Nightmarer (The Ocean, Ex-War From A Harlots Mouth) Premiere “Death/Swansong”

Nightmarer (The Ocean, ex-War From A Harlots Mouth, etc.) debut “Death/Swansong” from their new effort, “Cacophony Of Terror“, which will be out on March 23rd via Season Of Mist.

Says guitarist Simon Hawemann of the track:

“Our track ‘Death‘ marks the inevitable end of ‘Cacophony of Terror‘ – it is the final stage of a battle that was never meant to be won. My inspiration for this song was all too real: I had to witness a person close to me decease over the course of several days. The riffs and sounds in ‘Death‘ reflect the heavy breathing, the tortured moans, and the spasms of a dying human being – sights and sounds that are burned into my memory forever.

This experience served as a morbidly twisted foundation to give death itself an appropriate soundtrack. Once it’s all over, ‘Death‘ seamlessly makes the transitions into ‘Swansong‘, which offers nothing else than just the relief of not having to fight any longer. One could not exist without the other, so we’re premiering both tracks merged into one today.

We are thrilled to have joined forces with Alan Dubin (KHANATE/GNAW), who lent his terrifying voice to ‘Death‘. His piercing screams serve as the perfect personification of the demon that lurks in the plagued mind of the album’s protagonist. Without further ado, embrace death!”

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Centuries Debut New Video “May Love Be With You Always”

Following the Southern Lord release of their second LP, The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding, a new video from CENTURIES has been premiered online. Set to the album track “May Love Be With You Always,” the video was filmed and edited by Derrick Flanagin, and uses footage from Germany, Italy, Austria, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan.

See CENTURIES’ “May Love Be With You Always” video below:

In the band’s words:

“The video is about human movement and the constant inertia we experience, frequently without taking time to properly reflect on it. Things we see, people we meet, places we go, stories we are told; events that are so fleeting they often don’t become catalogued in our memory and will forever exist only in that moment.”

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Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Slams Metal Blade Records Founder Brian Slagel Over His Book

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine has fired a shot at Metal Blade Records founder Brian Slagel over Twitter. Slagel was promoting his book, “For The Sake Of Heaviness: The History Of Metal Blade Record”‘, via Twitter, to which Mustaine fired off a heated response.

Mustaine appears to disclaim Slagel’s version in the book of a past offer Brian Slagel made while trying to sign Megadeth in 1984. Mustaine tweeted:

The section in the book that Mustaine seems to be referring to reads as follows:

“The only band that I didn’t get that I wished I had was Megadeth. It was between us and a brand new label called Combat, which was part of the Important distrbution firm that we’d started working out with.

Late in 1984 they’d decided that the whole metal thing was starting to happen and they wanted to get on it by creating their own label.

The first band that came onto their radar (and ours at the same time) was Megadeth. In the end, it came down to just a thousand dollars. We had offered them seven thousand dollars, but Combat offered eight, so they went with Combat.

With hindsight, especially given what Megadeth became, I’ve often thought, “Well, maybe I could have gotten a little more money together.” But really, at that time, seven thousand dollars was absolutely the most we had ever offered anybody.

Most of the stuff we were doing involved spending $1,600 to maybe $3,500, at the high end, to make a full record.

Seven grand was a lot of money. I remember Dave Mustaine writing me a really long, heartfelt letter saying how he really wanted to be on Metal Blade, but it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Brian Slagel has since responded to Mustaine, tweeting:

I’m so sorry if I got this wrong or offended you. I do remember talking to your camp at the time. If my memory is wrong again not intended

— Brian Slagel (@brianslagel) October 24, 2017

Mustaine has since tweeted back to Brian Slagel’s apology, offering:

I totally forgive you, but you didn’t talk to us. Please take that out of your book at your next printing and good luck with your project ??

— Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) October 24, 2017

When it was suggested that Mustaine, who had well documented substance abuse problems around the time, might be hazy on things, Mustaine replied:

Nope. @ellefsondavid confirmed it. Brian apologized, I forgave him, and we worked this out like grown-ups. Is that ok with you? ??

— Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) October 24, 2017

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Debut Album “Blood, Guts And Games” Sees Eisley/Goldy Back Together

Frontiers Music Srl is proud to announce a new project, Eisley/Goldy, which will release the debut album “Blood, Guts and Games” on December 1, 2017. The first track from the upcoming release, “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” is out today! The official music video can be viewed in the player below. Pre-order the release now at this location.

