The Crown lands on international charts with new album, ‘Cobra Speed Venom’

– March 28th, 2018 –

The Crown recently released their new album, Cobra Speed Venom, via Metal Blade Records; for their efforts, the band has now entered the international charts! See below for all positions:

#34 Official German Album Charts (Germany)
#99 Official Swiss Album Charts (Switzerland)
#26 Current Hard Music Albums (USA)
#41 Top New Artist Albums (USA)
#97 Record Label Independent Current Albums (USA)
#83 Top Hard Music Charts (Canada)

The Crown comments: “Really?? 34th most selling album in Germany last week? Entering Top 100 in Switzerland? Our raw untamed punkish styled Death/Thrash Metal?? I guess there’s hope for humanity after all! Or maybe this proves the opposite 😉 A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!”

To preview and purchase Cobra Speed Venom, please visit:

With their motivation at an all-time high, The Crown spent most of 2017 intensely rehearsing 13 new songs. They eventually entered the classic Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordstrom to record what would become their new album, Cobra Speed Venom. The sound is massive, brutal and a real punch in the face. Extreme speed and aggression mixed with classic heavy metal and rock n’ roll, which really shows that The Crown has no boundaries. The apocalyptic theme of the lyrics and music also fits perfectly with the outstanding artwork of Christian Sloan Hall.

After 27 years, the band is still motivated to create a classic piece of art – and together with Metal Blade Records once again, the vision is real.

The Crown live:
Apr. 13 – Dublin, Ireland – Voodoo Lounge
Apr. 14 – Leeds, UK – Wrath Fest
Apr. 15 – London, UK – The Underworld Camden
May 12 – Gothenburg, Sweden – Sticky Fingers
May 26 – Grangesberg, Sweden – Gamrocken
Oct. 6 – Hoogeveen, Netherlands – Graveland

The Crown line-up:
Johan Lindstrand – Vocals
Magnus Olsfelt – Bass
Marko Tervonen – Guitar
Robin Sorqvist – Lead guitar and backing vocals
Henrik Axelsson – Drums

The Crown online:

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The Crown releases video for title track of upcoming new album, ‘Cobra Speed Venom’

– February 13th, 2018 –

Swedish death metal legends The Crown will release their new album, Cobra Speed Venom, on March 16th via Metal Blade Records. Produced together with Fredrik Nordstrom at Studio Fredman, the record promises to be one of the biggest surprises of the year. A return to death metal speed and darkness in full glory!

The Crown has now released the 2nd single taken off Cobra Speed Venom. To watch the full production video clip for the title track from Cobra Speed Venom, please visit:

The Crown comments: “A 5 minute Death Metal Grindcore Opera! Take a deep breath before the plunge – This will drag you down into the deep Waters!”

Comments The Crown on their new album Cobra Speed Venom: “We are really looking forward to finally be able to show our fans how damn good this band can be when the circumstances are right. With that I mean to be able to do an album the way we want to do it: creating as a band, rehearsing as a band, recording as a band. You will hear a band performing here, with fierce energy and hunger!”

To watch the video for the first single, “Iron Crown”, please visit: – where the record can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:

–ltd. first edition Digipak-CD with 2 exclusive bonus tracks
–180g black vinyl
–viole(n)t blue marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
–pale lilac marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
–purple red splattered vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
–dusk blue splattered vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 400 copies)
–white/purple splattered vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
–limited boxset [including ltd. edition Digipak-CD/exclusive 7″ with both bonus tracks/exclusively colored album vinyl (opaque rose/black marbled)/exclusive back patch/hand signed photo card – limited to 300 copies]
* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

With their motivation at an all-time high, The Crown spent most of 2017 intensely rehearsing 13 new songs. They eventually entered the classic Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordstrom to record what would become their new album, Cobra Speed Venom. The sound is massive, brutal and a real punch in the face. Extreme speed and aggression mixed with classic heavy metal and rock n’ roll, which really shows that The Crown has no boundaries. The apocalyptic theme of the lyrics and music also fits perfectly with the outstanding artwork of Christian Sloan Hall.

After 27 years, the band is still motivated to create a classic piece of art – and together with Metal Blade Records once again, the vision is real.

