Drudkh Streaming “Eastern Frontier In Flames” Singles Collection

Ukrainian black metal pioneers Drudkh are streaming their new singles collection, “Eastern Frontier in Flames,” which can be heard below courtesy of Metal Bandcamp.

“Eastern Frontier in Flames” compiles rare Drudkh material taken from the long out of print “Anti Urban” and “Slavonic Chronicles” EPs. The track listing is as follows:

1. Fallen into Oblivion 07:00
2. Ashes 06:25
3. Tam Gdzie Gasnie Dzien 10:24
4. Indianska Pisen Hruzy 05:34
5. …W Krainie Drzew 05:45
6. Ten Ktery Se Vyhyba Svetlu 05:13
7. Recidivus 04:58

Eastern Frontier in Flames by Drudkh

In addition, Drudkh is also streaming a split EP with the UK’s Winterfylleth, titled “Thousands of Moons Ago /The Gates.” The split features four tracks taking the shape of cover songs recorded by both bands, paying tribute to their early influences.

1. DRUDKH – …W Krainie Drzew 05:45
2. DRUDKH – Ten Ktery Se Vyhyba Svetlu 05:13
3. DRUDKH – Recidivus 04:58
4. WINTERFYLLETH – The Gates 09:16

Thousands of Moons Ago/The Gates by DRUDKH and WINTERFYLLETH

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DRUDKH Preview New Track Off Split With WINTERFYLLETH

Who better to brighten up a dreary day than melancholic black metallers DRUDKH? The band is currently streaming the track “…W Krainie Drzew,” originally recorded by the Polish band HEFEYSTOS, off their upcoming split with WINTERFYLLETH due for release in January 2014. Truth be told, I think they were just trying to fit as many […]

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DRUDKH Preview New Track Off Split With WINTERFYLLETH

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Drudkh Reveals Full Details On Split EP With Winterfylleth

Last month Drudkh announced a forthcoming split EP with Winterfylleth, and now full details on the coming release have been made available.

The split EP, titled “Thousands of Moons Ago / The Gates’,” is to be released on January 17th (January 21st in North America) and features four songs. The track listing is as follows:

1. …W Krainie Drzew
2. Ten, Ktery Se Vyhyba Svetlu
3. Recidivus
4. The Gates

The first three tracks were recorded by Drudkh, covering respectively Hefeystos, Unclean, and Sacrilegium. “The Gates” is a Hate Forest classic covered by Winterfylleth.

“Thousands of Moons Ago / The Gates” will be only available on vinyl and on digital. The 12” vinyl disc will be dark blue, hand-numbered and limited to 666 copies worldwide.

Drudkh’s three tracks will also appear separately on a compilation CD entitled “Eastern Frontier in Flames.”

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