Singer David Glen Eisley and guitarist Craig Goldy (Resurrection Kings, ex-Dio), both formerly of Giuffria, have joined forces again in Eisley/Goldy, a partnership which sees the two artists bring back the signature sound that launched their respective careers in the early ‘80s.

As David Glen Eisley stated around October 2014, after several years on hiatus after his 2001 solo effort, “My dear friend of many years, guitar virtuoso Craig Goldy made a surprise visit up to my house, knocked on the door and simply stated ‘Enough of this my friend…time for you to get up off your ass and come back to work!’ He was so adamant, I relented and agreed to join him on a small stage in the San Diego area. It all seemed to go well and the next thing I knew a year later, we were in Nottingham, England playing together again in front of a crowd. We had been discussing writing some material for a potential album during this past year. But where to take it, assuming we were to actually do one? That left a big question, but a simple answer. The BEST Rock & Roll label left on the planet that understood who we were and who we are today. That was Frontiers and our friends Serafino & Mario!! A deal was struck and we both are happy to say “Eisley/Goldy” will be bringing you a new record in 2017. Funny how things happen in this crazy world of Rock & Roll!”

Of the first single to be released from the album, Goldy says “the song, ‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’ is a song that I know is very close to Dave’s own heart…..because of a very special loved one, who is still in search mode for that “one and only”, yet still gets kicked around during that quest! For me….this song can indeed be about anyone who is searching for a special someone….or it can also be about the internal search we all feel at times while trying to uncover what special purpose or calling in life we are on this planet for….and that search, though originally generated from the heart, can often become as treacherous as a hunter in the wild!!!”

Eisley/Goldy are joined on the release by drummer Ron Wikso, whose resume includes The Storm, Foreigner, Cher, David Lee Roth, and more. Original Giuffria bassist Chuck Wright also plays on a few tracks on the album and original Giuffria drummer Alan Krigger is featured in “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” music video!

The track listing for “Blood, Guts and Games” is:

1. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
2. I Don’t Belong Here Anymore
3. Lies I Can Live With
4. No More Prayers In The Night
5. Love Of The Game
6. Wings Of A Hurricane
7. Life, “If Only A Memory”
8. Soul Of Madness
9. Track Thirteen
10. Believe In One Another

Check out “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” here:

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Bell Witch Announces Single-Song Album “Mirror Reaper”

Seattle doom metal duo Bell Witch will release third full-length album “Mirror Reaper” worldwide on October 20th via Profound Lore Records. With “Mirror Reaper,” Bell Witch has created an enormous work – one continuous, eighty-three-minute piece unfolding as a single track.

Engineered and mixed by veteran producer Billy Anderson (Swans, Sleep, Neurosis), the duo of Dylan Desmond (bass, vocals) and Jesse Shreibman (drums, vocals, organ) have pushed the band’s sound further beyond 2015 LP, “Four Phantoms.” The artwork for Mirror Reaper was painted by Mariusz Lewandowski.

Bell Witch comments: “The title ‘Mirror Reaper’ is indicative of the Hermetic axiom ‘As Above, So Below,’ written with two sides to form one whole. The song is both its own and its reflection, as an opposite is whole only with its contrary. Our focus as a band has always been the perception of ghosts and the implied archetype of the dichotomy of life/death therein. ‘Mirror Reaper’ is a continuation of that concept.

“During the writing process we were devastated by the loss of our dear friend and former drummer, Adrian Guerra. In love and respect to his memory, we reserved an important yet brief section in the song for him that features unused vocal tracks from our last album. This specific movement serves as a conceptual turn in the piece, or point of reflection. We believe he would be proud of it as well. ‘Mirror Reaper’ was the first collaborative writing project with the new lineup, and Adrian’s death during it brought extra emotional weight. We sought to match the complexity and weight of these events within the composition of the piece.”

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Crafteon Streaming New Track “Dagon”

Denver, CO’s Crafteon is the conception of vocalist and guitarist Lord Mordiggian, whom has been inspired to create an entire album influenced by his favorite author H.P. Lovecraft.

Set to unleash debut “Cosmic Reawakening” on August 25th, the eight tracks on this release are based on classic Lovecraft tales such as “The Outsider,” “Dagon,” and “From Beyond.” First single “What The Moon Brings” was unleashed earlier this month and now these dark lords have unleashed next track “Dagon” below.

