Sliptrick Records Inks Deal With Allie’s Mass

Spain’s stoner doom act Allie’s Mass signed on with Sliptrick Records for the release of a self-titled debut, which was originally issued independently back in March 2017. The album is expected to drop worldwide later this year.

The boys deal with life’s hypocrisy with their dark and damned music inspired and based around the story of Allie, a coven leader. In their own words; “The coven is headed by Allie, our master goddess who guides us through this doomed world, giving us the ability to transform our hatred into sounds, in a small murky room where we, with our amps, cabs and drum kits, can reach that state of communion.”

The track listing for “Allie’s Mass” is:

1. Little Allie
2. Slept
3. Woman
4. Second Chapter
5. (88 8888 888)

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Snares Of Sixes Streaming “Yeast Mother” EP

“Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass,” the debut EP by Snares Of Sixes – the newest investigative musical outlet of Agalloch’s Jason Walton – just saw release through Crucial Blast this past Friday. Now a full stream has come online and can be heard below.

Fusing an intense and eclectic range of extreme and experimental approaches into a disjointed and somehow simultaneously seamless hybrid of sounds, Snares Of Sixes’ maiden recording sees co members of Lawnmower Deth, Winds, Sculptured, Blekspetl, Hollow Branches, Self Spiller, Barrowlands, Age Of Silence, Dolven, Musk Ox, The Night Watch, Maestus, and more joining the creator in his delivery of this intriguing mutation.

Offers Jason Walton of the EP: “‘Yeast Mother’ scratched an insidious and pervasive itch for me. In many ways this is an album I have been striving to make since my high school years. Once I fell in love with challenging and confounding music, I have created many vehicles to try to replicate the feeling of awe this form of music inspired in me. Especially Likely Sloth, Nothing, and Self Spiller were all created to satisfy this craving. With Yeast Mother, I believe I have finally reached that goal.”

Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass by SNARES OF SIXES

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Wicked Inquisition Releasing New Self-Titled Album

Minnesota’s Wicked Inquisition is a band that plays doom the way it was meant to be played – loud and heavy, with a psychedelic twist. This is music inspired by legends such as The Obsessed, Saint Vitus and of course, Black Sabbath.

Wicked Inquisition was initially formed in 2008 by guitarist/vocalist Nate Towle, who sought to combine his influences of Black Sabbath, Budgie, Blue Oyster Cult and others into the formidable sound it is today.

The band has released two EPs so far, and will release a self-titled full length on May 8th, 2015. Check out the song “Black Magik Nacht” below.

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