Holocausto Releasing “War Metal Massacre” Album

Nuclear War Now! Productions has set March 1st the international release date for Holocausto’s “War Metal Massacre.”

It is extremely rare that a band is able to recapture a sound that it first established over 30 years ago but then lost in the process of its evolution on later recordings. With the original lineup from the mid-1980s, Holocausto was instrumental in the development of the unique strain of black metal that emerged from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil at that time.

Known as the original “deathcore” to the most seasoned veterans of that scene and those who have come to understand it from a historical perspective, this variety of metal shares nothing in common with what the term has come to more typically represent in the present day. Instead, it is the savage brand of black metal, primarily popularized by the infamous Sarcófago, which repeatedly pushes itself to the brink of total musical disintegration before somehow managing to resist its own self-annihilation.

1. Massacre
2. Destruição Nuclear
3. Escarro Napalm
4. Intro War
5. Eu Sou a Guerra
6. Corpo Seco
7. War Metal Massacre

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Armahda Premieres New Lyric Video “Queen Mary Insane”

Brazillian power-thrashers Armahda premiere a new lyric video for “Queen Mary Insane”, taken from the band’s self-titled album.

Check out now “Queen Mary Insane” below.

Explains the band:

“Once she had disembarked in Brazil with the royal family to escape Napoleon, the Queen screamed in fear of demons surrounding her. This incident earned her the nickname ‘Queen Maria I, the Mad’. There are rumors that relate her ‘madness’ with a mental illness manifested after the deaths of her husband and her eldest son, whom she allegedly refused to vaccinate against variola (smallpox) because of her religious beliefs. Damaging acts enacted by Queen Maria I such as the prohibition of manufacturing in the Portuguese colony and heavy taxation on gold from mining efforts served as a trigger for riots and prompted the Minas Gerais Conspiracy.”

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Insulter Hurls “Blood Spits, Violences and Insults”

Formed in April of 1986 in Belo Horizonte, in the Minas Gerais state of Brazil, Insulter was born in the same lineage of early Brazilian bands like Sarcófago and Sextrash. In fact, all three bands shared members at different stages of their development.

Nuclear War Now! Productions will compile three early demos from the band and release them together under the title “Blood Spits, Violences and Insults” this coming July 1st. The label comments:

“Not to be confused with the way the term is more commonly used today, this brand of Brazilian deathcore was more of a reinterpreted brand of first-generation black metal, transformed by its heirs after having been bequeathed to Brazil from early European forefathers such as Bathory and Sodom.

“In addition to its emergence at the hands of these bands and others from Minas Gerais, a significant amount of cross-pollination occurred between them and São Paolo-based bands like Vulcano and Genocidio, which truly made this a unique musical brand of its own and one which would later serve as a primary inspiration worldwide for the bestial black metal bands of the late ’80s and beyond.

“Insulter recorded and released two demos in this remarkable style in 1986 and 1987. The first of these demos, ‘The Insult,’ may be considered inferior due to its unpolished production, as compared to more traditionally accepted standards. However, it can be argued that the rawness of its sound serves as a better reflection of the band’s true character. The second demo, ‘The Last Illusion’ (aka ‘Black Church’), contains a re-recorded version of the first demo’s track ‘Black Church’ and another song simply entitled ‘Fuckin.’ This latter track in particular, with its seemingly reckless percussion and frenzied guitar leads, demonstrates the elements of early Brazilian deathcore that separate it from all other subgenres.

“Following the release of these first two demos and several lineup changes, Insulter took another direction in musical style and aesthetic, moving somewhat away from the sinister black metal of the Brazilian deathcore movement and instead towards redefining themselves more as a traditional thrash metal band, which is evidenced by the sound of its third demo, Ignoring the Falsity, from 1989. ‘Blood Spits, Violences, and Insults’ compiles all three demos from both eras of Insulter as well as a previously unreleased rehearsal recording from 1988.

“Moreover, this compilation serves as a tribute to the mighty Insulter’s role in the emergence of the Brazilian deathcore movement and the individual contributions of the band’s members that have since passed on. As such, this release aspires to call further, well-deserved recognition to a time and place in metal history that is certain to never be duplicated.”

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Sextrash Re-Releasing Debut Album “Sexual Carnage”

Greyhaze Records has announced the upcoming reissue of Sextrash’s debut album “Sexual Carnage” for January 12th in the U.K. (CD) and January 13th for North America (CD and vinyl).

The album’s vinyl version will be housed in a special gatefold jacket and will include a double insert and will be available in black vinyl and limited red flesh color vinyl. The CD version includes the long out of print 1989 EP “XXX” as bonus tracks, as well as early demo material.

Both configurations will feature never-before-seen photos taken from the album cover photo session. All audio has been restored and remastered exclusively for the Greyhaze version of the album.

Sextrash is an integral part of the early MG (Minas Gerais) metal scene of the 80’s and 90’s. This is the same scene that spawned bands such as Sarcofago, Sepultura, Mutilator, and Holocausto. Sextrash’s sound, like the aforementioned bands was utterly barbaric, wild and, at the same time, highly influential worldwide. Originally released in 1990, the band’s debut full-length “Sexual Carnage” features the infamous original drummer of Sarcofago, DD Crazy.

Says bass player Krueger: “Sexual Carnage was a big achievement for the band at the time. I have it in my blood and in my eyes to this day and I’ll take it to the grave!”

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Holocausto Canibal Announces Brazilian Tour Dates

The Portuguese grinders in Holocausto Canibal are proud to announce their live debut in Brazil this August. After 17 years, the devastating band will invade World Cup country for a 12 show run.

Holocausto Canibal is promoting latest release “Larvas,” which is filled with four new songs and some live and experimental material, while the band works on the follow-up to the 2012 full-length “Gorefilia.”

8/14 – Macapá – Amapá – Zombie Night IV
8/15 – Bragança – Pará – Lions Club
8/16 – Belém – Pará – Paranoise Fest III
8/17 – Imperatriz – Maranhão – Eventos.com
8/21 – Anapólis – Goiás – Vila Rica Eventos
8/22 – Brasilia – DF – Country Bar
8/23 – Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais – BrutalDeathFest II
8/24 – Nova Iguaçu – Rio de Janeiro – Studio B
8/28 – Cambuí – Minas Gerais – CPB Pub Rock
8/29 – Curitiba – Paraná – Dalborga Festival
8/30 – Várzea Paulista – São Paulo – Rotten Foetus II
8/31 – São Paulo – Club Hangar 110 – IV Gore Supremacy Fest

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Arelok Posts Official Video

Brazilian black metal band Arelok has posted an official web clip for the title track from its newest EP “Tumulo de Pedra,” which you can view below. The band hails from the town of Uberlandia in Brazil’s second most populous state of Minas Gerais and already has one demo to its credit. You can hear a few more studio tracks from Arelok over on the band’s YouTube page.

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