Lord Mordiggian explains: “This track is based on Lovecraft’s tale of the same name, in which a deranged veteran submarine crewman is driven to a morphine overdose, throwing himself from his apartment window when he cannot obliterate from his memory a horrifying encounter with an ancient, cyclopean creature. This track reflects the human incapacity for surviving the black gnosis–the maddening knowledge of that which should not be known. ‘Dagon’ showcases Crafteon’s style through its aggressive riffing, atmospheric passages, and manic vocals.”

1. The Outsider (5:21)
2. What The Moon Brings (4:14)
3. The Temple (5:09)
4. Dagon (5:10)
5. The Colour Out of Space (6:06)
6. The White Ship (5:25)
7. From Beyond (5:52)
8. The Whisperer In The Darkness (6:08)

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New Song “I Wanna Swing Like Peter Parker” Available For Streaming From Hell In The Club

Italian hard rock act Hell In The Club – featuring Elvenking vocalist Davide Moras – is streaming the new song “I Wanna Swing Like Peter Parker.” The song is the second released from the upcoming new album “See You On The Dark Side,” which will be released on September 15th via Frontiers Music srl.

“See You On The Dark Side” was once again recorded at Domination Studios under the watchful eye of Italian super producer Simone Mularoni (DGM). The track list is:

1. We Are On Fire (see music video)
2. The Phantom Punch
3. Little Toy Soldier
4. I Wanna Swing Like Peter Parker
5. Houston We’ve Got No Money
6. A Melody, A Memory
7. Showtime
8. The Misfit
9. Withered in Venice
10. Bite of the Tongue
11. A Crowded Room

Check out “I Wanna Swing Like Peter Parker” here:

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New Single, Video Clip “We Are On Fire” Available From Hell In The Club

Italian hard rock act Hell In The Club – featuring Elvenking vocalist Davide Moras – released a video clip for the new single “We Are In Fire.” Check it out in the player below. The song will be featured on the upcoming release “See You On The Dark Side,” which will drop on September 15th via Frontiers Music srl.

Of the new album Moras commented: “The album sounds great, our best production with our most ambitious arrangements to date, but still with a rough and kickin’ edge which has been our trademark since the beginning. As usual we’ve been melting all our inspirations and what we like in music and made a unique blend – pure 100% Hell in the Club – in these 11 tracks that contain a lot of different shades, melodies, power, heavy riffs, big choirs, sweet tunes and also a full swing/jazz orchestra this time!”

Bassist Andy Buratto had this to say about the video for “We Are On Fire”: “The videoclip of ‘We Are On Fire’ is dirty, sweaty and powerful. It represents the actual status of Hell in the Club! Flames, Energy and Rock’n’roll. Yes indeed…we are on fire!”

The album was once again recorded at Domination Studios under the watchful eye of Italian super producer Simone Mularoni (DGM). The track list is:

1. We Are On Fire
2. The Phantom Punch
3. Little Toy Soldier
4. I Wanna Swing Like Peter Parker
5. Houston We’ve Got No Money
6. A Melody, A Memory
7. Showtime
8. The Misfit
9. Withered in Venice
10. Bite of the Tongue
11. A Crowded Room

Check out “We Are On Fire” here:

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Final Void Posts “Thoreau” Music Video

Final Void, a band that hails from Tampere, Finland and combines melodic rock with metal, is now releasing debut album “Sounds Of Absence” via Inverse Records. Get a taste of the album with the “Thoreau” video clip below.

The track features Albert Hyrönen, a solo artist and a finalist of a national guitarist competition “Kitarasankari” (Guitar Hero). Albert comments:

“Final Void asked me if I wanted to play a solo on their upcoming album. I listened the song and immediately decided I wanted to be a part of this project! The song kicks ass and the overall feeling of the debut album is just amazing and so versatile!”

01. One Certain Son
02. Dianthus
03. Thoreau
04. For You
05. Desperation Rises
06. Journey
07. Her Song
08. Bad Memory
09. The Day You Sold Your Heart

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Fallen Arise’s Fiona Creaby To Guest On Blood Red Soul Album

Athens symphonic metal outfit Fallen Arise is very proud to announce that singer Fiona Creaby will be guesting on the Blood Red Soul debut album “Symphony Of A Memory.”

Fiona stated: “I am very exited to be collaborating with Blood Red Soul as a special guest vocalist on the new project album – ‘Symphony of a Memory’ – due to be released later in 2017.

“It is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Blood Red Soul founder and composer Rainbow Walker (aka Achim Schriener), who is also the composer and multi-instrumentalist of Woodlark.”

You can watch Fallen Arise’s Fiona Creaby making her debut on Greek soil with the tracks “Never Forget Me” and “My Last Breath” filmed live below.

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