Witherfall Premiere New Single & Video “Moment of Silence”

On November 2nd, 2018, US dark melodic metal outfit WITHERFALL will release “A Prelude to Sorrow”, the follow-up to 2017’s “Nocturnes and Requiems”. Now, the band is proud to reveal another glimpse at this new opus: Check out their new video for “Moment of Silence” below:

Explains the band:

“Like our first single off of “A Prelude to Sorrow”, ‘Ode to Despair’, ‘Moment of Silence’ continues on with our dark tale of the last days of WITHERFALL drummer Adam Sagan. This song deals with the anger we felt towards not being able to control what the eventual outcome could be. The chorus was the first thing that came during the writing of this song. Joseph had chorus melody and progression written and actually showed it to Adam during the last visit they shared. Though the dark irony was not lost on him he loved the idea. ‘Moment of Silence’ went through multiple demo iterations before the one that is found on “A Prelude to Sorrow” was officially arranged and finalized by Jake and Joseph in Florida during the recording of ‘The Long Walk Home (December)’ in November of 2017. In our recent poll you had asked for a track that is “violent with a big chorus” well, here it is.”

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Vamps Collaborates With Apocalyptica For New Single “Sin In Justice”

While touring together in the U.S. earlier this year, Vamps and Apocalyptica discussed the idea of doing more together. In addition to the six U.K. shows later this month, the musicians have joined forces for a fresh piece of music: the single “Sin in Justice.”

For Vamps, this is the first time the band has collaborated with classically trained players. “The creative process was pretty hectic,” reflects Hyde of Vamps. “I worked on the song during our South American tour, writing the lyrics and running through the vocal lines, and the Apocalyptica camp spent time with the music between their various other commitments. Actually, it all started pretty organically, out of a growing friendship; we listened to each other’s demos, exchanged ideas, and things just grew from there. I think what we’ve ended up with is very fresh and certainly new for us. If our respective schedules allow, I’d love to work with Apocalyptica again…”

“Yes, we had a great time being on the road together,” continues Apocalyptica’s Eicca Toppinen. “We loved the idea and the experience of working together in this way. We’re really proud of the song, and we hope fans of both bands will enjoy it.”

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Sunn O))) Reveals New Album Artwork

Preparations continue to be made for the release of Sunn O)))’s upcoming LP, “Kannon,” coming this December. The album will see its release via Southern Lord Recordings, and this week the album’s cover art has been issued. Pre-orders for “Kannon” are also online now over at this location.

Consisting of three self-titled pieces of a triadic whole, the roots to Sunn O)))’s new album trace deeply into the sessions of the 2009-released “Monoliths & Dimensions” LP and very recent collaborative recordings with Ulver (“Terrestrials,” 2014) and Scott Walker (“Soused,” 2015), culminated and fully realized this year.

Recorded and mixed with Sunn O)))’s close colleague and co-producer Randall Dunn at Studio Litho, Aleph and Avast!, “Kannon” is as always composed around the immense guitar and bass interplay of founders Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson, and includes performances by long term allies and collaborators Attila Csihar, Oren Ambarchi, Rex Ritter, Steve Moore and others.

Artist Angela Lafont Bolliger offers some insight on the creation of the sculpture for the album’s cover artwork: “I was working on a visual concept inspired by Gian Lorenzo Berninis ‘Ecstasy of Saint Teresa’ (a life-sized Italian baroque sculpture in white marble) and had shared a short description about this project. I took a great interest in the conceptual thought behind the album.

“SUNN O)))’s compositions are minimal but intensely sculptural in depth and detail. This was my inspiration and it was important to me to transcend that idea into the sculpture I would create for the album artwork. Stephen and I both loved the idea that this sculpture could be something really ancient, like a comet – yet also indefinable and timeless.

“I started with an intense research of Guanyin, the imagery, the history, and immersed myself completely into the subject. I then put together a very detailed presentation of ideas… we came to a unanimous decision and went for an idea of ‘the abstraction of the God of Mercy.’ It started by sculpting different black reflective materials, which I then combined with ancient rocks and crystals allowing the surface to be rich and to be viewed as something unseen – an undulating form representing Guanyin’s many hands and heads.

“Highlights were the creation of the sculpture, different materials with versatile textures and creating a tactile object, a sensuous, meditative process. During the photographic shoot of the sculpture, every glossy highlight and detail was amplified. Rotating the sculpture a completely different form would emerge through the lens. This is what fascinates me in art – creation can surprise and transform.”

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Deathpoint Posts Video Blog About Band Lineup Changes

Hamilton, ON’s metalcore act Deathpoint has announced upcoming Ontario and Quebec dates with support from new touring drummer Joey Muha of Threat Signal.

“The band is super stoked to have acquired the services of Joey Muha for our upcoming tour. We spoke to Threat Signal and asked Jon if he we could have Joey play with us for these shows and Jon loved the idea of Joey playing with us. These are going to be absolutely killer shows,” comments guitarist Tim Ross.

March 22 – Bay Music Hall – Hamilton, ON – (Monsters of Schlock Show)
April 3 – The Spill – Peterbrough, ON
April 4 – Bar Le Trash – St. Hyacinthe, QC
April 5 – Piranha Bar – Montreal, QC
April 6 – Bell Pub – Belleville, ON

Deathpoint is on tour in support of latest album “Sinister.” The band has also posted a new video blog addressing current line-up changes, which can be seen below.

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