Miracle Drug Releases “Grudge” Music Video

“How Much Is Enough,” the debut EP by Louisville’s Miracle Drug, is out now on War Records. Following its release, the band today issues a new video for the record’s “Grudge” track.

Comments Miracle Drug vocalist Bricks Avalon on the track, “I have always wanted the people who have wronged me to fully pay for the pain that they have caused me. I have always cringed at the thought of their lack of suffering. For years I would hold onto this grudge until it became an outdated obsession that was eating at my own personal progression and peace. I am to release, forgive, and move beyond daily.”

The “Grudge” video was directed and edited by Andrew Kline and Eric Thompson for PushOneStop. Kline, also of War Records and Strife, offers, “I wanted to create a narrative that would reflect the meaning of the song without being too obvious. The video starts with a young girl watching her past life on a TV screen. You can see that she was haunted and always running away from something in her past. The video ends with her standing up and changing that.”

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Conveyer Debuts Title Track From Upcoming New Album “No Future”

Conveyer debuts the title track from the band’s upcoming new album “No Future”, which will arrive in stores on June 23rd through Victory Records.

Check out now “No Future” below.

Comments vocalist Danny Adams :

“‘No Future‘ is the title track for the record because we felt it had to be as straight-forward as the meaning behind it. Human beings are meant to exist in a perfect place, but we’ve somehow deprived ourselves of the desire to venerate perfect things. I’m constantly reminded that I’m unequipped to accept that my existence is limited to this life. It’s also not a typical sounding Conveyer song – we wanted to bleed out some older influences like Buried Alive and Figure Four.”

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Quadrus Releasing New Album “Entropia”

Greek symphonic progressive metal band Quadrus was formed by panist/guitarist and composer John Galanakis in the summer of 2014. Galanakis immediately began working on the compositions and orchestrations for what was to be the band’s debut album, “Entropia” and he was lucky enough to quickly find other like-minded and accomplished musicians as partners.

“Entropia” is a concept album dealing with mankind’s history as well as the endless cycle of the interdependence between humanity and the universe. The answers to such burning questions as “how did it all begin,” “what brought about our downfall,” “what is the meaning of life,” as well as others are all well hidden inside the album allowing the listener to judge as well as interpret a deeper meaning.

The album features two notable guest appearances: guitarist George Constantine Kratsas (Manhattan Project) and vocalist Iliana Tsakiraki (Enemy Of Reality) and it is set for release on April 14th on CD and digital formats.

1. Astral Nova
2. Shadow Provision
3. The Alpha Origin
4. Sense Of Matter
5. Alternative Hypothesis
6. Deceptive Projection
7. Attribution Theory
8. Aggression
9. Entropia

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The Anchor Releases “The Hardest Part” Music Video

Metalcore outfit The Anchor has a new music video titled “The Hardest Part” online, taken off full-length release “A World Ahead.” Vocalist Linzey Rae, most notably known for her Metal Kitchen parody videos, discussed the meaning behind the song:

“I lost my mom to drug addiction. One of the most difficult lessons in life is realizing that you can’t always change or save someone. The hardest part is letting go and saying goodbye.

“This song is a testament to forgiving through pain, remembering the best in people, and letting go of resentment. We can only be free when we find forgiveness for those who have hurt us most.”

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Korpiklaani Releases Digital Single “A Man With A Plan”

After a successful year on the road and many rock ‘n’ roll festivities, Finnish folk metal superstars Korpiklaani now release digital single “A Man With A Plan.”

The catchy track is the best soundtrack for party nights and guitarist Cane explains the meaning of the title: “This song is about our life on the road, the fun side for what we are known for. The lyrics are again also about Matson’s planning ahead for his ‘good’ nights.”

In April, Korpiklaani released an official video for “A Man With A Plan,” offering a charming parody of the group’s life on the road and revealiong the tale of drummer Matson’s ability to sleep while standing up after drinking all night.

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Sonata Arctica Posts Second Track-By-Track Video

Finnish melodic metal group Sonata Arctica will drop a new studio album titled “The Ninth Hour” on October 7th through Nuclear Blast (check out our review here).

Today, the band releases the second part of a track-by-track video series, in which the entire group explains the meaning behind the songs on the record. Watch the clip covering tracks 5 – 8 below.

Did you miss part 1 in the track-by-track series? It’s still online at this location.

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Devilment Posts “Under The Thunder” Lyric Vid

Devilment will release new album “Devilment II: The Mephisto Waltzes” on November 18th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Today, the band reveals a first track from the album, entitled “Under The Thunder.”

Frontman Dani Filth recounts the meaning of the song: “A forced hand. A warning. A call to arms. Retribution undertaken by a wronged nation double-crossed on the land of their noble forbears. The song is a powerful metaphor for justified retaliation, on a common enemy and the onset of the storm.”

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Outrun The Sunlight Releases “The Pace Of Glaciers” Video

Outrun The Sunlight just released a new music video for “The Pace Of Glaciers,” which can be seen below.

The band’s upcoming album “Terrapin” can be pre-ordered through IndieGoGo here. “Terrapin” is due out December 16th, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Laughing With Such Abandon
2. Where Every Word Spoken, Speaks
3. And Every Glance Given Has Only One Meaning
4. Spirit
5. Stars in the Ocean
6. The Pace of Glaciers
7. Diminishment
8. Permanence
9. Achievement

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Dimension Releases “The Source” Music Video

Today Dimension and Nightmare Records release a new video for “The Source,” taken from new double CD release “Revolution.” Check it out below.

Dimension’s David Quicho offered the fragmented quote below from the book “Propaganda” by auther Edward L. Bernays as an insight into the meaning behind the lyrics intent:

“Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

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Ides Of Gemini Streaming New Song “May 22, 1453”

Following the release of the “Old World New Wave” full-length earlier this week via Neurot Recordings, the West Coast sound weavers Ides Of Gemini are pleased to unleash “May 22, 1453.”

Check out the track below, courtesy of Pitchfork.com. Elaborates singer/bassist Sera Timms of the hymn:

“We’ve had a history as a band of gifts and opportunities being given to us in alignment with the lunar phases, so it seemed fitting to give something back. This song and really the whole album is that something. The song was inspired by the prophetic May 22nd lunar eclipse preceding the fall of Constantinople. If you can imagine that empire as your mind and the black moon as your mother, then you will know the meaning of the Old World New Wave.”

The previously released track “Fememorde” can also still be heard over at this location.

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