Ramleh Posts Full “Circular Time” Album Online

As Crucial Blast prepares to release the massive new “Circular Time” double disc album by UK-based noise outfit Ramleh, today the entire release has been issued early for public streaming. Check it out below before “Circular Time” officially drops December 4, 2015.

Ramleh will be performing a series of rare stateside live dates in early 2016; stand by for details on the band’s forthcoming live actions to be released in the coming days. The new album’s track listing is:

1. Re-entry 06:02
2. Incubator 05:57
3. American Womanhood 09:05
4. Liberty Bell 06:28
5. The Tower 07:04
6. St John Of The Cross 08:11
7. The Ascent 05:53
8. Entropy 10:11
9. Renaissance Warfare 12:18
10. Flamen Dialis 15:18
11. The March 07:30
12. Weird Tyranny 10:39
13. Never Returner 09:36

Circular Time by RAMLEH

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