Massive Assault Offering "Dystopian Prophecies" Album As Free Download

In celebration of the band’s 10th anniversary, Dutch outfit Massive Assault is offering the “Dystopian Prophecies” album as a free download to the fans. You can download the tracks via SoundCloud or over at Bandcamp here. The album can also be streamed in the player below, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Dystopian Prophecies – Dystopian Prophecies 05:33
2. Forever War 03:43
3. Come With Me 03:22
4. O.S.D.M. 03:00
5. The Rival Believer 03:11
6. Swallow My Venom 03:25
7. Man-kind!? 04:23
8. Weigh Up 04:03
9. World Destuction 04:01

Dystopian Prophecies by Massive Assault

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Massive Assault Cancels Upcoming Live Shows

Dutch act Massive Assault, which will splitting with the band’s drummer Gideon at the end of the year, has now issued the following brief announcement about canceling upcoming tour dates due to guitarist Fredde Kaddeth’s girlfriend being injured:

“Some very sad news – Massive Assault has cancelled every gig between now and the 10th of June. The reason is, as stated before, because Fredde’s girlfriend was involved in a terrible car crash. She has had surgery and is still in the hospital.”

Details on any rescheduled upcoming live appearances will be announced as the band reveals them. In the meantime, you can find more details on Massive Assault and listen to the band’s music at MySpace.

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Massive Assault Posts "Death Strike" Teaser Trailer

Massive Assault has posted a teaser trailer online featuring sample clips from all 10 songs off the band’s new “Death Strike” album. Check out the trailer below.

The “Death Strike” track listing is as follows:

1. Driven Towards Death
2. Cycle Of Violence
3. Operation? Anthropoid
4. Finished Sympathy
5. Turning Tides
6. Pride
7. Dismal Life
8. Aggressive Depression
9. Chained
10. Plead Not Guilty

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Massive Assault Announces New Album "Death Strike"

A new full-length album from Dutch metal squad Massive Assault is set to be released this spring via FDA Rekotz. The album is titled “Death Strike” and will have the following track listing:

01. Driven Towards Death
02. Cycle Of Violence
03. Operation Anthropoid
04. Finished Sympathy
05. Turning Tides
06. Pride
07. Dismal Life
08. Aggressive Depression
09. Chained
10. Plead Not Guilty

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Massive Assault Issues Recording Update, Posts Studio Photos

Dutch metallers Massive Assault have checked in with the following update about posting photos of the drum recording process for their upcoming new album:

“We are recording the 2nd full-length assault! You can find some pictures of the drum recordings on our Facebook! Check our Facebook page here.

“And while you’re there: click on ‘like’ as well! You know you want to. We’ll keep you updated!”

Massive Assault will also be performing at the upcoming 2012 Protzen Open Air in June, with full details on the appearance available here.

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Massive Assault Live "Plead Not Guilty" Footage Available Online

Footage has made its way online of Dutch metal act Massive Assault performing the song “Plead Not Guilty” live. You can check out the footage in the player below. “Plead Not Guilty” is taken off the band’s 2006 EP “Conflict.”

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Massive Assault Issues Tour Recap, Posts Grind The Nazi Scum Festival Footage

Massive Assault has posted footage online from the band’s performance at the Grind The Nazi Scum festival, which can be viewed below. The band also commented on its recent tour dates:

“Massive Assault is back from their short tour that began in Zaandam on the 17th and ended in Torgau on the 25th of June! We had heaps of fun! You can see a (HD-) clip from ‘Forever War’ live at the Grind The Nazi Scum Festival at our Facebook page here! And while you’re at it, just click ‘like’ aswell! You can also watch it on youtube below. Have fun! And last but not least: we still have t-shirts left! Contact us at! Cheers!”

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