Video For New Song “As Future Evaporates” Posted By In Twilight’s Embrace

Polish death metal veterans In Twilight’s Embrace recently announced that the fourth studio effort from the band will be entitled “Vanitas.” The album drops on September 22nd via Arachnophobia Records. Today, the band premiered the stunning music video for the new track “As Future Evaporates.” You can check it out at this location, or even more conveniently in the player at the bottom.

“Vanitas” was recorded, mixed and mastered in 2017 by Marcin Rybicki at Vintage Records and Left Hand Sounds.

The video was shot “amidst the woods and lakes of the Western Pomerania region, where I come from,” explains vocalist, Cyprian Lakomy. The band traveled to a desolate island in that region, with no access to electric power and a very weak cell phone reception. Cyprian visits this place whenever he needs to detach himself from people and everyday realities. He confesses that “the solitude and total silence of this place enabled us to capture the mood of the song accurately.”

The video reflects the atmosphere of the entire new album. Cyprian explains: “The video conveys the leitmotif of our entire new album – that death accompanies our whole lives. We encounter it at different stages and its growing awareness should drive us to make the most out of the time we were given. Sadly, few have enough guts to aim at something more than barely surviving.”

The track list for “Vanitas” is:

1. The Hell of Mediocrity (song streaming here)
2. Fan the Flame
3. As Future Evaporates
4. Trembling
5. Flesh Falls, No Ghost Lifts
6. Futility
7. The Rift
8. The Great Leveller

Check out the video here:

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Valient Thorr Streaming New Song “No Strings Attached”

North Carolina’s Valient Thorr will release sixth studio album “Our Own Masters” on June 18th via Volcom Entertainment. The album was recorded at Ronnie Jone Sound Studios in Athens, GA and produced, engineered, and mixed by Kyle Spence of experimental rockers Harvey Milk.

Now, Pitchfork gives music fans a first-listen to the new LP, premiering the new song “No Strings Attached.” Check out the song right here.

“When we wrote the music for ‘No Strings Attached’ it sounded like nothing we had ever done before,” says Valient Thorr front man Valient himself. “The vibe reminded me so much of the feeling I would get when Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ would come on in the summertime and it was hot and all you wanted was to get off work and grab some beers and see what kind of party was happening. We always talk about positive vibrations, but a lot of our stories either come from or end up with dark tones, so I tried to write something that had a ‘we’re still here, let’s make the most of it’ vibe. It is definitely supposed to be a bright view of the future.”

The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Immaculate Consumption
2. Master Collider
3. Manipulation
4. No Strings Attached
5. Life Hands You Demons
6. Torn Apart
7. Cerberus
8. Good News Bad News
9. Insatiable
10. Crowd Pleaser
11. Nervous Energy
12. Call Off the Dogs

 photo vthorcov_zps369533cf.jpg

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Avatar Posts New Music Video For "Torn Apart"

Avatar, the band that brought you the gut wrenching side show video for “Black Waltz” has premiered another clip for the new single “Torn Apart” today via Check out the video here or in the player below.

Lead singer Johannes Eckerström commented: “If all violence was as in professional wrestling, I would get involved in way more fights. Hulk Hogan was one of my first heroes and made me want to spend my life doing insane things and be applauded for it. Backyard wrestling is not exactly a household expression here in Sweden, but on my street we went insane. I could pull off an awesome suplex by the age of nine.

“Standing on that tiny stage while our audience threw each other through tables was a rush and pretty much the best form of mosh pit I’ve ever experienced. They made it look awesome and the context we put it in made it truly epic. We’re not really supposed to afford making a music video this cool, but once again we’ve proven what’s possible when you realize your potential and make the most you possibly can of it. When life gives you lemonade, punch life in the face.”

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Demon Hunter Premieres New Music Video For "My Destiny"

Today Demon Hunter is pleased to be unveiling the official video for “My Destiny,” filmed by director Robby Starbuck, whose credits range from Otep and August Burns Red to Smashing Pumpkins and Snoop Dog. “My Destiny” is off the new album “True Defiance,” due out April 10th, 2012.

“The storyline follows five teenagers as they try to make the most of their dull suburb community – skateboarding, hanging with friends, stirring up trouble, discovering music together. This was how a lot of us in the band grew up,” explains frontman Ryan Clark. “For the performance footage, we wanted to do something that hinted at the ‘early days’ of being in a band – rehearsing in a tiny, grungy practice space, inspirational posters on the wall, fluorescent lights overhead, minimal space, and lots of sweat.”

“‘My Destiny’ is about growing up and finding music that ultimately changes you,” Clark adds. “It’s about that definitive moment that I knew music would become an immeasurable part of my life.”

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Lawnmower Deth Announces Christmas Show In London

Tongue in cheek thrash metal veterans Lawnmower Deth has announced a special headline show at The Garage in London, England, which will take place on December 15th. A message from the band reads as follows:

“Crikey it’s been a fair old while since I’ve been over to this dusty corner of the Internet and apologies to all who dwell on MySpace should be given for such neglect (Join us of Facebook… hint hint… it’s so much easier to post stuff over there!).

“Anyway, just to let you know that we are doing a headline slot at the Garage in London for X-mas 2012! That’s loads of time for you to save your pennies and get a ticket.

“So far the mighty Beholder have been confirmed as support but there will be others added soon, we hope to make this a strong line-up as we don’t get out often these days, the day pass at the clinic is a rare event so we want to make the most of it.

“Tickets are already on sale and can be obtained from the following locations: here
and here.

“Also don’t forget to come over and say hello if your off to Hammerfest next month… we are on after Anthrax and we will be the band who are fast asleep onstage ’cause it will be stupid o’clock in the morning by that time!

“Cheers for now”

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A Band Of Orcs Checks In With New Album Recording Update

A Band of Orcs has checked in with the following update about recording a new album and launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release:


Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes of the audio-sorcery taking place at Trident Studios, with the wizard himself, Juan Urteaga, as he tracks the brutal rhythms of Oog Skullbasher. There’s a small but meaty strip of a new song at the end of the video. Hail Gzoroth!

“Thanks for helping us make the most metal thing to hit your face in 2012. Please proselytize the wicked and tell your friends. We need to hit our pledge goal by December 3rd, so let’s reckon the number of Gzoroth, because the we know the time grows short.

“Hail Gzoroth!!!”

In other recent news, the orcs released a set of fantasy gaming miniatures (reviewed here), and also recorded a Type O Negative cover song for’s digital Peter Steele tribute album.

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Aliases Live Performance Footage Available Online

Manchester based act Aliases has released live video footage filmed at the band’s recent Euroblast Festival appearance. You can view the fan-filmed footage below.

Comments guitarist Pin: “After recently tearing it up at Euroblast in Germany, we are well and truly ready and in the mood for the Textures and The Ocean tour. Having known the Textures boys for several years now and talking about, but never managing to hook up a tour, the time has finally come and we are definitely going to make the most of it. If you’ve bought our EP ‘Safer Than Reality, then get out to support us at a show near you, we want a huge Aliases turnout and we’ll see you at the front, for plenty of partying!!”

Aliases also has the following upcoming U.K. tour dates with Textures and The Ocean:

25-11-2011 GARAGE, LONDON
29-11-2011 02 ACADEMY 2, NEWCASTLE
01-12-2011 02 ACADEMY 2 , BIRMINGHAM

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