Descend Into Despair Posts “Alone With My Thoughts”

Romania based funeral doom group Descend into Despair just released first single “Alone with My Thoughts” taken off upcoming studio album “Synaptic Veil.” Check out a lyric video for the track below.

“Synaptic Veil” will be released on the 5th of June and is now available for pre-order right here. The band’s second effort features 5 long tracks with a total duration of over 55 minutes of introspective haze:

1. Damnatio Memoriae
2. Alone With My Thoughts
3. Demise
4. Silence In Sable Acrotism
5. Tomorrow

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Coffeinne Posts “Fragile” Lyric Video

Spanish melodic metal band Coffeinne today presents a lyric video for new single “Fragile,” taken off the “Circle Of Time” album, due out June 15th via Fighter Records. The full track listing is as follows:

01. Fragile
02. Fallen Angel
03. Take This Life
04. Isolated
05. Life in a Showcase
06. Save Me
07. Broken
08. No Escape
09. The Hate Within
10. Circle of Time
11. Life in a Showcase (Orchestral) [Bonus]

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New Single “Raven Wing” Available From Iced Earth

Iced Earth released the second single from the upcoming new album “Incorruptible.” Check out the lyric video for “Raven Wing” in the player below. “Incorruptible” is due out June 16th via Century Media Records.

The track list for the album is

1. Great Heathen Army
2. Black Flag
3. Raven Wing
4. The Veil
5. Seven Headed Whore (song available here)
6. The Relic (Part 1)
7. Ghost Dance (Awaken The Ancestors)
8. Brothers
9. Defiance
10. Clear The Way (December 13th, 1862)

Check out “Raven Wing” here:

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Assault Debuts New Video For Title Track Of Upcoming Debut Full Length Album “The Fallen Reich”

Singapore’s death thrash metal outfit Assault will release its debut full length album “The Fallen Reich” on May 10th via Transcending Obscurity Asia. Today we bring you a lyric video for the album’s title track streaming below.

“The Fallen Reich” features artwork from world renowned artist, Mark Riddick.

The track listing for “The Fallen Reich” is:

1. Enslavement To Torture (ft. Freddy Lim of Chthonic)
2. Genocidal Conspiracy
3. Spawn of Rage
4. Ghettos (ft. Fufu of Nothnegal)
5. The Fallen Reich
6. The Final Solution

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Tsar Stangra Releasing New Album “Celestial Forger”

By way of Quebec comes a unique blend of Eastern European-inspired black metal and Bulgarian folk music. Driven by complex song writing, exotic rhythms, and multiple orchestrations, the music offered by Tsar Stangra is as diverse and refined as the culture in which it represents.

Debut album “Celestial Forger” is set to drop on May 26th, and today a lyric video for “The Dream of the Hero” comes online and can be seen below. The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Celestial Forger
2. The Hanging of Vasil Levski
3. The Dream of the Hero
4. At Farewell
5. Yes, the End is Near
6. he Volunteers of Shipka

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Distant Landscape Posts “The Desire” Lyric Video

Distant Landscape just released a lyric video for “The Desire,” taken from the “Insights” album due for release on May 23rd via Sliptrick Records. The clip was created by Adhiira Art and can be seen in the player below, with Sliptrick Records commenting:

“It’s a beautiful, melodic, sweeping track full of discordant guitar, layered vocals and simple harmony. The ever-moving images within the video represent distorted memories and the rushing of time. While outside everything changes, inside ‘the desire is still the same.'”

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Dante’s Theory Releases “Iron Coffin” Lyric Video

Dante’s Theory just released the “Amut” EP on April 15th via Transcending Obscurity. Today a lyric video for the EP track “Iron Coffin” has also come online and can be seen below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Qiamat Heretics
2. Iron Coffin
3. Insanity of the Saints
4. Dethroned the Purist
5. Amut

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Dawn Of Ashes Reveals New Album “Daemonolatry Gnosis”

Dawn of Ashes is set to release yet another diabolical musical milestone in the year 2017. Titled “Daemonolatry Gnosis,” the band’s third full-length album will be released June 9th through Metropolis Records.

Among the album’s 12 tracks will be featured a special cover of Mayhem’s “Freezing Moon,” as well as a guest vocal performance from Cradle of Filth’s Lindsay Schoolcraft.

Like Dawn of Ashes’ previous album “Theophany,” this new output was mixed and produced by Mick Kenney of Anaal Nathrakh. The album art was done by Machine Room, and a lyric video for new track “Guardians” can be seen below.

1. The Initiation
2. Gods Of The Antinomian Path
3. Smash Thy Enemies
4. Guardians
5. Core Of The Black Sun
6. The Ritual
7. Augoeides
8. Sermon From The Horned God
9. I Am Nephilim
10. Rulership Of The Inner World
11. Magick For The New Aeon
12. Freezing Moon (Mayhem Cover)

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Sykosis Releasing New Album “Drowning In Silence”

Ohio’s own Sykosis is set to release a third full-length album, and first with new vocalist Chris Grande, later this week. “Drowning In Silence” will see official release on Friday, April 7th digitally and Friday, April 21st on CD via Ferocious Records. Today you can also check out the first single “Sellout” via a lyric video below.

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Epic Death Posts “Incantation Of Epic Death” Video

Epic Death has done it again, taking the band’s video catalog to the next level with a lyric video featuring a 360 degree twist.

This track for the new video is “Incantation Of Epic Death,” taken from 2015 debut release “Witchcraft.”

This new clip was created by Thomas Degato of Grindhouse Media, with green screen footage by Justin Riddler – check it out below. If you haven’t heard it yet, the “Witchcraft” album is available online at this location.

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