Outer Heaven Streaming New Song “Vile Rebirth”

Outer Heaven – an old school death metal band hailing from Douglassville, Pennsylvania – is streaming its new track “Vile Rebirth” off their EP “Diabolus Vobiscum”, due February 10 via Melotov Records. Recommended for fans of Entombed, Incantation and Miasma (Austria).

You can now stream “Vile Rebirth” below.

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ACxDC To Release New LP Via Melotov Records

Powerviolence act Antichrist Demoncore has officially teamed up with Melotov Records for the release of its debut full-length LP. Also popularly known as ACxDC, the band enters LA’s The Pit Studio next week with producer Taylor Young (Xibalba, Twitching Tongues) to record the as-yet-untitled album. The following press release was issued about the band:

“With origins dating back to 2003, ACxDC returned to the scene in 2010 after a hiatus and has been systematically killing ever since. Although its Melotov Records debut is its first full-length, the band has a slew of EPs and splits under its belt, released via labels like Deep Six and To Live A Lie. Founder and frontman Sergio Amalfitano has described the band’s mission as a ‘war on any and all fundamentalism.’ A pillar of the LA scene, ACxDC has played in the LA area with every band that matters and has toured with the likes of Capitalist Casualties. Current members also do time in other bands, most notably drummer Jorge Luis Herrera who bashes for powerviolence veterans Despise You.

“Melotov Records is the LA-based label founded in 2008 by Melanie Voltz. Now distributed exclusively by Converge frontman Jake Bannon’s label, Deathwish Inc, Melotov is on a tear with recent releases by The Banner, Bone Dance, and Ghostlimb, and new upcoming 2014 releases by ACxDC, Tiger Flowers, and more.

“ACxDC’s debut LP is slated for a late spring 2014 release on Melotov. The band has a European summer tour in the works, including festivals such as Fluff Fest and Obscene Extreme.”

Melotov’s Melanie Voltz states: “Words cannot describe how excited I am to be working with ACxDC. Not only are they monumental in the Los Angeles punk/hardcore community, but their beliefs and methods of promoting them are something I strongly identify with – veganism, marriage equality, anti-authority, etc. Antichrist Demoncore are a staple band, not just for their genre, but for encouraging change and opening conversations on difficult subjects in a way that makes it accessible for people within the aggressive music community. They are also some of the most down-to-earth dudes I’ve met. Their work ethic and moral codes, coupled with their insane live performances and equally insane ‘audience participation’, had me hooked upon initial exposure. I can’t tell you how damn cool it is to now have the opportunity to be their home for this release.”

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Bone Dance Re-Releasing “Snakecharmers” EP

Melotov Records presents its release of Bone Dance’s 2010 EP, “Snakecharmers,” which is due out August 27th.

Originally self-released by the band and now long out of print, “Snakecharmers” finally gets its justice, thanks to Melotov. A limited run of 500 copies, Melotov’s reissue of the EP features new artwork, adorning a one-sided, color vinyl 12″ (200 “smoke haze,” 300 gold).

From Boise, Idaho, Bone Dance churns out what the band refers to as “utter, desert-driven nihilism” – suffocating heaviness in the order of Botch, Coalesce, and Engineer. Sludgy riffs spiral downward, drums strike and recoil, and vocalist Morgan Mechling spits pure disgust as if preemptively delivering mankind’s eulogy.

The “Snakecharmers” reissue comes after Melotov’s release of Bone Dance’s self-titled full-length in Fall 2012. The “Snakecharmers” track listing is as follows:

1. Dirge
2. Devil’s Arithmetic
3. Birds Singing (Wolves Licking Blood)

You can also catch Bone Dance live:

Aug 17 – Boise, ID @ Sammy’s
Aug 18 – Spokane, WA @ The Phat House
Aug 19 – Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge
Aug 20 – Tacoma, WA @ The New Frontier
Aug 21 – Bremerton, WA @ The Charleston
Aug 23 – Medford, OR @ Musichead
Aug 24 – Oakland, CA @ The Hive
Aug 26 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Down n’ Out
Aug 27 – San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe
Aug 28 – Pomona, CA @ Aladdin Jr’s
Aug 30 – Lancaster, CA @ Punk Is Dead Fest

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Old Wounds Gearing Up For New U.S. Tour Dates

With over 70 shows booked so far in 2013, New Jersey trio Old Wounds continues its reign of terror this summer with another U.S. tour, this one focusing heavily on the western half of the country.