Cobra Speed Venom track-listing:
1. Destroyed By Madness
2. Iron Crown
3. In the Name of Death
4. We Avenge!
5. Cobra Speed Venom
6. World War Machine
7. Necrohammer
8. Rise In Blood
9. Where My Grave Shall Stand
10. The Sign of the Scythe
11. Nemesis Diamond (bonus track)
12. The Great Dying (bonus track)

The Crown line-up:
Johan Lindstrand – Vocals
Magnus Olsfelt – Bass
Marko Tervonen – Guitar
Robin Sorqvist – Lead guitar and backing vocals
Henrik Axelsson – Drums

The Crown online:

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Despised Icon Comments On “Beast” Hitting U.S. And Canadian Chart Positions

Montreal based deathcore group Despised Icon is celebrating the band’s highest first-week sales yet with new album “Beast.” After seven years and in a down music market, the band managed to outdo the first-week sales for previous 2009 release, “Day Of Mourning.”

“Shout-out to the fans for picking up Beast and making this our strongest debut,” stated vocalist Alex Erian. “Your support after all these years gave us the motivation we needed to get back together and create this record. We’re slowly but surely working on a world tour and hope to see you on the road in the near future. Keep it brutal,”

New album “Beast” was produced and engineered by former guitarist Yannick St-Amand (Beneath The Massacre, Neuraxis) and mixed/mastered by Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Opeth, Nevermore). Artwork was created by Alexandre Goulet and the album nabbed these chart positions:

#63 Top Current Albums (Former Billboard Top 200)
#2 Heatseekers
#7 Hard Music
#22 Rock
#13 Independent Current Album

Top Albums – #119 (Canada’s Top 200)
Hard Music – #11

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Throes Of Dawn Recording Sixth Album

Finland’s dark metal outfit Throes of Dawn has started work on a sixth, as-yet-untitled album. The band already spent one weekend in D-Studio at Klaukkala recording drums and synths. After a summer break the recordings will continue later this year. The band comments:

“Time to breach the long silence and see what’s happening in the TOD land: We are soon entering studio to record the drums and some miscellaneous instruments for the upcoming sixth album.

“The recordings will take place early May in D-Studio at Klaukkala, Finland. We have carefully selected and refined seven songs which might potentially appear on the upcoming album. We have put quite a lot of effort on these songs; a lot of hours spent at the rehearsal place playing and drinking beer and thinking about the compositions and structures.

“I might even dare to say that we have never put so much effort and thought on these things before. I would also like to mention that the band is in a state which you can only achieve with years of dedication and hard work. The spirit and the motivation shown by everybody has made working with this album a really pleasant journey.

“This album will be a real, natural continuum for the previous ‘Great Fleet of Echoes’ album: progressive, layered, melancholic – the songs are even more epic and atmospheric, introducing some of the longest songs we have ever composed. And it is finally time to leave all the growling vocals behind, especially from this album, so it’s only clean vocals from now on. After the drums are recorded, the recordings will continue in small sessions throughout the summer and autumn.

“It might be optimistic, but ideally it would be great to get the album released within this year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Throes of Dawn.”

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A Hero A Fake Calling It Quits

Eric Morgan of Charlotte-based act A Hero A Fake has checked in with the following announcement about the band deciding to call it quits:

“I’m writing to let you know that after nearly nine years, we are closing the book on A Hero A Fake. It’s a bit surreal actually typing out these words, even though we came to the decision a couple months ago, the finality of it is only now setting in. No fights, babies, or rehab. There are just things we want to do musically that require a new start and a fresh perspective — the results of which will be announced soon.

“The time I’ve spent with this band has been the most amazing, eye-opening, and rewarding experience of my life. When Justin, Patrick, and I started AHAF back in high school we couldn’t of imagined the journey we were embarking on. From simply being in a room together writing music with friends to getting signed, releasing three full-lengths, and touring the country — we’ve accomplished the things that at one time only lived in our daydream heavy minds.

“We’ve been fortunate to have so many great people and musicians have a hand in shaping who we are. Honestly, I couldn’t say enough about how lucky I am to have played music beside every single current and past member of this band.

“Of course our story would be impossible without all our fans, family, and friends who gave us the motivation every day to move forward note by note and mile by never ending mile. Thank you so very much, your support has meant the world to us.”

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Chimaira Comments On Keeping Band Name Despite Lineup Changes

Chimaira has issued the following statement about keeping the band name after several lineup changes and announcement about working on new material:

“The last few years have been bizarre, to say the least. Chimaira went through an insane amount of changes that would have killed 99% of the bands out there, and all things considered, probably should have killed us, too. Since 2009, we’ve switched labels, management companies, booking agents, merchandisers, and unfortunately, band members.

