“Welcome To Wacken” Behind The Scenes Clip Posted Online

BangerTV has posted a second behind-the-scenes look at the forthcoming virtual reality movie “Welcome To Wacken,” the first fully 360° virtual reality music festival documentary, produced by Canada’s Banger Films (“Metal Evolution,” “Iron Maiden: Flight 666”) and Secret Location.

In this exclusive clip, cameras follow the crew as they prepare to capture fans from around the world storming Wacken’s hallowed gates for the opening of the main stages. Later, the brave and diligent crew race against a rainstorm to wrangle a group of fans into a 360° circle headbang.

On the third day of shooting in the muddy fields of Northern Germany, Creative Director Marty Flanagan acknowledges: “It’s been incredible getting to know what metal really means to people and what drives them to travel half-way around the world to be at Wacken.”

“Welcome To Wacken” will be screened at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal. Fans will have the opportunity to watch it free as part of Fantasia’s VR 360 Experience, from July 19th through July 23rd.

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Haar Reveals New Album “The Wayward Ceremony”

Haar will release “The Wayward Ceremony” this coming April 27th via Aeternitas Tenebrarum. The label comments:

“A perfect representation of the Haar musical experience is the cover artwork, a distorted and hallucinated vision where a magmatic chaos comes to a primeval form, grabbing the listener to a trip into tunnels of subconscious perceptions.

“After year of nature based and fantasy-inspired themes the new frontier of the black metal evolution has been crossed by bands like Blut Aus Nord & Deathspell Omega and nothing will stays the same today.

“Haar’s ambitious mission provokes the listener to try again to open their mind once again to the dark side, like it was done in the early 90 when this genre was still a revolutionary shock for the scene. We need a new beginning, to not fear this feeling to become surrounded by energies and feelings we cannot fully control and dominate, losing this formal stereotype to get the essence of this message.

“Do not escape the Wayward Ceremony, everyday life will soon become a vague memory.”

The album’s track listing is:

1. All Man’s Redemption 05:22
2. Sow the Seeds of Decimation 10:48
3. An Animus for Altered States 08:40
4. The Burden of Perdition 12:02
5. The Wayward Ceremony 06:54
6. Coronal Mass Infection 09:38
7. Outro 04:35

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Banger Films To Release Extended Gaahl Interview From "Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey"

Continuing in their efforts to fund the production of the “Lost Episode” of the Metal Evolution series, Banger Films is offering fans for the first time ever an extended cut of director Sam Dunn’s interview with Norwegian black metal vocalist Gaahl, past member of Gorgoroth and currently with God Seed.

Gaahl’s interview has been cited as one of the most compelling and entertaining interviews Sam Dunn has ever conducted. The video will be delivered digitally when the crowd funding campaign wraps up in mid-December.

In 2004 Sam, Scot, and the Banger Films crew traveled to Bergen, Norway to interview Gaahl for their groundbreaking documentary “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey.” According to Dunn, “as the crew started to set up cameras, lights, etc… Gaahl insisted that everyone move to the wine cellar where the room is lit only by candlelight.” What resulted is one of the most memorable interviews in the history of metal documentaries.

Banger Films has issued a call to arms to the global metal community to help make the “Lost Episode” of the Metal Evolution series by means of a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo. For just $5.00 fans can pre-order the episode which will be delivered to them via secure e-mail link once the production is finished. There are other campaign perks available as well, such as the opportunity to have renowned artist Vince Locke design an exclusive custom tattoo and have Banger Films cover the ink costs. For more information and to find out how you can help make this episode happen visit this location.

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QUEENSRŸCHE Singer To Be Interviewed For VH1 CLASSIC’s ‘Metal Evolution: The Series’

QUEENSRŸCHE singer Geoff Tate will be interviewed on Tuesday, May 17 at Pondera winery in Woodinville, Washington by Banger Films for the forthcoming TV series “Metal Evolution: The Series”.

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QUEENSRŸCHE Singer To Be Interviewed For VH1 CLASSIC’s ‘Metal Evolution: The Series’

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