Outre-Tombe Premiere Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New Album “Nécrovortex”

Québécois quartet Outre-Tombe premiere the pre-release full-album stream of the band’s upcoming new album “Nécrovortex”, which will be out in stores via Temple of Mystery Records on October 17th.

Check out now “Nécrovortex” in its entirety below.

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Outre-Tombe Premiere New Song “Désintégration” From Upcoming New Album “Nécrovortex”

Québec death metal band Outre-Tombe premiere a new song titled “Désintégration”, taken from their upcoming new album “Nécrovortex”, is set for release by Temple of Mystery Records on October 17th, with cover art by Matt “Putrid” Carr.

Check out now “Désintégration” below.

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Outre-Tombe Premiere New Song “Rongé par les Miasmes” From Upcoming New Album “Nécrovortex”

Québec death metal band Outre-Tombe premiere a new song titled “Rongé par les Miasmes”, taken from their upcoming new album “Nécrovortex”, is set for release by Temple of Mystery Records on October 17th, with cover art by Matt “Putrid” Carr.

Check out now “Rongé par les Miasmes” below.

Nécrovortex by Outre-Tombe

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Exodus To Headline Headbangers Ball European Tour

American thrash metal legends Exodus has been confirmed as the mystery headliners of this winter’s Headbangers Ball European tour. They will be joined on the trek by German veterans Sodom, Bay Area favourites Death Angel and Greek thrashers Suicidal Angels. This will be the last Exodus tour of Europe before they head back to the studio to record a new album.

The tour dates are as follows:

November 30 Leipzig – Hellraiser
December 1 Zlín – Hala Euronics
December 2 Budapest – Barba Negra
December 3 Wroclaw- A2
December 4 Hamburg – Markthalle
December 5 Tilburg – O13
December 6 London – Electric Ballroom
December 7 Oberhausen – Ruhrpott Metal Meeting
December 8 Geiselwind – Christmas Bash
December 9 Vienna – Arena
December 10 Ravensburg – OberschwabenHalle
December 11 Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
December 12 Saarbrücken – Garage
December 13 Ludwigsburg – Rockfabrik
December 14 Novara – Phenomenon *NEW*
December 15 Lausanne – Les Docks
December 16 Munich – Backstage

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Debut Release “The Great Void Of Mystery” Announced By Heaven’s Decay

Chaos Records will release the debut album from Heaven’s Decay, “The Great Void of Mystery,” on December 12th. Led by Julio Viterbo (Tormentor, Shub Niggurath, Cenotaph, The Chasm), the music is primarily NWOBHM-inspired metal infused with the range of influences from Viterbo’s impressive career as a musician.

After a long and illustrious career in death metal as a guitarist in the aforementioned bands, Viterbo decided to reconnect with the heavy metal that enveloped him as a youth and gave meaning to his life. The groundwork was laid in August 2013 when Viterbo participated in the recording of Acerus debut album “The Unreachable Salvation,” a traditional metal album for which he composed half the songs. The work was a turning point in his career as a guitarist, allowing Viterbo to explore new sounds and expand his compositional scope.

The result was the launch of Heaven’s Decay in 2015. After composing several songs, Viterbo invited Oscar Clorio (Damned Cross, Cenotaph, Shub Niggurath, Denial) to join him on the journey as drummer, The pair then recruited Nick Hernandez (Stone Magnum) as vocalist. The songs were completed via the internet, as Oscar lives in Mexico City, while Julio and Nick call Chicago home.

Finally in July 2016, Heaven’s Decay recorded “The Great Void Of Mystery” in Chicago’s Minbal Studios. The album was engineered by Matt Russell and mastered by Dan Swanö in Unisound studios in Sweden. Chaos Records will release the album on CD and digital formats. The band is already working on new material for the next installment of heavy metal fury.

The artwork for “The Great Void of Mystery” was created by Arturo Vargas (Zombirefication) at Souls Crematorium Art Studio. The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Born in Fire
3. Where the Ravens Fly Free
4. Thunder of the Guns
5. Ritual Site
6. Witches Pray
7. Reaper in Wait
8. The Exile
9. Endless Fire

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Magick Touch Releasing New Album “Electrick Sorcery”

Today, Edged Circle Productions sets April 22nd as the international release date for Magick Touch’s debut album, “Electrick Sorcery.”

Magick Touch ignites the intrinsic, elemental fire of classic hard rock with an elan that’s almost bewitching and is most certainly not of this world. Across the none-more aptly titled “Eletrick Sorcery,” Magick Touch explores the mystery and magic of the hard rock riff, a cosmic entity that has amused and frightened mankind for ages. The new album’s track listing is:

1. Love Rocket
2. Underwater Prison
3. Trouble & Luck
4. Joker vs Ace
5. Wildfire
6. Reprise
7. Dead Man In Chicago
8. Out Of Reality
9. Swansong
10. Loose Cannon

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Armageddon Reveals “Captivity & Devourment” Album Details

Listenable Records announces January 20th, 2015 as the North American release date for Armageddon’s “Captivity & Devourment.”

