New Single “Eremittens Dal” Streaming From Mork

Norweigian black metal act Mork is streaming the new single “Eremittens Dal.” The song is the title track of the band’s latest effort, which dropped as a digital release back on September 29th via Peaceville Records. The physical product was issued back on October 13th.

The song features a guest appearance from Dimmu Borgir frontman Silenoz. Check out the song in the player at the bottom.

Mork was created by Thomas Eriksen in 2004 and was primarily a side-project for Eriksen from inception until the debut album release in 2013. Since then, the band has rightly earned its accolade as one of the top Norwegian black metal acts of recent years, receiving strong endorsements from peers.

“Eremittens Dal” stands as a tribute to the spirit of old-school Norwegian black metal. The album is primarily inspired by the works of Darkthrone and Burzum, complete with raw production and ice-cold riffs, but with its own dynamic and atmospheric twist; stepping effortlessly between the ferocious and the melancholy, covering themes of hate, death, seclusion and misanthropy, both lyrically and in the way that a one-man-band makes music in solitude, perfectly fitting of the title, translated as “Valley of the hermit.”

The suitably grim pencil cover art (shown in the background of the player below) comes courtesy of Jannicke Wiese-Hansen, who famously made artwork for early Burzum and Satyricon releases.

The track listing is:

1. Hedningens spisse brodder
2. Holdere av fortet
3. Forsteinet i hat
4. Eremittens Dal
5. I hornenes bilde
6. Likfølget
7. Et rike i nord
8. I enden av tauet
9. Mørkets alter
10. Gravøl

Check out “Eremittens Dal” here:

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Blood Moon Hysteria Reveals “Deception” Album Cover

Blood Moon Hysteria – featuring Runar Beyond from Norwegian group Beyond The Morninglight –
is currently in the mixing process for new album “Deception,” which will see release via WormHoleDeath Records. Today the front cover has been revealed, and the track listing will be as follows:

1. Deep Dark Melancholy
2. My Sacrifice
3. Cursed Through Life
4. Deception Part 1
5. Burning My Eyes
6. Towards The Abyss
7. Deception Part 2
8. Sunset
9. Yearning A Pale Shadow

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Enisum Releasing New Album “Seasons Of Desolation”

Avantgarde Music just announced April 27th as the international release date for Enisum’s “Seasons of Desolation,” the spectacular and intense follow-up to “Arpitanian Lands” from 2015.

Having spent most of the last two years playing live in Europe, the Italians’ popularity has scaled up incredibly. Enisum shared stages with Nocturnal Depression, Psychonaut 4, Primordial, Blaze of Sorrow, and many, many others.

Check out a first sample off the album with the track “Snow Storm” below. The full “Seasons Of Desolation” track listing is as follows:

1. Autumn Of Melancholy
2. Road To My Home
3. Seasons…
4. …Of Desolation
5. Snow Storm
6. Balance Of Insanity
7. Nameless Sadness
8. Obscure Depths
9. Dead Star
10. Lake Of Tears

Seasons of Desolation by Enisum

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Lyric Video For New Song “The Groundfeeder” Issued By Tethra

Italian death/doom metal act Tethra is streaming the first taste of the upcoming sophomore full length release “Like Crows for the Earth,” which is expected in February from Sliptrick Records. Check out the new song “The Groundfeeder” streaming below.

Tethra forges death metal and melodic early 90’s gothic metal tinged vocals. Death-oriented guitar riffs, melodic hooks, subtle bass lines mix with charismatic vocals courtesy of the versatile frontman Clode, who switches from deep growling to pristine-clean vocals with ease.

The album was recorded and mixed by Matt Stancioiu (Labyrinth) at Elnor Studios and mastered by Greg Chandles (Esoteric) at Priory Studios.

The track listing is:

1. Resilience (Intro)
2. Transcending Thanatos
3. Prelude to Sadness (Instrumental)
4. Springtime Melancholy
5. Deserted
6. Subterranean (Interlude)
7. The Groundfeeder
8. Entropy (Instrumental)
9. Synchronicity of Life and Decay
10. Earthless
11. Like Crows for the Earth

Check out “The Groundfeeder” here:

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Sliptrick Records Signs Obscura Amentia

Italian black metal studio-band Obscura Amentia on with Sliptrick Records for the release of the third album “The Art of the Human Decadence,” which will be issed in 2017. Details on the album are expected shortly.

Obscura Amentia formed in Southern Italy with the initial intention to write a unique brand of black metal songs. The idea was to delve into the raw and atmospheric taking inspiration from Italian legends, horror images, ancient tales and create a musical style that would lean towards the melancholy and melodic. The lyrics are influenced deeply by literature and reflect the band’s thoughts and feelings upon things such as the rediscovery of nature from the point of view of perfect harmony and confrontation with humanity.

