New Brazilian Tribute To Moonspell Available For Download

A new Brazilian tribute to Moonspell has been released and is now available for free download. Check out “Em Nome Do Medo – A Brazilian Tribute To Moonspell” at this location.

Organized by Heavy And Loud Press and The Burn Productions, the project reunites 18 Brazilian bands paying a tribute to the dark metal masters, Moonspell. Heavy And Loud had this to say:

“’Em nome do medo’ features 18 bands from 11 different Brazilian states, from almost all regions of the country: Northeast, Southeast, South and Midwest. Demonstrating Moosnpell’s importance and influence in the last generations of extreme metallers in Brazilian lands, ‘Em nome do medo’ brings groups of diverse dark and gloomy heavy metal subgenres, with representatives of black metal, death metal, dark metal, doom metal and gothic metal.

“Heavy and Loud Press and Burn Productions chose the title ‘Em nome do medo’ as a way to strengthen the bond between the two Portuguese-speaking countries. ‘Em nome do medo,’ from the album ‘Alpha Noir,’ is a Moonspell song entirely in Portuguese. Fear, our survival instincts.

“The cover, by designer and one of the project’s creators Alcides Burn, presents two species of wolf: Maned and Iberian. Moonspell always brought the werewolf somber theme, creating a lyrical connection to the wolves universe. Their fans from around the world identify themselves as part of a large pack. In Brazil, we have the Maned wolf. In Portugal, they have the Iberian wolf. The two wolves together represent this close relationship, this sense of unity across borders. The union promoted by the music of Moonspell.”

The track listing is:

01. Malkuth – Tenebrarum Oratorium
02. Capricornian – Opus Diabolicum
03. Patria – Wolfshade
04. Soturnus – Of Dream and Drama
05. Malefactor – Alma Mater
06. As Dramatic Homage – Full Moon Madness
07. Silent Cry – Opium
08. HellLight – Ruin & Misery
09. Ravenland – Magdalene
10. Veuliah – In and Above Men
11. Alex Voorhees – From Lowering Skies
12. Apocalyptichaos – Everything Invaded
13. Hate Embrace – The Southern Deathstyle
14. Inner Demons Rise – Finisterra
15. Kataphero – Once it Was Ours
16. Obskure – Night Eternal
17. Raiser – Lickanthrope
18. Burn In Pain – Em Nome do Medo

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