NYN Streams New Song “Maelstrom II: The Ignorance of the Gatekeeper”

As progressive/technical death metal project NYN moves closer towards the August 11th release date set for “Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt,” the time has come for another song from the release to be made public.

Check out “Maelstrom II: The Ignorance of the Gatekeeper” in the player below, which is the second part of a dynamic four-part song on the album.

This track, like the rest of the release, features performances from new members Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger (ex-Obscura) on fretless guitar and key/synth musician Jimmy Pitts (Pitts Minneman Project, Eternity’s End alongside NYN founding member and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Noyan Tokgozoglu.

Of special note in “Maelstrom II: The Ignorance of the Gatekeeper” is the inclusion of a guest spot from Brandon Morris, a member of renowned prog metal act A Sense Of Gravity.

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Violet Cold Streaming “Lovegaze” Track

Post-black metal project Violet Cold is now streaming “Lovegaze” – check it out below (stream comes courtesy of Nine Circles).

The track is a blend of shoegaze, black metal, and alternative rock that is highly recommended for fans of Alcest, Deafheaven, and Enigma.

“Lovegaze” will be featured on the vinyl and cassette versions of “Anomie,” which will be released on July 21st via Tridroid Records and Folkvangr Records.

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NYN Streaming New Single “The Apory Of Existence”

Progressive/technical death metal project NYN recently announced upcoming album “Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt” is set for an August 11th release through Vmbrella.

Guitar virtuoso Fountainhead (ex-Obscura, live for Defeated Sanity) and progressive music keyboard/synth player Jimmy Pitts (Pitts Minneman Project, Eternity’s End, Equipoise) have joined forces with NYN mastermind (and multi-instrumentalist) Noyan on the new album.

Today the group unveils new single “The Apory of Existence” – check it out below, and you can find pre-order info over here.

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Matt Chanway Posts “”271114” Playthrough Video

Guitar virtuoso Matt Chanway has made a name for himself with Canadian death/thrash metal band Assimilation. Last December, Chanway struck out on his own and unleashed a self-titled solo debut album (streaming here).

Chanway explains that “initially this music was written for a progressive metal project called Chancellor in 2011. After leaving that band, I gradually morphed the tracks into instrumental tunes.”

Today Chanway demonstrates his shredding skills with a new playthrough for the track “271114” – check it out below. The new album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Evidence of the Arcane (6:22) (instrumental)
2. The Receiver of Wisdom (6:58) (instrumental)
3. Harbinger 2.1 (8:24) (instrumental)
4. 271114 (6:48) (instrumental)
5. Eyes In The Sky (5:48) (instrumental)
6. Lucidity (6:26) (instrumental)

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Rebel Wizard Posts “Eat The Warlock” Video

Next week negative metal project Rebel Wizard will reissue the maniacal sounds of the “Triumph Of Gloom” full-length album via Prosthetic Records. In advance of its release, today a video for “Eat The Warlock” is offered for public devourment.

Rebel Wizard initially self-released “Triumph Of Gloom,” which will be reissued by Prosthetic Records on February 24th and includes previously unheard bonus track, “Defenders Of The Gloom.”

1. On The Unknown Self They Weep
2. Where We Surrender Completely To The Miserable Shaman
3. Trampled By Wolves And Sheep
4. Ease Of Wretchedness And Wonder
5. A Spell Of Sorrow To Relieve The Curse Of Triump
6. Eat The Warlock
7. Sorcerery
8. Hemorrhage Wonders
9. Defenders Of The Gloom (Bonus Track)

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Light Of The Morning Star Posts New Song “Ophidian”

Today the occult metal project Light of the Morning Star premieres new track “Ophidian” online – listen in below. The track hails from debut full-length album “Nocta” (reviewed here), which is set for international release on March 3rd via Iron Bonehead Productions.

1. Nocta
2. Coffinwood
3. Serpent Lanterns
4. Grey Carriages
5. Crescentlight
6. Oleander Halo
7. Ophidian
8. Lord of All Graves
9. Five Point Star

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Les Chants Du Hasard Working On New Album

If you dig your metal a little different, you’ll want to check out Les Chants du Hasard, an orchestral black metal project featuring only orchestral instruments – no guitars, no bass, and no drums.

The music is experimental, influenced by classical composers but also by metal bands such as Emperor, Ved Buens Ende, and Ulver. An album is currently in progress and will be released in the course of 2017. While awaiting that full release, check out three (of a projected six total) unmastered tracks below.

1. Chant cinquième 07:26
2. Chant second 06:35
3. Chant quatrième 06:45

Les Chants du Hasard by Les chants du hasard

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Ostots Premieres New Song “Gaueko Pizti” (Beast of the Night) From Upcoming New Album “Ezer Ezaren Araztasuna”

Hailing from the Basque Country of Spain, solo black metal project Ostots, premieres a new song titled “Gaueko Pizti” (Beast of the Night), taken from the upcoming new album “Ezer Ezaren Araztasuna”, which will be out in stores later today via Altare Productions (Portugal) and Skjold (Denmark).

Check out now “Gaueko Pizti” below.

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Master Boot Record Covers “Loom” Theme

Dark synth / metal project Master Boot Record just released an epic cover of the “Loom” theme (featuring excerpts from the Swan Lake ballet by Tchaikovsky), which can be heard below. You can also hear more from Master Boot Record at Bandcamp here.

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Tomas Lindberg Announces New Band The Lurking Fear

Tomas Lindberg is back to front a new death metal project titled The Lurking Fear (and based on the artwork, likely based on the H.P. Lovecraft story of the same name). He posted this message about the impending release via the At The Gates Facebook page:

“Introducing, The Lurking Fear. Tomas Lindberg – vocals, Jonas Stålhammar – Guitars, Fredrik Wallenberg – Guitars, Andreas Axelson – Bass and Adrian Erlandsson – drums.

“The Lurking Fear is bringing sheer, natural weirdness and horror back to the scene, as we want our death metal ugly, twisted and possessed.

“Riffs should stir up real feelings of repulsion, and disgust deep down in your soul, and vocals should sounds like hounds of hell howling at the moon. Stay tuned! Art by Branca Studios.”

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