“Like many bands, we were tested in order to survive an ever-changing industry. There were various suggestions implemented to try and improve our situation; some methods worked, some not so much. Regardless, we all had different ideas and life goals that ultimately led to where we are today.

“For over a year, we’ve been working incessantly to assemble a solid team that would represent Chimaira moving forward, all the while rebuilding the entire infrastructure. With the music industry being in a transitional period, it was imperative to align ourselves with the right people.

“Thankfully, a new balance has been found and goals have been met. Though the past few years have been difficult (with actual blood, sweat, and tears), today I’m excited to announce that the machine is running stronger than ever.

“I want to thank all of our dedicated fans for understanding that every change made was to keep Chimaira alive. A harrowing journey, the humility that accompanied each step of the path is a blessing, and your loyalty speaks volumes that will not go unrecognized.

“I fully understand the vastness that is the flip side of the coin and empathize with the fact there are a few upset fans disappointed in the changes that happened. The question (or scoff) I encounter regarding the lineup change is why I decided to keep the name Chimaira despite losing key members. It’s quite understandable as I’m the first person this riotous situation perplexed.

“It’s unchallenging to say that after the guys split that my commitment to move forward with the name was for ego, or I’m holding on too long, call me Axl Rose, etc… while all of that is somewhat accurate (and innocuous), I hope you get the logical explanation as well, and discern the passion behind the motivation.

“First, it’s not as straightforward as changing a band name. When I learned of Matt and Rob’s decision to leave the group, there were five months of announced tours on the agenda, there were contracts with my name on it – and there are still contracts with my name on it.

“Record labels had invested over six figures into The Age Of Hell, which at the time had not been released. Closing out in the middle of a cycle is a complex scenario. Family members, crew, and beyond needed the wheels to spin in order to pay bills. Like many decisions, this was an intricate conundrum and needed to be respected with careful thought. I couldn’t walk away from that type of responsibility, nor was I about to disappoint our fans any further.

“After securing the new lineup, I had no idea how the tours or the future would work out. There was no crystal ball to establish a fan reaction toward the new look and feel. What would the chemistry be like on the bus? There was a healthy amount of pressure on all of us and it was imperative to stay focused.

“After spending a few months with Emil, Austin, Jeremy, Matt, and recent winner of the best beard in metal, Sean Z., our mission became clear, and everyone involved realized Chimaira was more relevant than previously imagined. Numbers went up across the board and are continuing to do so.

“The audience seemed genuinely stoked and accepting, and we felt tight as a unit. One awesome aspect of the tour was meeting skeptical fans that walked in thinking the night would suck; then watching those same fans leave with a feeling that it might have been the best show they’d seen. The most fulfilling feeling was the sound of the name Chimaira chanted.

“The band was named, and is still named ‘Chimaira’ to represent a hybrid style of heavy metal. The Chimera is a mythological creature comprised of several different animals forming into one unique monster. In modern terms, it can be defined as follows: ‘Biology: an organism containing a mixture of genetically different tissues, formed by processes such as fusion of early embryos, grafting, or mutation: the sleeplike goat chimera. A DNA molecule with sequences derived from two or more different organisms, formed by laboratory manipulation.’

“That sounds like us. I hope that puts an end to some of the confusion. Will the new music sound like the old albums? None of our albums sound the same, but there are always familiarities. The five new Chimaira songs I’m listening to sound like the band you love without question.

“Old school fans can be excited about the fact that we brought back the seven strings on a couple jams, and the thrash era can be excited for some of the most technical riffing yet. Like the ethereal, electronic, heavy as fuck, stoner sludge of the last two? It’s there. We have every intention of preserving the quality you expect from this band, while at the same time raising the bar to unreachable heights. It’s a powerful time.

“Thanks again to everyone that continues to stick by our side through thick and thin. Now that everything is worked out behind the scenes and the business fun again, it’s time to go back and concentrate on what’s integral. The music. We plan to make an incredible album.

“The Age Of Hell is over.”

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Månegarm Splits With Violin Player Janne Liljekvist

Sweden’s Månegarm has issued the following announcement about splitting with the band’s violin player:

“Due to lack of motivation, violin player Janne Liljekvist will leave MÅNEGARM on permanent basis. It’s of course unfortunate after almost 15 years together, but it’s also an unsustainable situation if 1 out of 5 can’t find the motivation and put the effort into the band that is needed to move forward.

