Epysode Posts "Obsessions" Teaser Trailer

Epysode has posted a teaser trailer online for the new album “Obsessions,” which will be released through AFM Records on August 26th, 2011. A trailer for the release, which is based around a “supernatural thriller” concept, can be viewed below.

Vocalist Samuel Arkan also previously commented on the band signing to AFM:

“I’m very excited to announce to everyone that I signed with AFM Records for my new project Epysode! This label is the home of so many of the great bands I’ve loved throughout the years. I’m looking forward to working with the AFM team on this upcoming album, which will be called ‘Obsessions.’

“Epysode is a very special project to me. It can be described as a supernatural thriller concept album, which was composed & written by me. It’s something very deep, a strong story with characters, clues & secrets behind, to involve the listeners into the adventure. With an amazing team of 5 musicians & 5 singers from the Progressive & Metal scene who were all involved in the creation of the album, the music of Epysode is intense and melodic, with lots of small nuances, emotional as well as high-energetic! Prepare to get lost in your ‘Obsessions’…”

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Foo Fighters DVD Debuts At No. 1

The Foo Fighters DVD ‘Back and Forth‘ has debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Music DVD Chart.

Albums making Billboard’s Top 200 Chart are:

No. 12 Foo Fighters – ‘Wasting Light
No. 21 Eddie Vedder – ‘Ukulele Songs
No. 46 Seether – ‘Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray
No. 48 Foo Fighters – ‘Greatest Hits
No. 67 Kid Rock – ‘Born Free
No. 81 Various Artists – ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon Soundtrack
No. 97 Guns N’ Roses – ‘Greatest Hits
No. 114 Aaron Lewis – ‘Town Line
No. 122 Skillet – ‘Awake
No. 144 Avenged Sevenfold – ‘Nightmare
No. 148 Rise Against – ‘Endgame
No. 162 Motley Crue – ‘Greatest Hits
No. 179 Nickelback – ‘Dark Horse
No. 191 Kid Rock – ‘Rock N Roll Jesus
No. 198 Five Finger Death Punch – ‘War is the Answer

Sales rose 14% from last week and 1% from the same week last year. Year to date sales are also up 1% at 143.2 million.

Digital track sales are up 2% from last week, up 17% from the same week last year and up 10% compared to the same point in 2010 with 554.39 million tracks downloaded.

Read more:
Foo Fighters DVD Debuts At No. 1

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Sight Of Emptiness Uploads Music Video For "Predictable Tragedy"

Costa Rica based act Sight of Emptiness has uploaded a new music video for the song “Predictable Tragedy,” taken from the “Absolution of Humanity” album. You can view the music video in the player below.

Sight of Emptiness was also covered in the Costa Rican edition of Metalunderground.com’s “Unearthing the Metal Underground” column, which can be found here.

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The Way Of Purity To Record New Album "Equate"

The Way of Purity has issued the following update about recording “Equate,” the band’s second full-length album:

“On July the 25th we will start recording our new album between Europe and USA. Our second chapter will be titled ‘Equate’ and will feature 11 new songs (2 bonus tracks will be added on the Japanese version). We truly believe that this very long and complex songwriting process has lead us to a new vision of our music, due to both introduction of massive melodic parts and claustrophobic explosions of violence and darkness.

“The extreme mix of DoomCore and New Wave is the key to understand ‘Equate’ and everyone not looking far will fail. Depressive moods are created to succumb in front of the violence of reaction: every song structure is meant to have this further signification. A big work has been done on lyrics too and our message is becoming even more effective day by day. Number ’11’ in the cover artwork represents 1 against 1 so animal against human, the album is titled ‘Equate.’

“The Anti-Human symbols come from a long study and have been transmitted to us by the powers of nature. We will not issue any further press release until the album will be ready since song titles, artwork, release dates, cooperations will be revealed directly with the first song preview around October. A studio diary will be updated on our facebook and youtube pages. We will be on tour in UK from October the 15th to October the 31st.”

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In Flames Streaming Entire New Album "Sounds Of A Playground Fading"

In Flames is currently streaming the band’s entire new album “Sounds of a Playground Fading” online (reviewed here). You can check out the tracks from the album by heading over to AOL Music’s website at this location. Previously uploaded footage of the band in the studio recording “Sounds of a Playground” fading is available here.

The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Sounds Of A Playground Fading
2. Deliver Us
3. All For Me
4. The Puzzle
5. Fear Is The Weakness
6. Where The Dead Ships Dwell
7. The Attic
8. Darker Times
9. Ropes
10. Enter Tragedy
11. Jester’s Door
12. A New Dawn
13. Liberation

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Devian Officially Calls It A Day

Swedish metal act Devian has issued the following announcement about deciding to call it quits:

“It’s time to break the silence… with eternal silence. We have decided to put Devian to rest. After the tour with Unleashed in 2009 we started to focus on the third Devian opus. After a few months of hard work on the album Legion announced that he’d leave the band. About that time we also parted ways with the label that released our two first albums, Century Media. Some months later we started to negotiate with various labels but never did found anything that would meet even our budget for recording.

“During this period of time we started to feel that we had lost the glow we once had for the band and the music. We recorded a demo with a new direction to more ordinary metal with lots of clean vocals, you can still hear it on myspace. This gave a new spark to the band, but it was only temporary.

