Deicide’s Glen Benton: ‘It’s Kind Of Hard To Write Inspired Music When You Know It’s Just Going To Be Given Away’

“That Drummer Guy” lately sat down for a chat with vocalist/bassist Glen Benton of Florida death metal outfit Deicide. You can stream the entire interview and read a few excerpts below:

Talking about today’s music industry Glen states: “Lately, the music scene has been kind of dried up. There hasn’t been too many records that have been put out recently that hype things up, that people are excited about, getting their hands out. With the music business now, it’s kind of hard to write inspired music when you know it’s just going to be given away. It’s kind of hard to invest that time and effort into something that’s going to be given away. I don’t want to say, not everybody, but there’s a lot of bands that lost their energy because of that whole thing.”

Adds Benton on Deicide’s musical progress since 1989:

“That’s how it’s supposed to happen. That’s why you have to sometimes make changes here and there to achieve that ultimate goal, but yeah, that’s the ultimate goal is to get better with each record. You can’t just stay in 1989. That’s just not going to work.”

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Cries Of The Captive Reveals “Totalitarian” Album

More ready now than ever before, Cries of The Captive is poised to take the music industry in full force entering the band’s third year of existence. The group has signed to Imminence Records and will release label debut “Totalitarian” on September 23rd. The track listing is as follows:

1. Grief
2. Closed Casketk
3. Totalitarian
4. Dead Zone
5. Gaptooth
6. Cataclysm
7. Collapse
8. Abomination
9. Dissolution

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EYEHATEGOD To Release New Full-Length This Spring; Lyric Video Now Playing

Following countless years of personal hardships, studio disasters and times of music industry indecision, New Orleans’ own EYEHATEGOD, with much relief and excitement, are proud to announce the release of their brand new full-length! Entirely assembled and financed by the band, the self-titled, eleven-track long player will be released on May 27th by their partners at […]

heavy metal updates:
EYEHATEGOD To Release New Full-Length This Spring; Lyric Video Now Playing

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Ben Bruce Forms KBB Records, Signs First Band Scare Don’t Fear

Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce and co-manager Kyle Borman are proud to announce the launch of KBB Records and the signing of the label’s first act, Scare Don’t Fear.

“After years of planning, touring, writing and learning, and after ups and downs, arguments and agreements, I have grown to not only love the music industry, but understand it and respect it,” says co-founder Ben Bruce. “KBB Records is a label run by artists, for artists. With my love and passion for music along with my knowledge and understanding of the music industry it’s our goal to work alongside incredible artists of all genres and to create and release amazing music for the world to fall in love with.”

The first band signed to the new label is Scare Don’t Fear: a Providence, RI-based fusion of hip-hop and metal.

“Everyone in Scare Don’t Fear is extremely proud to be a part of KBB Records. SDF are huge fans of Asking Alexandria, so when Ben and Kyle approached us about teaming up, we were stoked. We have been working at this goal for over five years and it’s a very rewarding feeling to not only get signed, but to get signed to a label that has such an amazing team behind it. All of us are looking forward to building towards the future with KBB Records.”

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Haeresiarchs Of Dis To Release Split Album With Ophidian Forest

Haeresiarchs of Dis, which will be releasing new album “Thirty-Eighth Sermon of the Unborn” on November 27th through Moribund Cult, has now issued the following announcement about an upcoming split CD:

“Very shortly UW Records (my micro-record label) will release the long awaited split CD between Haeresiarchs of Dis and Ophidian Forest! Should be available generally everywhere by end of this month. Been looking forward to this project for a very long time!

“This record most probably represents the last physical CD release under the UW Records imprint (because let’s face it, times have changed); but we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far, now with six CDs and a DVD release under our belt, and prouder still to be sticking to our guns to the very end, releasing a purely underground split digipack CD that is 100% raw cult true black metal all the way and not intended for mass crowd consumption in any manner.

“There is no better way to go out than on our own terms, fully compromised, and looking forward to what new technologies await. As a wise person once told me, the record industry is coming to an end; but the music industry has only just started.”

Ophidian Forest was covered in the Croatian edition of our “Unearthing the Metal Underground” column, and also took part in our editorial on Christian “unblack” metal versus non-Christian black metal.

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Y.E.M.E.T. Releases "Imperfecto" Video Clip

The spanish band Y.E.M.E.T. is now presenting a new video clip for “Imperfecto,” which can be viewed below. This song comes off the band’s upcoming new record, expected to come this fall. The video was shot at Bonus Track Hall with the company of a selection of music industry press and a group of friends and fans.

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Thick As Blood Signs Deal With Rise Records

Florida hardcore/metal act Thick As Blood has posted a video update online announcing the band’s signing with Rise Records, which can be viewed below. The band also commented:

“Shout out to everyone showing us support and love for being a part of the Rise Records family. We are truly stoked on this and glad that our years of hard work and dedication to this band is paying off and being recognized. For those of you with negative comments open your eyes and ears learn about the music industry before you blurt something stupid on the internet a record label doesn’t dictate what your music will sound like. Thick as Blood will always stay true to our sound and mentality so don’t make the mistake of doubting us.”

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