Armageddon first came to life in Sweden in 1997 as a studio project, with cult album “Crossing the Rubicon,” a sci-fi themed concept album. Two more albums followed, “Embrace the Mystery” in 2000 and “Three” in 2003, both featuring different lineups and different musical directions, with Christopher Amott being the sole original member. Listenable Records comments:

“Armageddon is now resurrected in its most powerful form. The band is based out of New York City, and has brought unto itself a crushing lineup of musicians. Together, they have once again conjured up the force that is Armageddon. Their new album, Captivity & Devourment consists of 10 awe-inspiring and ingeniously crafted songs, full of devastating riffs, soaring guitar leads, and fist-pumping choruses. Heavy, melodic, technical, and groovy: this is creative metal songwriting with one foot in deep in the classics and and one eye gazing towards the distant future. Get ready for ultimate heavy metal. Prepare to be captivated by Armageddon in 2015!”

The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Captivity and Devourment
2. Locked In
3. Rendition
4. Fugitive Dust
5. Conquer
6. Thanatron
7. Background Radiation
8. The Watcher
9. Equalizer
10. Giants

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Norther Drummer Heikki Saari Joins Whorion

Whorion has checked in with this announcement about recruiting Heikki Saari from Norther on drums:

“Time to reveal last piece of the mystery, we proudly announce that Heikki Saari has been attached lines of Whorion as full time member.

“With this master behind drums, together we march towards to the cold and bitter end. Heikki’s playing is known for bands such as Norther, Tuoni and Naildown. The bar has been raised, see the machine struggling through patterns of Whorion.”

Heikki comments: “I am happy to announce, that from now on i will be working as a full-time member on Finnish Technical Death Metal group Whorion. See the news piece and my practice video below!”

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Avantasia Checks In With Tour Recap

Avantasia’s Tobias Sammet has checked in with the following post-tour recap via his official website here:

“Finally I have cooled down a little after this extensive Avantasia world tour, finally I have found a few moments to write down my thoughts on the tour. I have been on several world tours, I must have played something like 700 concerts in my life and I have to say: It‘s never been so difficult to say goodbye after a tour.

“The Mystery World Tour was an amazing experience for me, never before an Avantasia tour has been spread out over four months, never before I heard so many bad jokes (from anyone other than me) and never before I came home missing touring so much that it actually hurt, although I was happy to be back with my loved ones and get some rest. I wondered myself what it is, that makes the difference between earlier tours and this tour, and I guess it‘s simple: First of all, the tour was long enough to get used to being around those lovely fellow Avantasians. Second, if I compare it to Edguy tours: whenever we say goodbye we know, we‘ll meet a couple of months later to conquer the world again, with Avantasia the future is completely uncertain.

“I was accused of lying when I hit the road for the Mystery World Tour after I had announced the end in 2011. But you can imagine, it is not that easy to rely on a return of Avantasia, it depends on a lot of parameters, not at least all the musicians and their personal schedules. I thank God that He gave us the chance to bring that line up together and do this tour, I hope we will do it again some day, but you can never take that for granted, nor plan it, let alone expect it to happen again. I just hope one day it will happen. For sure there will be another album in a couple of years. But as much as I would love to do a tour, I do not know if we‘ll ever find a time frame in the future, that will allow us to bring the project on the road again. The organisation, the schedules, everyone‘s individual obligations with their individual bands, it‘s grinding… That‘s why I am rather thankful that I was given that chance.

“I wanna thank my agency All Access and my road manager AC in particular for making the impossible possible. I wanna thank my production manager FD for administrating everything with a vengeance and a whip, sending trucks from Slovakia to England and making the show look great from Costa Rica to Canada to Russia to Japan and back. I wanna thank the whole crew, who are the best technicians from East Bumfuck to Bali and of course I wanna thank the immortals who I was given the chance to share the stage with. I will miss everyone of you (even Achim) and I will never forget that tour! I love you all!

“I also wanna thank YOU people out there who made this tour a very successful tour, who came in thousands to our shows, I enjoyed playing for each and everyone of you! Don‘t think I take it for granted, I had the time of my life, and I know that I am blessed – having fans and friends like YOU!”

Avantasia released new album “The Mystery of Time” earlier this year. Check out our review at this location.

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Nosdrama Reveals New Album “Gravity” Details

Nosdrama will be releasing the “Gravity” album his coming June 21st, 2013 via Inverse Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Lighthouse
2. Gravity
3. Receiver
4. The Curity
5. End of the world
6. Mortal’s instrument of science
7. Wood castle dances
8. Last steps
9. Violent sky
10. Written in blood

Inverse Records also comments on the band:

“Nosdrama, from Tampere, creates their unique sound with minor chords spiced with a progressive shades of metal. On 06/21/2013 appears the band’s fourth album ‘Gravity,’ recorded in Tampere and mastered in England. This time the theme of the album is built from universal spheres, the natural cycle of cosmology and human destinies. The title ‘Gravity’ describes the gravitation that affects all life forms, and yet leaves the mystery of the unknown magnetism and its effect to the spiritual world. In simpler terms the songs tell about fatal stories with heavy metal adjectives.”

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