The band previously released “The Darkest Dream” in 2010 and “Ritual” in 2012.

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Marianas Rest Posts Full “Horror Vacui” Album Online

The dark shores of the Baltic Sea are home to a gloomy melancholy where many sad stories have come to an inevitable end.

Still, in rare occasions new life emerges from the sea. Finnish coastal town of Kotka is the birth place of Marianas Rest, a band whose gloomy and doomy death metal has been forged by the crushing pressure of the deep.

The band’s new album “Horror Vacui” is out now and can be heard below or by heading over to Spotify here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. The Millennialist
2. Nadir
3. For the Heartless
4. Hurts Like Hell
5. A Lonely Place to Die
6. Chokehold
7. Place of Nothing
8. Vestigial

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Ordog Premieres Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New Album “The Grand Wall”

Finnish doom/death band Ordog premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band’s upcoming new album “The Grand Wall”, which will be co-released by Solitude Productions, Moscow Funeral League, and Frozen Light on November 21.

Check out now “The Grand Wall” in its entirety below.

Comment the members of the band:

Vocalist Aleksi Martikainen: “The lyrics in this album vary more than in any of our albums before. The lyrics move more between philosophical aspects, introspection, and how we reflect to sudden loss in life. Of course the more traditional lyrical themes are there, like sorrow and pessimism — in a methaphorical way. But the listener can find and interpret their own meanings from the lyrics we created.”

Keyboardist Jussi Harju: “The creation process was very different now that we had finally formed from a trio to a full band; this affected greatly upon the general mood and gave a new kind of depth to the songs. Personally I am very pleased with the outcome and think that we succeeded to create the best album as of yet.”

Guitarist/vocalist Valtteri Isometsä: “Soundwise this is a very powerful record and there’s some new musical elements blended in. I think this album is more aggressive compared to our previous ones, but there’s still the melancholy which goes hand in hand with the aggression. There’s a grand wall standing on your way.”

Bassist Olli-Pekka Rissanen: “I’m very satisfied with the upcoming album. I don’t want to take any pressure whether it will succeed or not. Anyhow, we have made a great record and I think that’s the most important thing that we all can underline.”

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Opium Warlords Streaming “In Melancholy Moonless Acheron”

Opium Warlords has premiered the new track “In Melancholy Moonless Acheron,” which is available below courtesy of

“In Melancholy Moonless Acheron” comes off the upcoming “Taste My Sword of Understanding” (almost certainly a bizarre penis reference based on the band’s previous album titles) set for international release May 30th via Svart Records. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. The Sadness Of Vultures
2. The Land Beyond The Pole
3. The Self-Made Man (streaming here)
4. The God In Ruins
5. The Solar Burial
6. Mount Meru
7. This Place Has Been Passed
8. Manisolas From Misandria
9. In Melancholy Moonless Acheron

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Pain Is A Narcotic Announces New Guitarist A. Mutilator, Working On New Album

South Australian black metal band Pain Is A Narcotic has issued the following announcement about a lineup change and working on a new album:

“As of our next gig, Mike S. will be leaving us on lead guitar and will be replaced with a new face to Pain Is A Narcotic who goes by the name ‘A. Mutilator,’ and his recruitment will be official following our next live show.

“Mike will be leaving due to personal reasons, however there is a possibility he might become active as a session musician in the future for either live shows or recordings.

“As for Melancholy Winter, we have faced a number of difficulties in progressing with this album and we are only just finally beginning to pick up the pieces and move forward with it. We will be hitting the studio over the next few months to record Melancholy Winter.”

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Nate Hall Posts New Song "The Earth In One Cell" Online

Today Cvlt Nation is hosting an exclusive track premiere of “The Earth In One Cell” from U.S. Christmas mastermind Nate Hall. Following several LPs released under the Neurot Recordings banner, this May the founding USX vocalist/guitarist will release his first solo full-length entitled “A Great River.”

Comments Hall on the track: “’The Earth In One Cell’ has been kicking around in my brain for years before I got it right and ready to record. In a way, it was a catalyst for the whole album, because once I got it done the rest followed quickly. I used a capo on the twelfth fret of my electric guitar to get the chimey string sound. It was a natural song to start the record.”

Check out “The Earth In One Cell,” the opening track to the record, at this location.

Set for European release on May 7th and in North America on May 8th, “A Great River,” which rock/doom portal The Obelisk crowns a “…beautiful and lush work of a songwriter beginning what will hopefully be a long journey,” offers up a lush landscape of pastoral richness. Recorded in March 2011 by Travis Kammeyer at Fahrenheit Studio in Johnson City, Tennessee, the work draws from the musical history of America, the melancholy of Appalachia, and harnesses the “electric vacuum roar” of guitar slingers past and present.

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