“However; MÅNEGARM will definitely move on as planned and this will have no impact on our music at all.

“The work with the new album goes on as planned and we can promise you that it will be a killer! The mighty wolf WILL strike again, this time harder than ever before!”

You can also check out the band’s music by heading over to the Månegarm MySpace profile.

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Vengeful Parts Ways With Vocalist Marc-André Grenier

Canada’s Vengeful has issued the following announcement about recording new material and splitting with the band’s vocalist:

“Hello supporters! We finally comeback with news about things to come. Guitar tracking has begun for our next release. Yes we are already in the studio to bring you more death metal. For those of you that pay attention to detail, we announced several times in some of our previous updates that we recorded 22 songs during the drum sessions for Vengeful.

“The album features 12 of those tracks and we released 2 cover songs. The remaining 8 songs are comprised of the re-recording of our first album in its entirety and a medley of our 3 song-demo. So what you’ll get are more brutal and better sounding versions all the songs from Karma and Tragedy Lies Ahead.

“Those recordings will unfortunately serve as our last outings with Vengeful’s original vocalist Marc-André Grenier who decided to leave the band to focus on his career and other personal projects. Even though the remaining members of the band are disappointed by his departure, we remain in good terms. The vocalist position his now handled by Emmanuel Pronovost who’s been playing the guitar with Vengeful since 2008. His guitarist slot is now occupied by Phil Tougas (First Fragment, Chthe’ilist). This new configuration of Vengeful is featured on our rendition of Morbid Angel’s Blood on my hands.

“There is no release date for the Karma-TLA re-recordings but 2013 sounds about right. We’ll keep you posted on that front….. In the meantime we’re going to get back on stage to play our latest album and introduce this new lineup around our area.

“Musical suggestions: Krisiun – The Great Execution, Psycrotic – The Inherited Repression, Paradise Lost – Tragic Idol and Lamb of God’s Resolution. Eternal Gray, Nader Sadek …..a little late on those two. Looking foward to the new Down EP, Kill Devil Hill’s debut and Gojira’s new album.”

Marc-Andre commented on leaving the band: “After a seven years journey, I have decided to quit Vengeful. For a while and for many reasons, my motivation had decline. A change of career and the realisation of many personal projects pushed me to take that decision.

“I am extremely proud of everything that we have accomplished with Vengeful and with our third release, I consider that my mission is completed.

“I’d like to thank Jean-Marie for his trust in me and for creating such a musical masterpiece. I also want to thank all the former and present members for putting their guts in the this project. Thanks to everyone that supported us throughout the years. Many unforgettable moments will remain in my memory forever.

“I wish the best of luck to the band and the new line-up in the future. Cheers!!”

Vengeful 2012 is:

Vocals: Emmanuel Pronovost
Guitar: Jean-Marie Leblanc
Guitar: Phil Tougas
Bass: Olivier Pinard
Drums: Philip Truesdell

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Cryptopsy Splits With Bassist Youri Raymond

Bassist Youri Raymond has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with Cryptopsy:

“I am officially announcing my departure of the band Cryptopsy. At this time, we feel it’s in the best interest of both the band and I to part ways. As a musician, moving from guitar to bass was a great challenge, but honestly, I never really felt comfortable in that position and my motivation in general was stagnating.

“I’m now moving forward and will release an album in 2012 on guitar/lead vocals with my band Unhuman and I hope Jon, Matt, Chris Flo and the new guy who will fill in in the bass spot the very best with the upcoming album and what might be the ‘real’ Cryptopsy coming back!

“Thanks again fans and friends for your endless support! Peace out!”

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Miseration Issues New Album And Band Lineup Update

Miseration has issued the following announcement about working on a new album, recruiting Jani Stefanovic, and parting ways with bassist Johan Ylenstrand:

“Hi all! Sorry for being somewhat absent guys, news-wise and so on. Lately we’ve gone through some upheavals of rather large proportions, which is why we’ve deliberately chosen to let silence speak. However, as from today, you can consider this silence a thing of the past!

“So…what’s new then…well…for starters, we’re no longer a quintet. The last couple of months have been eventful to say the least, documenting several line-up changes, among other things. We’d like to start explaining, by saying welcome back to our good friend Jani Stefanovic. Confused? Well, here follows a statement from Jani himself:

Hello everyone! A short input from my part. As you all have noticed I am back in business again and this feels extremely good. I am so happy that the rest of the guys gave me the benefit of a doubt to come back although I decided to leave awhile ago.

