A Lie Nation Announces “Begin Hate” EP Release

Finnish melodic extreme metal quintet A Lie Nation will release second EP, “Begin Hate,” this coming April 5th, 2017 via Inverse Records.

“Begin Hate” features rough, yet melodic, extreme metal with an original touch that fuses elements from black and death metal. The four song EP is a study of negative mindscapes from the human species and it spans from extreme aggression to apocalyptic and self-destructive atmospheres.

The “Begin Hate” EP was recorded during 2016 at Oulu, Finland and will feature the following track listing:

1. Rot of the Spirit
2. Shooting the Messenger
3. Into Black Divine
4. A Burn Afar

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FT-17 Streaming New Concept Album “Marcellin S’en Va-t-en Guerre”

FT-17 has a new album out now, which can be heard below or picked up at Bandcamp here, and the following press release was also issued:

“August 3rd, 1914 – Europe sets itself on fire. In France, hundreds of thousands conscripts are mobilized to fight against Germany. Among them, Marcellin Trouvé a young school teacher who is mobilized in the 57th infantry regiment during WWI.

“The hero of this tale decides to tell his story in his diary, and France’s FT-17 put it all to a blended mix of melodic extreme metal on their new album entitled ‘Marcellin s’en va-t-en guerre’ or ‘Marcellin goes to war’ in English.

“‘Marcellin s’en va-t-en guerre’ is forty-three minutes of intelligent, lethal hell fueled metal precision-tooled to tear your head off and painstakingly crafted so that every note sparks with frantic energy. One great concept album that takes one through a time that is rarely spoken of in metal.”

1. C’est la guerre 01:13
2. La fleur au fusil 05:32
3. Les moissons sanglantes 05:00
4. Le revers de la médaille 00:46
5. Contre-attaque sur la Marne 05:21
6. L’armée des taupes 04:57
7. La perm 00:52
8. L’enfer de Verdun 08:24
9. La charge 04:58
10. Les lettres 00:36
11. La dernière tranchée 05:19

Marcellin s’en va-t-en guerre by FT-17

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Cries Of Your Sins Posts Demo Songs Online

New melodic extreme metal outfit Cries Of Your Sins has a three song demo release online for streaming, which can be heard below. Download information is also available at the project’s Facebook profile and the track listing is:

1. Endless Fog
2. King Of No-One
3. Kingdom Of Icefields

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Illnath Disbands Due To Departure Of Remaining Founder

Danish symphonic extreme metal act Illnath has decided to call it quits. In a statement by Pete Falk (guitars/keyboards), a gradual change in musical tastes has forced a need for a change. The remaining members in the band have decided not to continue without his participation. Just this past May, the band introduced new vocalist Marika Hyldmar to the fold. The most recent release was “4 Shades of Me,” issued in March of this year via Pitch Black Records.

The statement reads as follows:

“We have a very unfortunate announcement to make.

“Statement from Pete: I have experienced many things since 1997 when Illnath played our first tunes. As the only founding member since then I have always had a strong belief in the band. Nothing has been able to overshadow the will and energy to work forward and fight for things. I am 37 years old now and I have gained a more nuanced view of things. In the recent years, my personal musical preferences moved in a somewhat different direction than melodic extreme metal, and I feel that now is the time for a change. I regret nothing in my time with Illnath and I have had many great experiences with the band, but my heart does not live and breathe for this band anymore.

“Given that neither Dennis, Kenneth or Marika feel that it is the right thing to continue Illnath without my participation, we have decided to call it a day. Instead of focusing on the sad aspect of Illnath stopping, I encourage our fans to focus on the good things Illnath, after all, has brought to the world through the nearly 20 years as an active band.

“I will still be working on my solo project Leadfreak and Marika will be working in her black metal band Machiavellian. We all hope to see you guys around through other musical aspects, and last but not least we would like to thank you all for the years of support and dedication towards the band, you have been our rock through it all. We sincerely thank you.

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Haemic Posts "Fields Of Sanguine" Preview Trailer

The melodic extreme metal band Haemic has released 11 minutes worth of preview material for the upcoming album “Fields of Sanguine.”

The previews are instrumental, featuring the guitar and bass performance of Taiwan based, 16 year old musician Ray Heberer and the compositions and synths made by Hungarian Adam Farkas. The video is available below, and the band is aiming for a February release date for “Fields of Sanguine.”

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