Sail Announces “Slumbersong” Album Release

Hibernacula Records is pleased to announce the release of “Slumbersong” by doom/sludge metal band Sail this coming March 10th, 2017.

The album’s trippy, yet heavy nine tracks are highly recommended for fans of bands such as Torche, Pallbearer, and Black Moth. While previously releasing music under former name Husk, this is the band’s first recorded output under the moniker Sail.

Check out a video for “The Weight of Gold” below, which was directed by Simon Regan of Red Dog Productions.

1. Praise And Hatred
2. Righteous
3. The Weight Of Gold
4. Ghosts
5. Bloodhound
6. The House
7. Old Tom
8. Shimmer
9. Slumbersong

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Omnizide Releasing New Album “NekroRegime”

Swedish black / death outfit Omnizide will release sophomore album “NekroRegime” this coming December 16 via Carnal Records in Europe and Daemon Worship Productions in the U.S.

Featuring vocals by Nox (CRaft) and music written by Anders/AE (Avsky), “NekroRegime” consists of nine tracks of pure war recorded and mixed by Erik Hagelberg at DeathWomb Studio in the winter of 2015/2016. The album was mastered by Jona Kjellgren at Blacklounge Studio.

1. Himmelstrasse (330ft)
2. The Return of the Loving Dead
3. Walls of flesh
4. Doomsday Revelations
5. Deathwomb
6. NekroRegime
7. Nekromantik
8. Shockwaves
9. Devil in me

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Ethereal Blood Streaming “Cold Crypt Sonatas Vol. I” Tracks

Ethereal Blood’s “Cold Crypt Sonatas Vol. I” is now available online via iTunes here, and seven out of nine tracks (minus the two cover tunes) can be heard in the player below. The full album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Tales from the Crypt
2. Night of the Lecherous Dead
3. One Leaden Kiss
4. Conceived in Cemetery Soil
5. Crimson Matrimony (Instrumental)
6. Wherever the Wolves May Howl
7. Transylvanian Concubine
8. Courting the Blood Countess (F*****g Carmilla)
9. Mother North

Cold Crypt Sonatas Vol. I by Ethereal Blood

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Solace Of Requiem Posts “Defiling The Spectrum” Drum Video

Sick Drummer Magazine has premiered Solace Of Requiem’s new video of drummer Dave Tedesco performing the song “Defiling the Spectrum” from new album “Casting Ruin.” That video is playing over at this location.

Solace Of Requiem released its fourth album, “Casting Ruin,” via ViciSolum Productions in August. All nine tracks of it are playing on bandcamp, featured below for your listening ease.

Casting Ruin by Solace of Requiem

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Mordbrand Album “Imago” Released On Vinyl

“Imago,” the debut full-length CD from Swedish death cult Mordbrand, is now available on vinyl via Deathgasm Records. Limited to 500 copies, two different versions of the “Imago” vinyl are being offered; the ultra-limited orange and black splatter (100 copies) and standard black vinyl (400 copies).

“Imago” consists of nine tracks of dark, haunting Swedish death metal. The album also features guest leads by Eric Cutler (Autopsy) and CC DeKill (Gravehill), as well as artwork once again by Juanjo Castellano. Stream album track “Hoarding the Grotesque” below.

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Omnihility Reveals “Deathscapes Of The Subconscious” Album Details

Oregonian technical death metal squadron Omnihility will release sophomore full-length “Deathscapes Of The Subconscious” via Unique Leader Records on July 22nd, 2014.

The follow-up to the band’s blistering “Biogenesis” debut was tracked by producer Zack Ohren (Animosity, Suffocation, All Shall Perish) at Castle Ultimate and flaunts nine tracks of meticulously arranged, surgically precise, extreme metal mastery fit for devout fans of Origin, Hate Eternal, and Decrepit Birth.

1. Molecular Resurrection
2. Contemplating The Ineffable
3. Lost Sands Of Antiquity
4. Ancient Ruins Forlorn, Part 1
5. Deathscapes Of The Subconscious
6. Disseminate
7. The Unnamable
8. Divine Evisceration
9. Ancient Ruins Forlorn, Part 2

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Hammerdrone Finishes Recording New Album

Melodic death metallers Hammerdrone have completed tracking their new, and as yet untitled, album.

The album follows the band’s debut EP, “A Demon Rising,” which was released in 2012. According to vocalist Graham Harris, the new album features “nine tracks of aggressive yet melodic death metal.”

The band has engaged artist Nathan Navetto to produce the album cover art. A release is anticipated in October of this year.

The full track listing is:

1. Jevon’s Paradox
2. Clone Of Europa
3. Subtle Knives
4. Kelpie
5. Death In The Yukon
6. Wraiths On The Horizon
7. Triumph
8. Stormchaser
9. Prometheus Is Murdered

You can also check out the band’s previously posted music video for “A Demon Rising” at this location.

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Twingiant Streaming "Mass Driver"

Phoenix ‘hobo space rock’ band Twingiant, only six months after putting out its first demo, recently issued its debut album “Mass Driver” and is streaming the nine tracks from it over on Bandcamp. Twingiant will be releasing the vinyl version of “Mass Driver” on June 8th at an official record launch party at the Palo Verde Lounge in Tempe, Arizona. Special guests at that show will be Enirva, Methra and Dead Canyon. Stream all nine tracks from Twingiant below.

Mass Driver by :TWiNGiANT:

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Obduracy Streaming New Album "Sunday’s Autopsy"

Ottawa based independent 5 piece death metal group Obduracy has released the debut album “Sunday’s Autopsy” online for streaming.

Check out all nine tracks from “Sunday’s Autopsy” in the player below or by heading over to the band’s SoundCloud page. Further details on Obduracy are also available via Facebook.

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