official music video for “Idol Hands”, the title track of their ninth studio album, which was released in April via Metal On Metal Records. Check it out below.

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Live Clip Of “The Ninth Wave” Posted By Blind Guardian

German-based progressive power metal act Blind Guardian issued yet another clip in celebration of the new live release “Live Beyond the Spheres” 3CD/4LP, which drops today via Nuclear Blast Records. Check out “The Ninth Wave” in the player below.

This is the first live record from the band in 14 years. The complete track listing is:

CD 1:

1. The Ninth Wave
2. Banish From Sanctuary
3. Nightfall
4. Prophecies (see clip here)
5. Tanelorn
6. The Last Candle
7. And Then There Was Silence

CD 2:

1. The Lord Of The Rings
2. Fly
3. Bright Eyes
4. Lost In The Twilight Hall
5. Imaginations From The Other Side
6. Into The Storm
7. Twilight Of The Gods (see clip here
8. A Past And Future Secret
9. And The Story Ends

CD 3:

1. Sacred Worlds
2. The Bard’s Song (In The Forest)
3. Valhalla
4. Wheel Of Time
5. Majesty
6. Mirror Mirror (see clip here)

Check out “The Ninth Wave” here:

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Ablaze My Sorrow Postpones “Black” Album Release

The release of Ablaze My Sorrow’s newest output “Black” is rushing nearer but there’s bad news for all AMS-fans out there – the release is postponed to August 26th. Check out two songs from the album below while waiting for the full release.

01. Black
02. One last sting
03. Tvåenighet
04. When all is…
05. Send the ninth plague
06. To reclaim what is ours (instrumental)
07. Insomnia
08. Blood heritage
09. Razorblade revolution
10. The storm
11. My blessing

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Sonata Arctica Reveals New Album “The Ninth Hour”

Only two years after the release of “Pariah’s Child” (reviewed here) and a massive world tour, the Finnish melodic metal quintet Sonata Arctica is already back for more.

The band’s ninth masterpiece entitled “The Ninth Hour” will see the light of day on October 7th via Nuclear Blast. Once again, the album was produced by Sonata Arctica and mixed by Pasi Kauppinen.

“The studio work for the new record started seriously in mid-April 2016 in several home studios around Finland,” singer Tony Kakko explains. “But the main recording and mixing took place at the Studio57 in Alaveteli, Finland. It functions as a kind of centre point and all work finally ends up there. We aimed to create another melodic, beautiful, surprising Sonata Arctica album… Did it turn out that way? I surely think so. But maybe I should leave that for you to decide!”

After a North American tour with Nightwish plus many headline shows around the globe, the band was once again able to take a look at the entire world as it is at the moment – on the edge of a possible armageddon. This spirit is reflected in the new artwork of “The Ninth Hour.” Sonata Arctica comments:

“The artwork of our ninth studio album ‘The Ninth Hour’ depicts a future utopian landscape. Nature and human technologies are balanced. In the middle we have an hour glass contraption with a knob for us to meddle with. The right-hand side cup represents the nature side with no humans left, on the left we have the human dystopia after we have destroyed nature. The idea I had was, that turning the knob will tilt the hour glass in one direction or another, and the other cup will slowly empty and that future will be erased. Biblically we are expected to repent and sacrifice on ‘The Ninth Hour’…to dive right back to a more mundane reality, it’s a fact that we are currently living in critical, historical times. Our decisions will define the future. Not only ours as a race, but the future of this entire planet. We need to make sacrifices and in many cases we will repent our already made choices.”

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Korpiklaani Posts Final Track-By-Track “Noita” Clip

Today, the energetic workaholics that make up Korpklaani return with their ninth studio album “Noita” (read our review over here), which promises to get you dancing on feet, banging your fists, and most importantly, having a good time.

Today Korpiklaani also released the final track-by-track trailer for the album. Watch Jonne, Sami and Tuomas explain the meaning of the songs “Jouni Jouni,“ “Kylästä Keväinen Kehto,“ “Ämmänhauta,” and “Sen Verran Minäkin Noita” below.”

If you missed with the previous entries in the track-by-track series, be sure to also check out Part 2 and Part 1.

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Incarnated Releases “Madness” Music Video

Polish death metal/grindcore trio Incarnated just released a new video for “Madness,” the ninth and closing number to the recently-released “Try Before Die” album.

Without a complex story line or artistic vision morphing the band’s craft, the studio-filmed video purely delivers exactly what Incarnated does: darkness, brutality, and straightforward, war-ready metal. Check out the clip below, or stream all of the “Try Before Die” album at Bandcamp here.

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New Track “Mass Of Parasites” Streaming From Paganizer

Swedish death act Paganizer is streaming the new track “Mass of Parasites.” The song is featured on the band’s forthcoming LP “World Lobotomy,” the ninth full length LP, which is due out on May 10, 2013 via Cyclone Empire Records. Paganizer features vocalist/guitarist Rogga Johansson (The 11th Hour/Demiurg).

The track listing for “World Lobotomy” is:

1. Prelude to the Lobotomy
2. World Lobotomy
3. The Sky on Fire
4. Mass of Parasites
5. As Blood Grows Cold

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TRIOSCAPES announces two shows for December

– December 6th, 2012 –

iTunes top 10 charting jazz album, “Separate Realities”, is available now

Trioscapes will be performing two more shows in 2012 in support of their latest album, Separate Realities. The shows, scheduled for December 15th and 16th, will wrap up 2012 for the band, which was highlighted by a tour in September with Scale The Summit, and a top 10 debut on the Billboard Traditional Jazz charts.

A live performance of “Curse of the Ninth” from Separate Realities can be seen on The video exemplifies the band’s immense talent and creativity and is a must-see for anyone remotely interested in all things progressive.

“prog-jazz mania with relentless, wailing saxophones and off-kilter drum fills that would make most fans of Between The Buried And Me wonder what the fuck was put into their orange juice this morning.” Alternative Press Magazine

“combining technical metal and jazz in a way that underlines an unseen connection between the two styles.”

“Trioscapes is not just a prototypical jazz fusion band that you’d hear in some smoky club as background music. These songs have a groove to them, a pulse that beats to the tight-as-a-knot rhythm section.”

12/15 Winston-Salem, SC Krankies
12/16 Charlotte, NC The Milestone

For the most up to date information, “like” Trioscapes on facebook here:

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Gotthard Posts Track Explanation Videos For "Right On" And "S.O.S."

Gotthard has posted two more track-by-track videos online for the ninth and tenth tracks off the band’s new album “Firebirth.” Watch the track description videos for “Right On” and “S.O.S.” in the clips available below. You can also check out the video clips for songs seven and eight at this location. “Firebirth” is due for release on June 1st, 2012 through Nuclear Blast Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Starlight
2. Give Me Real
3. Remember It’s Me
4. Fight
5. Yippie Aye Yay
6. Tell Me
7. Shine
8. The Story is Over
9. Right On
10. S.O.S.
11. Take It All Back
12. I Can
13. Where Are You

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Vastator Filming New Video For "Puñado De Almas"

Chilean power thrash legends Vastator have announced that they will be filming their second official video from the album “Machine Hell.” The video will be for the ninth track from the album, “Puñado de Almas.” Below are a couple of still shots from the video filming process. You can stream the track over at Digmetalworld, and get more information about Vastator over on the band’s official Facebook page.

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