Cattle Decapitation Premiere “An Exposition Of Insides” – Detail New “Medium Rarities” Compilation

Cattle Decapitation will release a new rarities collection entitled “Medium Rarities” on November 23rd via Metal Blade Records. The compilation features six previously unreleased demos from their pre-“Human Jerky” days as well as bonus tracks and more from throughout the years.

Comments Travis Ryan of the set:

“‘Medium Rarities‘ is a project we started about 10 years ago, and we’re thrilled to see it finally happen! In 2008, I started compiling unreleased tracks, import bonus tracks and 7? releases for a rarities release – and even had the art created by the legendary Wes Benscoter, when we discovered that a key track was missing that we wanted to include on it.

Our album ‘To Serve Man‘ had a bonus track ready in case there was a Japanese version released, but that never happened – and the band members’ copies of the track got lost, seemingly forever! We felt a rarities compilation released without that bonus track would be a weird idea, and so the project got shelved until recently.

Heather Parsons of Metal Blade finally was able to unearth the track from an old disc that was tucked away in the Metal Blade vault! The lyrics to the song were unearthed along with it, and so we quickly got to work with compiling and mastering the rest. This is a nice, concise compilation of unreleased and hard-to-find tracks, complete with lyrics and cheeky vinyl color variant schemes, based on how people like their meat prepared.

The European vinyl variants also resemble diseased meats…But my favorite part is the cassette, which was created to look like the vintage cassette releases we grew up on – complete with the old school Metal Blade axe logo! A lot of thought and work went into this release, and we are pleased to finally be able to present to you…’Medium Rarities‘!”

01 – “Birth. Cancer. Death.”
02 – “No Future”
03 – “Chili Dispenser”
04 – “The Recapitation Of Cattle”
05 – “Thrombosis All-In”
06 – “Turn On The Masters”
07 – “Tripas De Pepe”
08 – “Vino De Lo Sanguifero”
09 – “Queso De Cabeza”
10 – “Birth. Cancer. Death.” (Demo)
11 – “Diarrhea De Dahmer” (Demo)
12 – “Human Jerky” (Demo)
13 – “Thrombosis All-In” (Demo)
14 – “Colon Blo” (Demo)
15 – “Flesh-Eating Disease” (Demo)
16 – “Burnt To A Crisp”
17 – “Sonny’s Burning”
18 – “Rotting Children For Remote Viewing”
19 – “You People”
20 – “World Full Of Idiots”
21 – “An Exposition Of Insides”
22 – “No Light And No Life”
23 – “Cannibalistic Invasivorism”

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Zao Premiere New Song “Hide From The Light”

A new Zao track “Hide From The Light” has premiered online streaming below. The song appears on a upcoming new split release with Yashira which will be released digitally on September 21st through Mind Over Matter with a 7” pressing to arrive at a later date.

Says Zao vocalist Dan Weyandt of the new song:

“‘Hide From The Light‘ is a reference to the light beaming out of our handheld electrical devices and that light’s ability to manipulate our thoughts and actions personally, as well as society as a whole, via digital social platforms.”

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Aethereus Premiere New Guitar/Bass Playthrough Video For “Cascades of Light”

In mid-August, Tacoma, Washington natives Aethereus finally released their critically praised new album Absentia through The Artisan Era that was years in the making. The group’s take on progressive death metal deftly combines elements of atmospheric death metal, ferocious technical death metal, and more overtly melodic death metal focused ends of the spectrum into a sound all their own. Aethereus cites influences ranging from Obscura, Spawn of Possession, Cynic, and Gorod which rightly shows in the ambitious and smartly crafted songs found on Absentia.

Today the band premiere a dual guitar and bass guitar playthrough video for “Cascades of Light” streaming below:

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A Storm of Light Premiere New Song “Short Term Feedback” From Upcoming New Album “Anthroscene”

A Storm of Light premiere a new song called “Short Term Feedback”, taken from their upcoming new album “Anthroscene”, which will be out in stores October 5th via Translation Loss (US), Consoling Sounds (Europe) and Daymare (Japan).

Check out now “Short Term Feedback” below.

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Vessel of Light Premiere New Song “One Way Out” From Upcoming New Album “Woodshed”

Doom/stoner rock duo Vessel of Light premiere a new song titled “One Way Out”, taken from their upcoming new album “Woodshed”, which will be out in stores September 21 on Argonauta.

Check out now “One Way Out” below.

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Upheaval Premiere New Video For “Eviscerate The Light” From Latest Album “Altar of Ash”

Boston based blackened death outfit Upheaval premiere a new video for “Eviscerate The Light”, taken from their latest album “Altar of Ash”, which was independently released in January, 2018.

Check out now “Eviscerate The Light” below.

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Cast The Stone (Misery Index, Etc.) Premiere New Song & Lyric Video “A Plague Of Light”

A lyric video for the new Cast The Stone (Misery Index, ex-Cattle Decapitation, etc.) track “A Plague Of Light” haspremiered online streaming below. The track is among those included upon the group’s upcoming new EP, “Empyrean Atrophy“, out August 31st via Agonia Records.

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Mob Rules Premiere New Song & Lyric Video “Sinister Light” From Upcoming New Album “Beast Reborn”

Northern Germany’s heavy and power metal outfit MOB RULES have released a new single and lyric video for the song “Sinister Light” which is taken from their forthcoming studio album “Beast Reborn”.

You can watch the video below:

Singer Klaus Dirks describes the song as:

“Very spontaneously written, the song is based on a riff, which mainly puts the rhythm into the foreground. It quickly turns into a gripping goosebumps chorus with catchy and equally varied arrangements with a dense atmosphere. It also contains slightly folky influences with a triolic feeling. The content is based on “The Dog of Baskerville”, a Sherlock Holmes novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Supposedly an ancient curse presses on the Family Baskerville: A demon hellhound ambushes the family members in the moor next to the Baskervilles estate. The song takes its title from the mysteriously glowing moor, that enhances the sinister and dark ambience of the story. The Hunter turns into the hunted, as falling victim to his own curse.”

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Manilla Road Founder And Guitarist Mark “The Shark” Shelton Passes Away

Manilla Road has announced that their founder and guitarist Mark “The Shark” Shelton, has sadly passed away. He was sixty years old. A message from the band reads as follows:

“It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the passing of Mark “The Shark” Shelton, founder and guitarist of Manilla Road. We are asking for help from our worldwide group of brothers and sisters to bring Mark’s body back to his family in Wichita, KS in the USA and to pay his hospital expenses which must be done before we can bring him home.

“Mark died in Germany following the Headbangers Open Air Festival. The cost of bringing him home and his hospital bills are more than the band or his family has ready. Please donate to help Mark’s family, any amount will help. Any funds raised beyond our goal will be given directly to his family to help with the additional expenses which will arise from Mark’s death.

“Thank you for your generosity and May the Lords of Light be with you!”

Find the GoFundMe page here, or you can donate through the band’s PayPal account:

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Andhera Premiere New Video For “Voice Like Light” From New EP “Firewalker”

Blackened death metal outfit Andhera premiere a new music video for “Voice Like Light”, taken from their new EP “Firewalker”, which is out in stores now via Bandcamp.

Check out now “Voice Like Light” below.

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