First Part Of In Studio Videos For New Album Issued By Amberian Dawn

Finnish symphonic metal act Amberian Dawn released the first episode of a series of video studio reports on the band’s upcoming new album. The as of yet titled release is expected to drop this fall via Napalm Records.

The clip features vocalist Capri laying down the vocal tracks. Check it out here:

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POA Releases “Tears” Music Video

Alternative metal band POA is pleased to announce the release of a new video/single titled “Tears.” This single includes a guest appearance by Sarah Moon, singer from the alternative rock outfit Shiny Black Anthem. POA is now in the studio laying down tracks for the band’s debut album – stay tuned for more details.

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First Video Footage Of Chris Adler Recording With Megadeth?

A short video clip of a drummer believed to be Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler laying down tracks for Megadeth’s new album has been posted on the band’s official YouTube channel.

Last week a photo that was taken of Dave Mustaine and Chris Adler having a discussion at what appeared to be a fast-food restaurant posted on Twitter by former My Chemical Romance drummer Bob Bryar. If true, Adler’s involvement with Megadeth would apparently be limited to studio work only.

Megadeth has yet to officially announce permanent replacements for drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick, who quit the group in 2014.

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Scale The Summit Entering The Recording Studio

Scale The Summit will soon be laying down the tracks for a new album to follow “The Migration.” The band released this brief message to fans:

“Recording for Scale the Summit album #5 starts this Wednesday for the next two months! Make sure to follow us all on Instagram, we’ll be posting more clips of the process there than anywhere else!”

The instrumental band’s latest album “The Migration” was released back in June of 2013. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming release.

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Devoted To Your Monument Posts New EP Studio Video

Austrian djent / deathcore outfit Devoted To Your Monument is currently in the process of laying down tracks for a new EP. Check out the latest teaser trailer from the studio below, and stay tuned for more details.

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Gorod Checks In From The Recording Studio

Gorod is currently in the studio laying down tracks for a new album, and the band has now checked in with the following update:

“Hello guys, things are going pretty well for our new album in Mat’s BUD Studio… Rhythm guitars are now recorded and it’s pretty HUUUUGE! Really excited we are! We can’t wait to give you a little taste of these new songs!”

Further details are forthcoming, and you can check out photos from the studio sessions at the Gorod Facebook profile here.

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WOLVHAMMER Enters Studio To Record Third LP For Summer Release

Midwestern black/death rock nihilists, WOLVHAMMER, are currently deep in the process of laying down the tracks that are to become the band’s third LP. Occupying Hideaway Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota, WOLVHAMMER is currently tracking their anticipated full-length follow-up to the band’s 2011-released Profound Lore debut, The Obsidian Plains. Upon its completion, details on the new […]

heavy metal updates:
WOLVHAMMER Enters Studio To Record Third LP For Summer Release

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First In Studio Video On New Album “Shadows” Posted By Sinbreed

German power metal act Sinbreed, lead by guitarist Flo Laurin and fronted by Beyond the Bridge vocalist Herbie Langhans, posted the first in studio video on the recordings of the upcoming new album “Shadows.” The release is set to drop via AFM Records on March 28th (EU) and April 14th (USA).

Check out drummer Frederik Ehmke (Blind Guardian) laying down tracks for the album here:

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E’nemia Posts New EP Studio Footage

Denmark’s E’nemia has released footage of Jonas Rode Hvass laying down drum tracks for an upcoming release. Check out the video below, and the band comments:

“At the moment we are recording some new songs. Here are a little preview when Jonas recorded the drums! Enjoy.”

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