The centerpiece of the tour is a coveted slot on The Power of the Riff Festival in Los Angeles, alongside The Obsessed, Final Conflict, From Ashes Rise, and more. Other dates see Old Wounds play with bands such as Every Time I Die, Terror, and KEN Mode.

The tour coincides with the release of Old Wounds’ new split seven-inch with upstate New York’s Trenchfoot, out August 13th on Melotov Records. The following press release was also issued:

“Two of the East Coast’s most ferocious young hardcore bands, Old Wounds and Trenchfoot are like-minded outfits breathing new life into the crushing metallic vibes of their older brothers’ generation. While Old Wounds nod to the exhilarating charge of crushers like Buried Alive and Turmoil, Trenchfoot play an even darker game, in line with the depressive anthems of Tragedy or Cursed. Both bands’ material for the Melotov split was recorded by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations (Pulling Teeth, Full of Hell). Melotov releases the split August 13th on vinyl and as a digital download.”

July 19 – Blacksburg, VA @ I Got Brains Fest
July 20 – Middlesex, NJ @ RTF Wrestling I
Aug 1 – Louisville, KY @ Haymarket Whiskey
Aug 2 – Conway, AR @ Greenwood Studios w/ Homewrecker
Aug 3 – Dallas, TX @ tba
Aug 4 – Austin, TX @ The Annex
Aug 5 – San Antonio, TX @ 1011
Aug 6 – Albuquerque, NM @ Gasworks w/ Every Time I Die, Terror, Territory
Aug 7 – Flagstaff, AZ @ The Hive w/ Territory
Aug 8 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Spot w/ Territory
Aug 9 – San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe w/ Territory
Aug 10 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echoplex – The Power of the Riff Festival
Aug 12 – Oakland, CA @ The Warehouse w/ Baptists
Aug 13 – Fresno, CA @ Chinatown Youth Center
Aug 14 – Reno, NV @ Fort Ryland
Aug 15 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Shred Shed
Aug 16 – Denver, CO @ The Office Space
Aug 17 – Des Moines, IA @ tba
Aug 18 – Milwaukee, WI @ tba
Aug 19 – Royal Oak, MI @ South Hall w/ Rosetta, KEN Mode
Aug 20 – Pittsburgh, PA @ tba

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Old Wounds Announces Split 7″ With Trenchfoot

For its next release, Southern California label Melotov Records sets it sights eastward for a split seven-inch featuring two ferocious young East Coast hardcore prospects: Old Wounds and Trenchfoot. The Old Wounds/Trenchfoot split is set for an August 13th vinyl and digital release on Melotov. The following press release was also issued:

“New Jersey trio Old Wounds, whose debut album, From Where We Came Is Where We’ll Rest, dropped in February to a storm of acclaim, have been touring all year, refining their live game alongside bands like Full of Hell. Taking their cues from metallic hardcore greats like Turmoil, Buried Alive, and Indecision, Old Wounds inject new life into the crushing, exhilarating vibe once wielded by that older generation of bands. Pitchfork.com described Old Wounds’ debut as ‘lashing ahead at a furious hardcore clip… [it] pairs the maudlin pages of high school diaries with a grown-ass band’s concision and power.’ With a schedule of over 70 shows so far in 2013, the workhorses show no signs of slowing down. They are confirmed to play the heralded The Power of the Riff Festival in Los Angeles in August as part of a full US summer tour and they plan to hit Europe this fall with none other than Trenchfoot.

“Old Wounds’ side of the Melotov split was recorded by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations (Pulling Teeth, Full of Hell) and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound (Capitalist Casualties, Magrudergrind).

“From upstate New York’s Hudson Valley, Trenchfoot are another awesome young band carrying forth the metallic hardcore power of their older brothers’ era into a new realm. Their dark, heavy sound nods to the manic depression of Cursed and the epic crust of Tragedy, and they have cut their teeth in the past two years playing with every hardcore band that matters, from Agnostic Front to Converge.

“Trenchfoot’s side of the Melotov split was recorded by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East (Terror, Coliseum). Both of Trenchfoot’s two prior releases – a self-titled 7″ and theEndless Disgust 7″ – were recorded by Converge’s Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio.”

The track listing is as follows:

Old Wounds
1. An Ode to Love
2. The Sharpest Knife for the Blackest Heart

1. Hexing Hope
2. Come to Find
3. No Escape
4. Crimes of the Mind

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