Aztec Metal Band Cemican Signs To M-Theory Audio; Plans New Album For Spring

The Mexican-based Aztec metal group Cemican – whose unique music incorporates elements of the legends, mysticism and ideologies of ancient Mexican culture – has signed with M-Theory Audio, who plans to release the group’s new album in the late spring/early summer.

Cemican – who combine the modern instrumentation of a metal band with traditional pre-Hispanic instruments – experienced a breakout year in 2018. In addition to their new single/video “Guerreros de Cemican” receiving regular airplay on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal, the six-piece group was invited to perform at the Paris edition of the Download Festival and Germany’s Wacken Open Air, as well as Force Fest – described by Revolver as “Mexico’s premier open-air festival” – in their native country.

The band plans to build on their momentum on 2019, when they will return to Europe in both the winter – when they’ll perform at France’s Cernunnos Pagan Fest and Germany’s Wacken Winter Nights – as well as the summer, when they will make their debut at the French festival Hellfest.

“I was first exposed to the sound of Cemican upon hearing ‘Guerreros de Cemican’ played on Liquid Metal. Finding out more about this exciting new band I saw the captivating promo video and that they were performing on some big shows,” explains M-Theory label head Marco Barbieri. “I was impressed and wanted to buy their record only to find that they were still unsigned and looking for a home. I immediately had to get in touch and share my enthusiasm and belief in the group and their musical and visual concept and here I’m proud to announce the forthcoming album and help further develop the band and spread their appeal.”

“Life is the center of every culture, the mysticism and ancient sounds gathered in the path of the death, warrior blood and glory of an empire,” states Xaman Ek. “The rituals of the Aztecs lead by the war drums thru the red path…TODOS SOMOS GUERREROS.” (We Are All Warriors)

Formed in 2008, Cemican has independently released two albums to date – 2009’s Ometiliztli and 2012’s Ticateh Ipan Miquixtlahuac. More information on the group’s new record – which will include “Guerreros de Cemican” in addition to other new tracks recorded in late 2018 – will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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Mørketida Premiere New Song “Temple of Prevailing Darkness” From Brand New Album “Panphage Mysticism”

Finnish band Mørketida premiere a new song entitled “Temple of Prevailing Darkness”, taken from their brand new album “Panphage Mysticism”, which is out in stores now via Werewolf Records.

Check out now “Temple of Prevailing Darkness” below.

Panphage Mysticism by MØRKETIDA

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Lecherous Nocturne to release new full length album “Occultaclysmic”

South Carolina tech death brutes Lecherous Nocturne’s fourth full length release Occultaclysmic will be out on April 6, through Willowtip Records.

Guitarist Krieshloff had this to say: “Occultaclysmic is darker, more chaotic, and much more brutal, drawing more influence from blackened and atmospheric masterpieces than previous releases. The structured evolution of our musicianship is at an all-time high, resulting in a torturous opus that will leave death metal fans craving more!”

Get a taste of the album with the track “Quantum Mysticism” below:

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Shibalba Teases New Album “Psychostasis – Death Of Khat”

Shibalba cosists of Acherontas V.Priest (Acherontas), Karl NE/Nachzehrer (Nåstrond) and Aldra-Al-Melekh, producing a music saturated with the mysticism of the East. It’s richly detailed and multidimensional, while layered with chanting and broadly defined elements of traditional ritual and shamanic music.

A new teaser trailer has come online for the “Psychostasis – Death Of Khat” album due out at the end of April via Agonia Records. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Phychostasis-Death of Khat
2. Ihag Mthong
3. Kaoshikii Mahayana
4. Aether Ananda Aiwass
5. Naljorpa
6. Reanimation of Akh
7. Five Points of Desire
8. Orgasmic Inebriation
9. Opening the shadow box
10. Svarna Khecari Mudra nom.

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Black Cilice Announces New EP “Nocturnal Mysticism”

On December 16th, Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present a special 7″ EP from the notorious Black Cilice, entitled “Nocturnal Mysticism.”

Featuring two new and exclusive songs, “Nocturnal Mysticism” is being released in conjunction with Black Cilice’s first-ever live appearance in Utretch, The Netherlands on the 16th of December.

1. Nocturnal Mysticism Part I
2. Nocturnal Mysticism Part II

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Nachtzeit Releasing New Album “Där Föddes En Längtan”

Nachtzeit from Swedish band Lustre now has a self-titled project due to release new album “Där föddes en längtan” via Nordvis Productions on December 18th, 2015. Nordvis comments:

“Primitive and monotonous Scandinavian black metal in the vein of the early and mid 90’s, ‘Där föddes en längtan’ is a driving force, sprung out of that old and concealed well where extreme metal and the mysticism of northern nature unified in the past. A timeless past that may forever burn in our hearts.”

Check out the opening title track to “Där föddes en längtan” in the Bandcamp player below.

Där Föddes En Längtan by Nachtzeit

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