Hexenizer Releases New Album “Witches Mentors Cult”

Inferno Records is proud to announce the long awaited debut album by extreme virtuoso-metal monster Hexenizer.

The “Witches Mentors Cult” album drops today – April 30th – and includes 13 tracks of shredding speed metal with loads of classic influences.

The album is coming out first in a limited run of 500 CDs and 100 cassettes, available through Inferno Records here. Two songs and the salacious cover artwork can also be found below.

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The Mentors To Possibly Reform As El Duce Comes Out Of Hiding

On April 19, 1997, near his home in Riverside, California, then Mentors vocalist/drummer Eldon Wayne Hoke a/k/a El Duce reportedly fell asleep drunk on railroad tracks and was killed by an oncoming train. Or did he? To this day, there were no witnesses to the accident and details on his death were always considered “murky.” Speculation arose as to the true circumstances around his death – as just a week earlier Hoke revealed that he was offered $50,000 by Courtney Love to take out husband Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) in an interview with writer Nick Broomfield.

However, just today, Hoke came out of hiding to reveal that his death was a hoax in order to “get [himself] away from the world of music and live a normal life.” The revelation comes just a day after Hoke was sighted doing tree cutting work in a bucket lift in a residential area outside of Los Angeles. Witnesses who pointed him out noticed the business slogan on the side of the truck – “You Axe For It…We Chop It!”

James Glausen of Highland Park commented: “I was a huge fan of The Mentors and a member of the Four F Club back in the day. I saw the truck and did a triple take. I looked up and there was El Duce sawing a huge tree limb!”

El Duce confessed later: “I really needed to get away from the world of music and live a normal life. So I killed off El Duce and became Eldon Wayne Hoke, the friendly neighborhood chainsaw wielding guy!”

When asked about whether The Mentors would reform with the original lineup, El Duce added: “I’ve never lost touch with Sickie [Wifebeater] and [Dr. Heathen] Scum. Hell…I go to all their kids’ soccer games! Now that the proverbial ‘sandwich of love’ is out of the bag, you never know!”

El Duce was with The Mentors from 1977 to his supposed death in 1997, having appeared on “You Axed for It!” (1985), “Up the Dose” (1986), “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll” (1988), “Rock Bible” (1990) and “To The Max” (1991). He was first replaced by El Rapo (Jake Huber) and most recently Mad Dog (Marc DeLeon).

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Abörted Hitler Cöck Streaming “Necropaediatrician”

Grindcore band Abörted Hitler Cöck is streaming its entire recent EP “Necropaediatrician” on youtube. The album was released on Torn Flesh records and contains 16 tracks, which includes a cover of the Mentors tune “Mother Daughter Team.”

According to their biography, Abörted Hitler Cöck was formed some time around 2005, when after performing a series of botched back-alley abortions, the porno-gore luchadores El Bukkake and El Fucko were forced to flee their hometown of Rape City and blindly go forth in search of grindcore fame and fortune.

Encased in the masks of their profession and intentionally adopting the worst band name conceivable, they learned to take their skills with the rusted coat-hanger and suction device and apply them to the baritone guitar and drums.

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The Mentors “Kings Of Sleaze” Rockumentary Posted Online

The preview for the Kings Of Sleaze Rockumentary about the Mentors is streaming online. Directed and edited by April Jones, this is the precursor to a full-length movie that the Mentors will eventually put out. The band has also posted some live west coast dates below.

12/27 Medford OR @ Johnny B’s
12/28 Kent, WA @ Bad Monkey
12/29 Tacoma WA @ Rock N Roll Lodge
12/30 Seattle WA @ 2 Bit Saloon
12/31 Portland OR @ Katie O’Brians
1/2 Poulsbo WA @ Helter Skelter
1/3 Redmond OR @ Big T’s
1/4 Vallejo CA @ Chris’s Club
1/5 Reno NV @ Jub Jub’s
1/6 Sacramentor CA @ The Press Club
1/7 San Jose CA @ The Back Bar
1/8 Livermore CA @ The Pine Street
1/9 Bakersfield CA @ Jerry’s Pizza
1/10 Long Beach CA @ Blacklight Lounge
1/11 Los Angels CA @ Vex Arts w/ Murder Junkies
1/12 Thousand Oaks @ The Lava Lounge W/ Murder Junkies
1/14 Oceanside CA @ The Royal Dive
1/15 Pomona CA @ Characters Bar W/ Murder Junkies

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The Mentors Posts Trailer For Tribute Album

California shock rockers The Mentors have posted up a preview video for their new tribute album “For Those About to Rape.” The album will feature a good assortment of twenty-five punk and metal bands covering different Mentors tunes and will be released before summer time on Cazablanca Records. The Mentors will also have two new songs on the album. Here is a partial line-up of the bands on the tribute album.

Chesty Malone and the Slice ‘Em Ups
Sok and the Faggots
Kofin Kats’ Cold Existence
Meth Leppard
Without MF Order
Beverly Beer Bellys
Cold Blue Rebels
General Bastard
Mobius Dick
The Neverland Ranch Hands
Guns and Roses
(And Many More)

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Meth Leppard Unleashes Debut Album

San Luis Obispo’s Meth Leppard has released it’s debut seven-song album of stoner substance-induced metal. The band is currently playing a few gigs in central California with the Mentors and also headlining a couple of others. Meth Leppard is one of the few bands to have three guitarists on it’s roster. Below is an uploaded video from it’s self-titled debut for the track “Hit the Pipes.”


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The Mentors Announces West Coast Tour Dates

The Mentors is set to release it’s all-star tribute album “For Those About to Rape” and has just started a west coast tour a few days ago. We have the dates for you below. On the 16th through the 18th, the Mentors’ opening act will be San Luis Obispo’s Meth Leppard. Sickie Wifebeater has started a new job and cannot tour, so The Mentors will have a replacement for him.

Dec 16th Friday @ The Dome, Bakersfield, CA.
Dec 17th Saturday @ Sweet Springs Saloon, Los Osos, CA.
Dec 18th Sunday @ Audies Olympic, Fresno, CA.
Dec 27th Tuesday @ The Hop, Spokane,WA
Dec 28th Wednesday @ The FunHouse, Seattle, WA.
Dec 29th Thursday @ Tony V’s, Everett, WA.
Dec 30th Friday @ Headtails, Kelso,WA.
Dec 31st Saturday @ The Red Room, Portland, OR.
Jan 1st Sunday @ The Backstage, Tacoma, WA..
Jan 4th Wednesday @ On The Y, Sacramentor CA.
Jan 5th TBA
Jan 6th Friday @ Hardcore Industries Warehouse, Costa Masa
Jan 7th Saturday @ Cheyenne Saloon, Las Vegas NV.

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