Virulent Depravity Streams New Song “Desecrating Eden”

Newly formed technical death metal group Virulent Depravity continues to roll out mindboggling new singles off upcoming debut album, “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree,” due to see release on April 7th through The Artisan Era Records.

Today, the group streams a third new single called “Desecrating Eden.” If you’re in need of some sophisticated shredding, gorgeous keyboard solos like the one appearing here from Jimmy Pitts, or you just crave some intense blastbeats and chill, check out the song below.

1. Serpentine Messiah
2. Spineless Obedience
3. Your Demise
4. Desecrating Eden
5. Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
6. Bad Drug
7. Beyond the Point of No Return (streaming here)
8. Only Human
9. Mechanized Defilement (streaming here)
10. Crushed by Futuristic Filth

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Il Mapertugio Streaming Recent Album

Italian stoner rock band Il Mapertugio is streaming its nine-song full length album “Sunset Screaming” over on the band’s website. Il Mapertugio also has a couple of videos from the album on the website, like the one below for the song “Deranged” – which is one of the remastered songs included on the release. Il Mapertugio also has an EP to its credit, 2007’s “The Blues Demon’s Show.”

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