Gates To The Morning Premiere New Song “Freezing The Sundials” From Upcoming New Album “Return To Earth”

Progressive metal band GATES TO THE MORNING have released their debut single “Freezing The Sundials”. The track is from the band’s upcoming release Return To Earth which will be released in November 2018. The track was mixed by Kevin Antreassian of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Listen to the track below:

Freezing the Sundials by Gates to the Morning

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All Of Leng Tch’e’s Gear And Merch Stolen In Czech Republic

Thieves carried off the near entirety of Leng Tch’e‘s gear and merch following a show at the ‘Guttural Gore Grind Mafia‘ festival in Ostrava, CZE. Comments the band on Facebook:

“Well this is a fucking nightmare. After an amazing show at Guttural Gore Grind Mafia festival yesterday we come down to the van this morning to find it broken into. All of our gear is stolen: guitars, amplifiers, cymbals, pedals, merchandise… we cannot begin to describe how devastated we are.

Wonderful people of the Czech Republic we would like to thank you again for your warm and energetic reception yesterday and please be on the lookout for any of the below items:

ESP Viper guitar (black)
Bogner Uberschall amp
Musicman Stingray bass guitar (black w/ maple neck)
Gallien Krueger 1001 RB-II amp
Sansamp Bass driver pedal
Darkglass B3K pedal
Boss tuner pedal
Korg tuner pedal
Radial JDX
Pearl Demon Drive drum pedals
Roland TM-2 trigger module

And a shit ton of Leng Tch’e shirts and cd/lp’s ??”

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Dominhate Debut Lyric Video For “Faith Delirius Imago”

Italian death dealers Dominhate debut the below lyric video for “Faith Delirius Imago,” a song taken from Lavadome Productions EP “Emissaries of Morning”. Check it out.

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New Song “The Morning That Killed The World” Streaming From Nullingroots

Recently signed Prosthetic Records post-black metal group Nullingroots is gearing up to release the upcoming five track album “Into The Grey” on November 17th. Do not let the number of tracks fool you – “Into The Grey” is a massive display of spacious sound and introspective discovery. “Into The Grey” will be available online in “grey on grey” splatter vinyl and digipack CD formats. Pre-orders for the album are available here.

Today the band have revealed the new track “The Morning That Killed The World” over at Ghost Cult at this location, or right here in the player at the bottom.

Guitarist Alex Haddad says, “‘The Morning that Killed the World’ is about time and the effects it has on the human psyche. The song explores the loss of will that occurs with growing older and is narrated by melancholic, somber instrumentals.”

Originally the project of sole member, Cameron Boesch, Nullingroots was formed in 2014 in Southern California. A debut, self-titled album was released shortly thereafter, which extracted Boesch’s post-black metal style from his previous band, Solus, and incorporated lush, gazing atmospheric elements.

Cameron Boesch released two more Nullingroots full-lengths before assembling his band, comprised of Deacon Blue Batchelor, from the folk band Andrew Jackson Jihad on drums, and guitarist Alex Haddad. Shortly after, the three began writing “Into The Grey.” Self-produced, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden Recording Studio, “Into the Grey” is an expansion of Boesch’s vision.

The track listing is:

1. Subsistence
2. The Morning That Killed The World
3. Rust
4. Aqua
5. Into The Grey

Check out “The Morning That Killed the World” here:

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ANCIENT VVISDOM: Cvlt Nation Debuts “Rise Fallen Angel” From Occult Rock Trio; Magic Bullet To Unleash 33 This Friday

“Like the morning star it praises, ANCIENT VVISDOM is more deceptive than you realize. It heralds that section of the genre that is far darker than even the loudest bands while doing a style you don’t recognize is nearly this cursed. 33 is going to live on for quite some time.” — The Sludgelord This Friday, Magic […]

more metal news here:
ANCIENT VVISDOM: Cvlt Nation Debuts “Rise Fallen Angel” From Occult Rock Trio; Magic Bullet To Unleash 33 This Friday

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ANCIENT VVISDOM: Cvlt Nation Debuts “Rise Fallen Angel” From Occult Rock Trio; Magic Bullet To Unleash 33 This Friday

“Like the morning star it praises, ANCIENT VVISDOM is more deceptive than you realize. It heralds that section of the genre that is far darker than even the loudest bands while doing a style you don’t recognize is nearly this cursed. 33 is going to live on for quite some time.” — The Sludgelord This Friday, Magic […]

more metal news here:
ANCIENT VVISDOM: Cvlt Nation Debuts “Rise Fallen Angel” From Occult Rock Trio; Magic Bullet To Unleash 33 This Friday

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Being As An Ocean Debuts New Song “Thorns” From Forthcoming New Album “Waiting For Morning To Come”

Being As An Ocean debuts a new song titled “Thorns”, taken from the outfit’s forthcoming new album “Waiting For Morning To Come”. The band recently parted ways with its label Equal Vision and is planning an independent release of its new album later this year.

Check out now “Thorns” below.

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Video For New Song “Czern Nas Prosi” Available From Biesy

New project, Biesy, revealed new music via a video clip for the track “Czern Nas Prosi” (roughly translates to “blackness begs us”), ahead of the release of the debut album “Noc Lekkich Obyczajów.” The album will be released exclusively via Third Eye Temple on September 9th.

Biesy is project started by PR, who wrote all of the music and lyrics. The project is strengthened by Stawrogin (Odraza) on vocal duties and MP (Outre) on drums.

