De La Tierra Releasing New Album “II”

Latin American metal group De La Tierra has announced plans to release second studio album, “II,” on November 18th via Sony Music Latin. Fans can now pre-order the record right here.

De La Tierra is comprised of some of Latin America’s most talented metal musicians, including Brazilian guitarist Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Argentine singer/guitarist Andres Gimenez (A.N.I.M.A.L.), Argentine bassist Sr. Flavio (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) and Cuban/Mexican drummer Alex Gonzalez (Maná).

Today, De La Tierra releases the upcoming record’s first new song, “Puro,” which can be streamed below.

“Our first album was self-produced,” says drummer Alex Gonzalez. “This second album we had the awesome opportunity, honor and privilege to work with Ross Robinson. He produced and really captured and brought out the best of all of us. It was very positive and challenging, but at the same time he made us work hard and give 100% all the time. He really helped us to find our sound and voice.”

The band’s sophomore album was recorded with Robinson in Los Angeles. “All 4 of us listen to so much music and different styles that all of that information brings a lot to the table once we start writing music,” Gonzalez adds. “It’s so awesome that a band like DLT, that is a heavy/metal band, can bring so many different styles and sounds of heavy metal to our music, but at the same time we include rhythms, melodies and lyrics from Latin America.”

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Metal Allegiance Posts “Can’t Kill The Devil” Lyric Video

The self-titled debut album by Metal Allegiance (featuring a giant who’s-who roster of metal musicians) will be released worldwide on September 18th, 2015 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Today a lyric video for the track “Can’t Kill The Devil” comes online, with the track featuring Chuck Billy, Alex Skolnick, David Ellefson, Mike Portnoy, Phil Demmel & Andreas Kisser. Check it out below. The album’s full track listing is:

1. Gift Of Pain
2. Let Darkness Fall
3. Can’t Kill The Devil
4. Dying Song
5. Scars
6. Destination: Nowhere
7. Wait Until Tomorrow
8. Triangulum
I. Creation
II. Evolution
III. Destruction
9. Pledge Of Allegiance
10. We Rock (deluxe edition only)

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Brian Matthew Lee Streams New Single “Bittersweet Journey”

Brian Matthew Lee just released a single titled “Bittersweet Journey,” featuring drummer Vinny Appice on drums (Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, Kill Devil Hill).

The song intro is haunting and melodic and proceeds with a bang with nearly 5 minutes of metal. A full length preview can be heard at Brian Matthew Lee’s website here.

In regards to fans asking when a full length CD will be on its way. “Hopefully never” laughs Brian Matthew Lee. “There’s all this talk lately that Rock is dead and there’s no money in music anymore. Well that’s because most musicians STILL don’t get it. Most musicians are still locking themselves up in a studio for 8-12 months hoarding up a bunch of shit-songs that should never see the light of day. Then they blame the streaming sites when nobody buys their crap.

“So for me, I hope I never release another CD. I’ll be writing and collaborating with veteran metal musicians and target a new single release every 4-6 weeks. And if the song is not good – truly good, it’ll never get released. (No more CD with designated ‘shit-slots’ to hide your crap songs in). In my opinion, that’s why streaming is so popular. Fans are tired of all the lazy musician ‘garbage’ out there so they’re turning to streaming to roll their own listening experience.

“Anyway, Bittersweet Journey is the first of many and is really picking up some major traction. Give a listen. I’m looking forward to the next release and already have a number of amazing musicians lined up.”

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Oblivion Signs With Unique Leader Records

Unique Leader Records has checked in with the following announcement about inking a deal with California act Oblivion:

“We are proud to announce that Oblivion has joined the Unique Leader family. Oblivion formed with the intent of creating extreme metal music that will last the ages, music that transcends genres and time.

