Bloodshot Dawn Release New Lyric Video ‘Reanimation’

With the release of the third Bloodshot Dawn album Reanimation looming the band have unveiled a second single, and the title track from the album. “This is a song about new beginnings and a realisation that the earth could exist without human life and likely prosper! This song marks the end of the story, the aftermath of an inter dimensional war,” comments frontman Josh McMorran.

Watch The ‘Reanimation’ Lyric Video below:

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Morbus Chron Calling It Quits: “We Have Reached Our Final Crossroads”

After releasing the excellent “Sweven” album last year (reviewed here and also streaming below), Sweden’s Morbus Chron is unfortunately calling it quits. The band comments:

“To all our friends, fans and supporters over the years. Today marks the end of Morbus Chron. However difficult this decision was to make, the four of us are certain that it is the only right thing to do at this point. There are no hard feelings present at all.

“For every passing day it has become more and more obvious that this band is made up of very different people, with different goals and intentions. We have reached our final crossroad and we simply can’t choose the same path anymore.

“We had a fantastic run. The places we have been able to go, both musically and physically, are beyond what we ever hoped for. We are honored to have connected with so many people, and can do nothing but stand in awe when we recall the passion and dedication that you have shown us. These are memories and experiences we will take with us for the rest of our lives.

“Thank you for lending us your ears and sharing this journey with us. Thank you so much.”

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Dementia Posts “I Belong” Trailer

India’s Dementia just checked in with the this announcement about releasing a new teaser trailer:

“We wish all of you a very Happy New Year! 2015 marks the end of our hiatus and we’ve started making plans to make a full blown comeback to the scene (Gig/Festival organizers please do take note). As promised here is a teaser of our track ‘I Belong.'”

Dementia consists of:

Saurabh Roy Chowdhury – Vocals
Raghav Prabhakar – Keyboard
Reet Mukherjee – Drums & Vocals
Rangarajan Venkatraman – Bass & Vocals
Ramanan Venkatraman – Guitars & Vocals

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Terror Empire Recruits New Drummer João Dourado

Portuguese thrash outfit Terror Empire has recruited new drummer João Dourado. The band also issued the following year end recap:

“2013… It’s been a crazy year, one that marks the end of the touring behind ‘Face the Terror,’ the album that put us on the map.

“It’s also been the first time we ever had to do a permanent line-up change, on the drumkit. It’s not easy to see a friend go, but we were very fortunate when finding a replacement!

“Apart from performing regular shows all over the country – making a whole set of new friends – we went abroad for the first time, and we played in Moita Metal Fest, Areeiro Open Air, Hard Club, No Barriers Tour and Lousã’s São João… it was friggin’ amazing!

“2014 will be a crucial year for Terror Empire. We’re already writing new songs for the new album. Some are groovier and catchier, but we can promise you a new type of brutality thrash metal has been begging to experience for a long time, now – faster, harsher! We will also continue to point out how fucked up our world really is, it has to be done…

“Thank you all for the amazing support. If you have the time to give us a present, simply tell a friend about us. It would mean alot to us!”

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Our Judgment Calling It A Day

Our Judgment has posted the following message online about calling it a day after the departure of a band member:

“This is a status we never thought we’d have to post. Unfortunately after five years, today marks the end for Our Judgment.

“Steve has decided to leave the band. This is not a decision any of us expected, nor agree with. With this, the three of us have decided Our Judgment can no longer be Our Judgment. Steve has always been a major component to the band and its writing process, and being that he is the third original member to part ways with OJ, replicating what we once had seems impossible.

“With this being said, we give our most sincerest apologies to anyone who has supported this band, shared the stage with this band, and most importantly to anyone who believed in this band. We sincerely did as well.

“All four of us will continue to pursue music in some form at some time. Jake is extremely motivated to do so, and will continue to work and live in Eau Claire; Brett will possibly be moving back to his hometown for the time being; and Chris will be finishing his degree at UW-Stout. Whatever the current situation may be, we always will have the utmost passion for music.

“It’s not the end for any of us, simply the closing of another chapter. We love you guys. OJcrew for life.”

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Megadeth Parts Company With Roadrunner Records

In a brief message posted on the social networking website, Twitter, American thrash metal legends Megadeth announced that they have parted company with Roadrunner Records. The message reads as follows:

“Today marks the end of an era with Roadrunner. Hopefully we can finish strong with a Grammy.”

The band has been with Roadrunner since the release of the 2007 album, “United Abomination” and then went to release two more studio albums through the label, “Endgame” in 2009 and last year’s “Thirteen,” the latter of which has earned a Grammy nomination for the song, “Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)”

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Chimaira Recruits New Bassist Jeremy Creamer And Guitarist Matt Szlachta

Chimaira, which split with Rob Arnold and Matt DeVries, has now issued the following announcement about recruiting new members:

“We are proud to announce the addition of Matt Szlachta and Jeremy Creamer to Chimaira.

“The plan was to build an undeniable string section and we have done just that. Jeremy will be pounding on the bass, and Matt shredding alongside Emil on guitar.

“As a way to say hello to the Chimaira fans, Jeremy recently remixed a couple of tracks from The Age Of Hell.

Go here and download the FREE EP and listen to the Allinaline mixes. (We’d also like to thank Dubba Jonny for remixing Year Of The Snake!)

“CCXII marks the end of an era, but it’s also the start of a new chapter. We look forward to 2012. Thank you all for your overwhelming, and continuous support.”

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Isolation Streaming Title Track From Debut Album "Closing A Circle"

Today, CVLT Nation is offering up a stream of “Closing A Circle” from German blackened doom rockers Isolation. “Closing A Circle” is the title track from the band’s recently released debut full-length.

Commented guitarist/vocalist Johannes Schmid: “The song is certainly one of the strongest tracks on the album and that’s why we chose it as the title track. The song contains nearly all elements that define our music. Lyrically, the song is about those moments in life where mistakes seem to repeat themselves and you feel you cannot to do anything about it.”

To witness the gloom and check out the track, point your browser to this location.

Five years after Isolation released the band’s first demo, “Striding On The Path Of Nihil,” the act has finally released its debut album. Appropriately titled “Closing A Circle,” the record, which was mixed and mastered at Studio Die Tonmeisterei (Long Distance Calling, Tephra, Omega Massif, etc.), marks the end of an era for the band.

“Releasing our debut album was an important step to us and we wanted to make sure that we found our very own sound– so we took our time,” explains guitarist/vocalist Johannes Schmid.

According to a statement from the band’s publicist, “Musically, Isolation hs been constantly evolving from the angry, chaotic, depressive black metal of Striding On The Path Of Nihil and the doomish second demo, A Prayer For The World To End, towards calmer more atmospheric regions, reaching its peak with the mesmerizing extensive riffing on Bleak.

“Isolation in 2011 can generally be described as atmospheric, melancholic rock/metal with mostly clean singing tempered by occasional outbursts of harsh vocals. While hints of early black metal as exposed on their earlier offerings remain buried within their collective ambiance, it is indeed difficult to give Isolations style a definitive label.”

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