Biesy – translates to “fiends” from Polish – were born out of everyday working, urban and monotonous realities. The project explores how urban concrete life can separate you from reality, but at the same time enables you to cross its borders. This is not the place for faith – there is no time nor will. During the night people go astray and willingly drown among the masses on the streets. In the morning they fall down to create a passage for everything that is wonderfully common and hideously sincere. However, it is not certain if they even left the room.

Check out “Czern Nas Prosi” here:

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Craig Locicero Comments On Death Of Chris Cornell

Last night news broke that Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave) had passed away, with news arriving this morning that the cause of death was an apparent suicide. Musicians from across the genre spectrum have expressed their condolences or extreme surprise, with Forbidden’s Craig Locicero issuing this lengthy statement:

“When Alice told me that Chris Cornell was found dead, it was around midnight last night. After looking around I saw it was evidently true. Shocking and somehow not shocking, but most certainly dauntingly sad for millions of us and especially his loved ones and bandmates. When I awoke this morning it still didn’t seem real, but as I opened up Instagram, every post was a Cornell picture with heartfelt words attached to them. It hit me hard in that moment. It’s hitting me right now.

“In 1989 Forbidden went to the Foundations Forum in L.A. to do the schmooze thing with hundreds of other metal bands. Hair metal, thrash metal, prog metal, heavy metal…metal metal. It was like what the NAMM show has turned into these days, but worse. Or better… I dunno…
Everybody got a gift bag the first day. I didn’t even sift through mine until I got home. At that time I went back to living at my parents house in Fremont for a short stay. I opened up my gift bag and found a bunch of unmemorable crap and one cassette that looked interesting to me. Didn’t fit in the cheese bag. That cassette was ‘Loud Than Love’ by Soundgarden.

“I remember putting it on and immediately feeling transformed into a different world. One far less ridged and more free than what music was turning into commercially, even in my thrash metal genre. A world that wasn’t laid into perfect lines, but was splashed in colors and emotion. Less processed, more raw emotion and power.

“Like Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and Black Sabbath all met up in Egypt for a hooka hashish jam session. Chris Cornell was lofty and sang with gut wrenching passion without at all being pretentious.

“This completely cleaned my pallet from all I knew about music at my naive 20 years. I’d found something that transformed me and changed the way I looked at heavy music, for the better. All because it was in a little gift bag at the right time.

“The next thing I did was went backwards buy ‘Ultra-Mega OK.’ So heavy and beautiful. Nobody else in Forbidden appreciated it very much at the time. I was addicted. When the word ‘grunge’ came along following after Nirvana’s breakthrough, I was already entranced by Soundgarden and then Alice in Chains. These were not grunge bands. They were rock bands who did it better than most. They just were great bands.

“Ultimately, Soundgarden was the vessel that started me upon my musical growth and made me more fearless to try new things with my life. Up until then I was just riffing and writing without putting as much of my heart into it. This all happened as we were writing ‘Twisted Into Form’ but really didn’t have time to marinate into the music yet.

“After ‘TIF’ was finished, Alice and I headed to New York to get the record mastered by Howie Weinberg. I had a few days off to hang out with Jim Welsh and everyone at Combat, so one night we went to La’Amours to see Voivod, Soundgarden and Faith No More. In that order.

“This would be the first of many times I saw Soundgarden. That particular night, they took the show with their Middle Eastern influence and care free delivery. It was just heavy and massive. Beautiful. Cornell was a rock god in person.

“That was all the origins for me. Since then They got the accolades that they much deserved and put amazing slabs of art out with Badmotorfinger, Superunknown, Down the Upside and finally King Animal. All mysterious offerings laced with magic and chemistry.

“The closest I came to actually meeting Chris is when we were recording the Manmade God record in Hollywood starting in 2001. Rick Rubin signed us and was co-producing our record. Rick loved our sound and thought that our singer (Pann Reed) had a very powerful and soulful voice, much like Cornell.

“He loved it so much, in fact that he had an idea. To get the guys in Rage Against the Machine to jam with Chris Cornell and see what happens. This is while we are doing preproduction down in Hollywood.

“Next thing we know, they are writing songs on the spot for Audioslave and in the studio a month or so later. Audioslave pretty much was put together, recorded an offering and put it out all while we were still trapped in L.A. working on our record, which took over 2 years to come out after we started the recording process. Crazy and true.

“By the time the MMG record finally did start getting radio play, 6 months before the record hit, the reviews and DJ’s starting making the comparison to Audioslave. Because they figured we came after them. The irony. Not a bad thing at all, but certainly not the case.

“Cornell himself was a true enigma. Not too much was ever known about him because he was very private. His life was a bit mysterious and I’d heard many differing opinions about Chris, the man. I’d never come across him personally for some reason, it just didn’t happen.

“I do know from the time we spent down there recording that Chris was battling his demons during the Audioslave recordings. Just like the rest of us humans, he was vulnerable. I’m actually glad I never met Chris, so the mystery will stay with me forever.

“Much like John Lennon and David Bowie, he will sit in a special place that only true legends sit at in my heart.”

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Light Of The Morning Star Posts New Song “Ophidian”

Today the occult metal project Light of the Morning Star premieres new track “Ophidian” online – listen in below. The track hails from debut full-length album “Nocta” (reviewed here), which is set for international release on March 3rd via Iron Bonehead Productions.

1. Nocta
2. Coffinwood
3. Serpent Lanterns
4. Grey Carriages
5. Crescentlight
6. Oleander Halo
7. Ophidian
8. Lord of All Graves
9. Five Point Star

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