To briefly explain why I left: I was simply in a place in life where I needed to focus on other things, which did not include Miseration. And rather to hold back the band I decided to leave, so that they could carry on without me holding them back from any future plans they had. I was unemployed at that time and had been that for quite some time, which just ate me up. Coming out from a really bad life situation, in every aspect, I needed to recharge my batteries. My life is just great now, being married to a wonderful girl and having a great steady day-time job. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I felt this happy.

However, during this off-period from the band, I never stopped having contact with Christian, since we are good friends outside our bands as well. So there were no hard feelings whatsoever when I left. Needless to say, as my life situation got better, my hunger for music grew strong again and I started to regret my decisions, cause I assumed that I would never be able to rejoin. But life is smiling at me right now and things turned out pretty good from my point of view. I was a part of creating Miseration, so it has a very special place in my heart. I am really excited to be back and I am so glad the band decided that they wanted me back. It warms my heart endlessly. I think we have a strong unit, with a lot of potential and so I am ready to strike at full force again. Hope to see you all out there soon. Cheers people! Sincerely Jani Stefanovic.

“To make a long story short, being our long-time friend and a very big part of the spirit that is and was Miseration, we decided, after some soul-searching discussions within the band, to welcome our brother back and it feels great to have him rejoining the Miseration camp again; as a friend, co-musician and song-contributer. Some bonds are simply not meant to be broken!

“At the same time, it’s sad to see our latest addition to the family – Tobias Alpadie – leaving us. We’re sorry we couldn’t find a way to solve this complicated matter, having it being equally favourable to all parties involved, but sometimes you just have to try to make the best out of things. However, we’d like to point out that there are no hard feelings involved here, whatsoever. The understanding is mutual and if anything, we’re all sad it had to come to this. Then again, in all fairness, we never really got around resuming our work with Miseration – not after Jani’s departure, nor after Tobias joining – due to conflicting band-schedules and whatnot. It might be a poor consolation, but hopefully it can at least work as a way of understanding the grounds on which we are parting ways, a bit better. Anyhow, we’d like to wish Tobias the best of luck in the future, personally, as well as with his other bands (Jesaiah, Insision, to name a couple). May the force be with you bro!

“Now, lets move on to the next change in line-up, shall we! Due to personal reasons, Johan Ylenstrand has decided to throw in the towel. Here follows a statement, in regard of this, from Johan himself:

Hey! My journey in Miseration has come to an end. I have decided to leave the band. My life has gone through some big changes the past year. So when the band is heading back into the studio I feel like I don’t have the time, nor the motivation to follow them.

I would like to thank the rest of the guys for the past years. It’s been fun and I’m proud of what we have accomplished. I’m sure the new record is going to kick some serious ass! I’m still going to be a part of the music-scene with my other bands. See you! Cheers!

“Being the friendliest of split-up’s, we’re all extremely sad to see our very good friend and bass player go, being the heartfelt and kind guy that he is (you will be missed dearly bro)! However, we totally understand and respect his reasons for leaving. Having children means incuring a heavy responsibility, which most certainly put new perspectives on life. The time-aspect being one of many factors concerned, that has to be taken into account, in a whole new way. Especially when you, like in Johan’s case, have a fully occupied schedule already as it is. To quote Brutal Truth – ;extreme conditions demand extreme responses!’

“With this said, we would like to wish Johan and his family all the best of luck in life, with everything. Music-wise, leaving Miseration does not mean you have heard that last of Johan though. You will still be able to follow him and his musical escapades through his other bands (Exhale, Inevitable End, to name a couple). Your time in the band will not be forgotten bro!

“In honour of Jani rejoining the band and Johan and Tobias leaving, we will shoot a video for the song ‘Dreamdecipher,’ in one week from now. The way we see it, this video will mark the end of something great and the start of something even greater! However, due to reasons beyond our control, Rolf Pilve will not be able to participate shooting this video. Luckily our friend Gustav Elowson (of Exhale) has accepted to fill in, temporarily, for Rolf. The video will be done by Marcus Rytilahti of E&S Filmproduktion.

“As for the coming, third album to be, we are in the midst of writing and pre-producing the whole thing, as you read this and we’re aiming at having the entire thing completed in time for a late fall/early winter release, once again through Lifeforce Records. The new album will be recorded as a four-piece, with Jani and Marcus handling all bass-guitar duties. More news as it happens!”

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