Drowning Pool Kicking Off USO Tour Dates

Drowning Pool heads out today on a fifth USO tour to perform and visit with service members stationed at Andersen Air Force Base (April 6, Guam), Kadena Air Base (April 8, Japan) and Camp Foster (April 9, Japan). This particular visit is in conjunction with the USO’s Campaign to Connect.

Guitarist C.J. Pierce states, “We love giving back, it’s the least we can do. … There are a lot of families involved in the armed forces and we love giving them a hand. It’s definitely great for us to go overseas and play at different bases. I think 2005 was our first one (Iraq and Kuwait) and it’s personal for us. Each one of us has someone in our family somewhere in the armed forces and it’s all about those friends and families.”

In addition to these USO tour dates, fans can catch Drowning Pool live on these upcoming shows:

4/10 – Bangkok, Thailand @ The Rock Pub
4/13 – Hong Kong, Hong Kong @ Hidden Agenda
4/17 – Jakarta, Indonesia @ HAMMERSONIC 2016
4/22 & 4/23 – Orlando, FL @ Central Florida Fairgrounds
5/5 – Toledo, OH @ Realm – w/ Saliva
5/6 – Lexington, KY @ The Manchester Music Hall – w/ Saliva
5/7 – Cleveland, OH @ The Odeon – w/ Saliva
5/14 – Kansas City, MO @ Liberty Memorial – KQRC Rockfest
5/29 – Dallas, TX @ Gexa Energy Pavilion – KEGL BFD
6/12 – Inwood, WV @ Summer Jam
7/15 – Bridgeview, IL @ Toyota Park – Chicago Open Air
7/16 – Mansfield, OH @ Ohio State Reformatory – Ink in the Clink
8/13 – Brownfield, TX @ 4B Wild West Bike Rally
8/19 – Glen Flora, WI @ The Northwoods Rock Rally

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Metal Hammer Germany Offers New Track from "Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light"

Canadian blackened doom metal outfit Woods of Ypres have released another new song from their forthcoming new album, “Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light,” available February 13th, 2012.

The new track, titled “Traveling Alone,” is streaming now on the Metal Hammer Germany website.

The track appears on a German-language site, but English readers should find the track without any hassle. Additionally, the site includes a slide show of the band in various environments, which fits well with the song’s traveling theme.

Woods of Ypres front man, David Gold comments on the track:

“When lead guitarist Joel Violette and I were deciding how to title this song, I suggested ‘Customs’, ‘Kuwait’ and ‘Traveling Alone’. Joel voted for ‘Traveling Alone’ because it was a broader concept that we thought lots of metalheads could relate to, hoping it would create some intrigue.

“The song is about travel to a foreign land, the meeting between people of different cultures and a discussion of an interrogative nature about existence and God, inspired by my travels to Kuwait to work as a teacher last year.

“The ‘Traveler’ claims to be traveling alone and has ‘nothing else to declare’ and the local challenges the reasons for his beliefs. The traveler understands why a culture might believe in God if they live in abundance and therefore believe to have seen evidence of a God who loves and cares for people, while someone who does not live in abundance and has not seen evidence of God might not believe in the existence of one at all. See the lyrics: ‘When I look around you, I understand why you believe. I see your evidence of God, all around me. You have so therefore you are, but I have not. You are too rich for hate, and I’m too poor to love’.

“The song arrangement is quite traditional, with an intro, verses, soaring choruses, a solo bridge, a spoken word breakdown and a crushing modern rock outro.

“We hope you enjoy it.”

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Voice Of The Soul To Release New EP "Into Oblivion"

After two months of recording, two shows in Dubai, and another month of mixing, Kuwaiti melodic death metal act Voice of the Soul will be releasing the band’s third upcoming EP, “Into Oblivion,” on August 5th, 2011.

The six track EP consists of 5 original songs (“Immolation,” “Guardians Of Genocide,” “Pandemonium,” “Cast Away In Betrayal,” “Wither”) and an extra cover track (“Under A Serpent Sun” from At The Gates).

“Into Oblivion” was recorded and mastered by Sajid “Sarj” Masood at Sarj’s Studio, in Kuwait, with Steve de Pina (keyboardist/folk instrumentalist of Riddare Av Koden) on keyboards in the introduction of “Wither” as a guest musician. A preview for the EP is available below.

Voice of the Soul was also covered in a previous edition of our “Unearthing the Underground” column focusing on bands from Kuwait, which can be found here.

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