Napalm Death, Anaal Nathrakh, Etc. Members Launch Born To Murder The World

Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Brujeria, etc.), Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrakh/Mistress) and Duncan Wilkins (Fukpig, Mistress) join forces in a new outfit called Born To Murder The World. That band will have their debut album, “The Infinite Mirror Of Millennial Narcissism” out on August 24th via Embury‘s new label Extrinsic Recordings.

A stream of Born To Murder The World’s track “Brutality Alchemist” is streaming below:

The Infinite Mirror Of Millennial Narcissism by Born to Murder the World

States Embury:

“Born To Murder The World is a project that myself and Mick Kenney of Anaal Nathrakh have had recorded for some time now. We have been friends for decades and when two likeminded maniacs get together to record a project, something nasty is bound to happen. I suppose we just needed a good excuse for the record to be unleashed.

To me, it was the perfect opportunity with the start of my label Extrinsic Recordings to just do that. The track ‘Brutality Alchemist’ was the first track we came up with together and is a good mixture of the what the album is all about—it seems the ideal track to introduce the album with.

As anyone who follows me or my bands would know, I love all forms of music and love making projects and collaborations to the point I guess I am a bit obsessive about it all, and for some time now I have wanted to get into recording and composing atmospheric albums/soundtrack-type recordings and, well, whatever weird and wacky ideas that come to mind.

I have a long list of stuff I want to achieve personally and Extrinsic Recordings is a way for me to do that. I’m very excited about it all and hope to make some interesting albums over the next few years… Stay tuned!”

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Cities Of Mars Signs WIth Argonauta Records

Swedish doom metal band Cities of Mars has inked a new deal with Argonauta Records for the release of an upcoming studio album. The group comments:

“We’re happy to announce that we’ve signed a deal with Italian doom titan label Argonauta Records for the release of our first full-length album. Argonauta dedication and growth as a relentless force in the heavy underground scene suits our own hands-on hard work ethic.

“Sonically, we are still roaming the deep space of slow riffs, but are also expanding into a few selected up-thrusts. We believe you’ll like it as much as we do! We are very excited to join forces with Argonauta Records and together enter the next phase of the Cities of Mars saga.”

Argonauta adds: “The Swedish renowned band Cities of Mars has taken the genre with storm with last EP ‘Celestial Mistress.’ All songs are written as a part of an intergalactic story taking place on Mars with a time frame that stretches from ancient days up until now. The concept is well incorporated in the bands all releases and really appreciated according to multiple reviewers all over Europe.

“The band is planning a massive three-week European tour to promote the release of the upcoming album, ‘Temporal Rifts.’ The full-length album will contain five new songs firmly rooted in the ancient Martian civilization later discovered by a covert KGB agent. ‘Temporal Rifts’ will be available on LP, CD, downloads and via various streaming services during Fall 2017.

Celestial Mistress EP by Cities of Mars

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Winterfylleth Playing Bloodstock Festival 2017

We’re now past the halfway point to Bloodstock this year with 20 weekends left before the UK’s biggest metal weekender. Today the festival’s organizers issued this update about the lineup:

“Anthemic black metal crew Winterfylleth joins the main stage fray. Fifth album ‘The Dark Hereafter’ was released last October by Candlelight Records/Spinefarm. Check out the epic tracks via Bandcamp.

“We’re also excited to reveal a handful of bands for the Sophie Lancaster stage. Dendera brings classic metal to Bloodstock for a Friday slot. The band has a third studio album set for release this year, so expect new material!

“Saturday sees doomsters Kroh join the Sophie bill. Kroh is the brainchild of Paul Kenney, founder member of both Mistress and Fukpig. Go watch the video for ‘Mother Serpent’ and get the latest on the band on Facebook.

“Also landing a Saturday slot is Abhorrent Decimation, wtih the ‘Miasmic Mutation’ album lauded by Metal Hammer as ‘one of 2015’s must-have death metal records.’ Bagging a Sunday slot is British experimental metal squad, Bossk. The band built a name via a series of EPs and touring with the likes of Cult Of Luna, Textures, and Baroness, and is now signed to Deathwish Inc. Debut studio album ‘Audio Noir’ was released last year. We also welcome doompop outfit Courtesans to the Sunday bill.”

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Relapse Releases Free 36 Song Sampler Online

As part of the label’s ongoing 25th anniversary celebration, Relapse Records has released a 36-song label sampler available for free download via Bandcamp here.

The sampler showcases the label’s eclectic roster, which spans all realms of dark and heavy music including death metal, grindcore, thrash metal, stoner rock, drone, black metal, sludge metal, doom metal, heavy psych, space rock, hardcore, experimental music and much more. You can also stream all the tracks below, with the full track listing available after the jump.