“At this time Joinus decided to leave the band. He was ‘tired’ of the music Devian was playing. After all, 20 years playing death/thrash metal in various acts is a long time. And the step to the direction he (and some other members) was trying to reach was a step to far and would only disappoint all of you who listened to what Devian once started out as, a Death Metal act. And after Joinus left Emil, Tomas and Carl decided to put Devian to sleep, forever…

“But to give up music would be to give up life. Nowadays you can find the members in the following acts: Joinus plays 60’s and 70’s rock’n’roll in the luciferian themed YEAR OF THE GOAT (just released a mini-lp / mini-cd through VÁN Records) and garage smelling, denim action rock in THE HORSEHEAD UNION (album released during autumn 2011 with artwork from Skrymer / Finntroll).

“Tomas has teamed up with Roberth Karlsson (Ex-Devian, Ex-Edge of Sanity, Facebreaker, Scar Symmetry) and released a few hardcore oriented albums on the hardcore Swedish label Halvfabrikat Records. This project is called Aktiv Dödshjälp. Sometime ago a well known extreme metal band offered him the bass duties in their band. He accepted the offer and is right now sweating his guts out in a rehearsal room in Stockholm; preparing to get out on tour again asap!

“Emil has quit all his ‘official’ musical activities and has his studio based 2-man death metal act RUPTURE and says that he will not participate in any new projects/bands at the time being.

“Carl is currently busier than ever with Diabolical. ‘Ars Vitae’ was released earlier this year and the band has been on tour in Russia. Right now they are planning more shows and new material is being written for a new album. ‘Sadly we decided to put Devian to sleep, but it was obviously the right thing to do given that most members had lost the spark for the band. I’d guess that none of us will quit doing music so keep a close eye at what we’re doing in our respective bands and projects. I’ve had tons of good times with the guys from Devian and I would be very happy to play with them again in some context. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens, because personal and musical chemistry of the caliber that we’ve had doesn’t come along very often.’ says Carl.

“We want to thank everyone involved in the story of Devian from the bottom of our hearts. Without you this journey wouldn’t have been worth anything. Some people have meant an extra deal to us. We think you know who you are but would like them to be mentioned anyways. Rui, Rebecca, Mousse and our street teams, Massive Music, Vader, Septic Flesh, Samael, Deicide, Unleashed, Belphegor, Inactive Messiah, The Amenta for all the good times on tour, Harry, Leif and Century Media and Peter Tägtgren. Thank you!”

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Dirge Within Posts "Confession" Music Video

Dirge Within has posted a music video online for “Confession,” which was shot in Chicago and can be viewed below. The clip was filmed and edited by Jason Meudt at Vision 4 Films, with the music recorded by Chris Djuricic at Belle City Sound in Racine, WI.

Dirge Within will also be embarking on an upcoming U.S. tour with Kittie and Diamond Plate. Details are available at this location.

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IWrestledABearOnce Posts New Song "Next Visible Delicious"

Off the wall metal act IWrestledABearOnce has posted another new song online from the band’s upcoming album “Ruining It For Everybody.” You can listen to the recently uploaded track “Next Visible Delicious” by heading over to the band’s Facebook page. “Ruining It For Everybody” is due out July 26th via Century Media Records. The cover artwork and track listing can be viewed below.

1. Next Visible Delicious
2. You Know That Ain’t Them Dogs’ Real Voices
3. Deodorant Can’t Fix Ugly
4. This Head Music Makes My Eyes Rain
5. It Is “Bro” Isn’t It?
6. Gold Jacket, Green Jacket
7. Break It Down Camacho
8. Stay to the Right
9. I’m Gonna Shoot
10. Karate Nipples
11. Button It Up

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Trivium Announces Track Listing For Upcoming "In Waves" Full Length

American modern metal act Trivium has announced details surrounding its forthcoming new album “In Waves.” The record will see its release on August 9, 2011 through Roadrunner Records. Trivium frontman Matt Heafy commented on the album by saying;

“In Waves to us…is Trivium. In Waves is the music, the artwork, the videos and the live show; they are all part of an interconnected whole. There’s no question about it, in our eyes, that this is the most complete project we’ve ever done. We think we’ve finally made the record that we’ve always strived to make.”

Here is the “In Waves” track listing:
1. Capsizing The Sea
2. In Waves
3. Inception Of The End
4. Watch The World Burn
5. Dusk Dismantled
6. Black
7. Built To Fall
8. Caustic Are the Ties That Bind
9. A Skyline’s Severance
10. Forsake Not The Dream
11. Chaos Reigns
12. Of All These Yesterdays
13. Leaving This World Behind

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Ashen Reign Announces Release Date For New Album "An Angels Burden"

One man metal act Ashen Reign has announced the new album “An Angels Burden” will see its release on July 1st, 2011. Samples from the album and additional details on the release are available through the band’s official website. A statement from Ashen Reign about the band’s sound reads as follows:

“Ashen Reign is One Vision, One Purpose, One Goal. Music played with emotion, passion and integrity. Ashen Reign is a one man band, all instruments, mixing, engineering. It is really for love of music and wanting to share my musings with you. Nothing more, nothing less. Music played with precision, attack and focus. Melodic metal with a solid force pushing it forward.

“Brent McDaniel is the force behind the music. With a love for bands like Falconer and Porcupine Tree, throw in some Opeth and Paul Gilbert and you have the basic influences that inspired the birth of Ashen Reign.”

The track listing for “An Angels Burden” is as follows:

1. The Feast
2. An Angels Burden
3. Hope
4. Broken Heart
5. Simple Things
6. Prayer For The Dying
7. Fear of the Snake
8. The Sparrow

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