“The band features an all-star cast of metal musicians: bassist Ben Orum was the founder and primary songwriter in All Shall Perish, lead singer Dr. Nick Vasallo is a professor of music and internationally acclaimed modernist composer, guitarist Victor Dods is completing his PhD in Math, guitarist Ted O’Neill is a 25 year veteran from the scene, and drummer Luis Martinez is a young musical phenom trained by Ndugu Chancler.

“Their debut album ‘Called to Rise,” which was produced by Zack Ohren of Castle Ultimate Studios (Suffocation, Immolation, Decrepit Birth, Deeds of Flesh) has been unanimously praised by both critics and fans. The self-released debut sold out immediately and is now being reissued by Unique Leader Records.

“Already being heralded as ‘the best new death metal band in years,’ Oblivion has several unique features which will intrigue the masses. The official worldwide street date for ‘Called to Rise’ is October 15th.”

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Otyg To Be Resurrected, Band Currently Recording Third Album

Last month in a look at lesser-known side projects from heavy metal musicians we covered Otyg, a folk metal outfit from Vintersorg (Borknagar, Vintersorg) that last released an album at the tail end of the ’90s.

During a recent interview we conducted with Vintersorg in regards to his upcoming new album “Orkan,” he revealed that Otyg is now finally being resurrected and the band is in the process of recording a third album and follow-up to the 1999 release “Sagovindars Boning.” Vintersorg had this to say during the interview:

Yeah, actually we decided to raise that old troll again. It’s been like 12 or 13 years since we put that band to sleep. We always thought the band wouldn’t be vanished from the face of the earth, we always had this kind of open door to it. For the last 10 years I’ve felt like I didn’t have the inspiration to write that kind of music, because I wrote all the music for that band as well. Lately me and Mattias, he’s also in that band, we started to discuss it and he was really keen on doing a third album.

We actually wrote a third album and did some pre-production on it but we never made it anything more than that. So for him he felt it would be nice to complete the saga. We’re actually recording the third album now, and I don’t know if we’ll be doing anymore, but it feels nice to get this one out. It’s a little bit in a new direction, but still very much sounds like Otyg. It’s interesting for us because we haven’t been touching that ground for so many years.

The full interview will be going online tomorrow. Vintersorg’s new album “Orkan” is due out on June 29th, 2012 (EU) and July 10th, 2012 (North America) through Napalm Records.

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"For Those About To Cook – Pure Metal" Being Released In August

Bruce Moore and the crew at Safkhet Publishing have introduced the new book “For Those About To Cook – Pure Metal.” Focused entirely on metal musicians and their appetites for destruction, “Pure Metal” brings you delectable dishes and will be released on August 31st.

“Pure Metal” will be available soon and features not only all your favorite metal bands from the original metal cookbook, “For Those About To Cook,” but also a whole anthology of metal bands including rock legends Poison, Lizzy Borden, and Twisted Sister, and introducing Bolero, Exodus, Full Force, and Gravedigger… to name a few.

Check out the trailer for the book below, and visit “Pure Metal’s” Facebook page for more information.

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Between The Buried And Me’s Paul Waggoner Shares Advice With Young Metal Musicians

In a free ranging discussion with Great New Metal founder and publisher Brian Shields, Between The Buried And Me’s Paul Waggoner let’s young musicians know that is takes more than just advanced software in a bedroom studio to earn the attention of metal fans.

“If you’re going to commit yourself to being a musician, particularly in this genre, it’s a blue-collar job,” Waggoner tells Shields in a conversation recorded at San Francisco’s Fillmore venue. “You have to get out there. You have to get on the road. You have to tour. You have to work hard. You have to hit the streets and play shows and people’s basements and whatever you have to do to show people that you play your instruments and that you’re not just a recording. You’re a band.”

Waggoner says that’s one of the reasons he’s joined other established metal musicians, such as Paul Masvidal (Cynic) and Brian Fair (Shadowsfall) in supporting Great New Metal, a music journalism project designed to create a buzz around up and coming metal bands, growing their audience, and helping them to monetize that new fan base. Watch the video interview below.

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