Relapse Sampler 2015 by Relapse Sampler

1. Torche – Loose Men 02:28
2. Windhand – Crypt Key 05:39
3. Royal Thunder – Time Machine 07:08
4. Tau Cross – Fire In The Sky 04:39
5. Myrkur – Mordet 03:41
6. Skinless – Serpenticide 04:39
7. Gruesome – Savage Land 04:13
8. Exhumed – Necromaniac (Gore Metal Redux) 02:45
9. Pig Destroyer – Trojan Whore (Remastered) 01:34
10. Hooded Menace – Elysium of Dripping Death 11:33
11. Primitive Man – Bag Man 07:08
12. Graves At Sea – Betting On Black 07:56
13. Lycus – Coma Burn (Courtesy of 20 Buck Spin) 11:37
14. Zombi – Mission Creep 03:09
15. Locrian – An Index of Air 07:51
16. Publicist UK – Away 05:05
17. Pinkish Black – Everything Must Go 05:09
18. Valkyrie – Golden Age 05:30
19. Christian Mistress – Neon 05:34
20. Wrong – Call It 03:28
21. Ecstatic Vision – Journey 05:11
22. Minsk – To The Garish Remembrance Of Failure 06:22
23. Hope Drone – Riverbeds Hewn In Marrow 10:39
24. Lord Dying – Darkness Remains 06:52
25. Sacrilege – Lifeline 04:09
26. Seven Sisters of Sleep – Reaper Christ 02:50
27. Ilsa – Pass / Out 04:44
28. Rwake – Nagarachi 03:54
29. Maruta – Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earth 02:06
30. Call of the Void – Cold Hands 02:39
31. Magrudergrind – Rise and Fall of Empires Past 00:39
32. Bedemon – Serpent Venom 03:56
33. Razor – Hypertension 03:19
34. Goblin Rebirth – Book of Skulls 06:07
35. Steve Moore – Intro & Credits 03:47
36. The Great Tyrant – The Trouble With Being Born 03:43

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The Moon Mistress Streaming “Simla” EP

Russian lo-fi doomsters The Moon Mistress have uploaded their newest EP “Simla” onto bandcamp, which you can listen to here. The EP features a studio and a live version of the eponymous track “Simla,” and is limited to 71 copies in the CDR version of it. Stream it below, after the series of tour dates that the band will be playing in Russia and Europe.

Jul 12 Fm-Club, Moscow, Russian Federation
Jul 14 Madness, Wroclaw, Poland
Jul 17 Big Buttinsky, Osnabrück, Germany
Jul 18 The Rambler, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Jul 19 De Speeltuin, Breda, Netherlands
Jul 21 Klub Metulj, Bistrica ob Sotli, Slovenia
Jul 25 Xi20, Vilnius, Lithuania
Jul 26 MC Balerija, Jelgava, Latvia

Simla by The Moon Mistress

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Buckshot Facelift Releases “Elder’s Rasp” Album, Announces New Tour Dates

Sworn to come back harder and more hateful than ever in 2013, Huntington, Long Island grindcore faction Buckshot Facelift delivered latest auditory assault on the scum of the Earth with the self-released “Elder’s Rasp” LP.

Since 2004 these henchmen have infiltrated the underground with an abortive and explosive death/grind//hardcore hybrid, ripping through D.I.Y. venues throughout the Long Island and NYC region. Following a demo in 2005 demo, Buckshot Facelift — vocalist William Smith (Artificial Brain, ex-Biolich), guitarist Dan Baranello, bassist Tom Anderer (Thirsty) and drummer Sal Gregory (Grey Skies Fallen) — released debut LP “Universal Goat Tilt” with local label Burn it Down/Rebuild Records. The label subsequently folded, so in 2009 the band went back to D.I.Y. basics and self-released the follow-up LP “Anchors of the Armless Gods” on limited, etched vinyl.

In 2012, Buckshot Facelift hit the studio to create a third album, in the process revamping the longtime lineup and replacing guitarist Dan Baranello with Paulo Paguntalan of NYC death/gore outfit Copremesis. The results of these torturous, booze-soaked sessions would see the band diversifying its range with more discordant metallic hardcore/doom-influenced riffage, culminating with the band’s most putrid output yet, as the sixteen-track “Elder’s Rasp.” Directly after recording, Paulo left to pursue other projects, the band then doubling the axe attack and inducting Rick Habeeb (Grey Skies Fallen) and Terrel Granum.

“Elder’s Rasp” is out now directly through Buckshot Facelift – produced, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Keith Moore at Audio Playground in Ronkonkoma, Long Island. The band pressed this beast on 11” vinyl in a vast array of color/splatter schemes, all hand-numbered, limited to 300 copies, as well as digital download. You can stream the full album below.

Buckshot Facelift is currently bringing a circus of rage to every stage, basement, and floor the group can, including a show with Department of Correction, Sender/Receiver, Strong Intention and more in Copiague, Long Island this Saturday, March 2nd. View the confirmed shows below and watch for continuous updates through the rest of the year.

3/02/2013 Zebra Club – Copiague, NY w/ Department of Correction, Sender/Receiver
3/22/2013 O’briens Pub – Coram, NY w/ Plague of Faith, more
3/25/2013 The Place – Brooklyn, NY w/ Call of the Void, Ambassador Gun

Elder’s Rasp by Buckshot Facelift

1. Elder’s Rasp
2. Lambs Pee Blood
3. Fergus the Engorger
4. Boi Boi
5. Monday Morning Scumbag
6. Skull Drum Urinal
7. Across Dead Oceans
8. 522 Rest
9. Salt Milk
10. Touch the Monolith
11. Giving Acid to a Gorilla Who Knows Sign Language 2012
12. Carolyst
13. Vulture Mistress
14. Pimple Cheese
15. What Would Lee Do?
16. Unforgiving Seas of Quetzalcoatl

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Buckshot Facelift Streaming New Album “Elder’s Rasp”

Long Island’s grindcore act Buckshot Facelift has proudly released its 3rd album “Elder’s Rasp” as a limited edition multicolor 11″ vinyl. You can now stream the album online at Bandcamp here or through the player below. The track listing for “Elder’s Rasp” is as follows:

1. Elder’s Rasp 02:34
2. Lambs Pee Blood 01:44
3. Fergus the Engorger 00:55
4. Boi Boi 03:10
5. Monday Morning Scumbag 01:40
6. Skull Drum Urinal 00:50
7. Across Dead Oceans 03:48
8. 522 Rest 00:29
9. Salt Milk 01:13
10. Touch the Monolith 04:20
11. Giving Acid to a Gorilla Who Knows Sign Language 2012 00:48
12. Carolyst 02:30
13. Vulture Mistress 01:53
14. Pimple Cheese 00:48
15. What Would Lee Do? 02:38
16. Unforgiving Seas of Quetzalcoatl 05:52

Elder’s Rasp by Buckshot Facelift

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Relapse Records Offering Free Winter Sampler For Download

Relapse Records has released a new free winter sampler, which can be download at bandcamp or streamed in the player below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Pig Destroyer – Sis 01:14
2. Ironhorse – Failure 03:03
3. Weapon – Vanguard Of The Morning Star 04:19
4. Baroness – March to the Sea 03:11
5. Royal Thunder – Blue 09:30
6. Christian Mistress – Haunted Hunted 05:57
7. Hooded Menace – Effigies of Evil 05:35
8. Serpentine Path – Crotalus Horridus Horridus 06:27
9. Inverloch – The Menin Road 06:21
10. Dying Fetus – From Womb To Waste 04:56
11. Murder Construct – Compelled by Mediocrity 02:44
12. Spawn Of Possession – Where Angels Go Demons Follow 05:38
13. Primate – Global Division 02:30
14. Horseback – Ahriman 03:55
15. Locrian – Chalk Point 08:13
16. 16 – Ants in my Bloodstream 04:34
17. Liberteer – Build No System 01:34
18. General Surgery – Like An Ever Flying Limb 02:25
19. Cripple Bastards – Senza Impronte 02:09
20. Blockheads – Famine 01:40
21. Death – Living Monstrosity 05:08

Relapse Sampler 2012 by Relapse Records

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Erupted Streaming Track From Upcoming Album

Up and coming Swedish death dealers Erupted are wrapping up work on their forthcoming debut full-length for Abyss Records. Titled “In the Grip of Chaos,” the album is slated for release later this year. The track “That Which Is Denied Gains Power,” one of eight new songs on the release, is streaming below. The band commented:

During the last months of 2011 until April of 2012 we have been doing recordings for our upcoming album. We haven’t had a lot of time to play live, socialize, or even drink beer. But now, more than half a year after it was started, our album is on the finishing stretch and we can proudly present one of the tracks.

This album is going to consist of both new and old tracks, some of which our longtime listeners might remember from live shows or earlier recordings. We are currently looking for shows for our summer and hopefully we will be out showcasing our new material a lot, so keep an eye out for live videos and recordings to get sneak previews of more songs!

The whole studio experience has been special because both bass and drums were recorded on an analog tape recorder, which meant a lot of retakes, but we hope that some of the ‘live’ feeling got recorded on there as well. Besides that the recording experience has been good. All the mixing and mastering was done at Kloster Productions by Robin ‘Rojne’ Svensson, the same guy that mixed Faces of Death

Below is the tracklisting and cover art for “In the Grip of Chaos,” which includes two songs from the 2010 release “Faces of Death” (denoted by asterix). The new track, “That Which is Denied Gains Power,” follows.

Salvation From Below
In the Grip of Chaos
Dark Mistress
Path of Perdition
Death of A Depraved Mind
Blazing Fall of Heaven
That Which Is Denied Gains Power
Born of Hate
Hell Recreated*
Faces of Death*


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Christian Mistress Streaming Bonus Track "The Edge Of Time"

Christian Mistress unleashed new full-length album “Possession” (reviewed here) on February 28th through Relapse Records. Today is hosting an exclusive stream of the song “The Edge of Time,” which is only available on the deluxe iTunes version of “Possession.” Get a first listen to “The Edge of Time” at this location.

You can also check out the band’s video for their song “Pentagram and Crucifix” here. The video was shot in Christian Mistress’ home town of Olympia, WA and was directed by Christine Davis and David Hoejke.

The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Over & Over
2. Pentagram and Crucifix
3. Conviction
4. The Way Beyond
5. Possession
6. Black to Gold
7. There is Nowhere
8. Haunted Hunted
9. All Abandon

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