Zorormr Streaming New Song "Thy Kingdom Come"

Black metal act Zorormr has issued the following announcement about streaming the new song “Thy Kingdom Come” online:

“The wait is over! Check out band’s Facebook, MySpace or website and listen to ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ – the first promo track of the upcoming ‘IHS’ album! The song features gruesome vocals of the legendary Polish black metal crusader Cezar (CHRIST AGONY & MOON) recorded especially for this album!

“As you already know the amazing drum parts were recorded by Icanraz (DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS, PIGFACE BEAUTY). Quite a few wonderful leads were done by Quazarre (DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS, ASGAARD). And that’s not the end of the guest-list! Also joining force with ZORORMR are Shadow (BLACK ALTAR) with a stunning vocal performance, Roman Bereznicki (LECTER) who recorded clean guitars and Virian (LILLA VENEDA) who added some weird growls to one of the songs…

“More to say that the cover art & layout is being prepared right now by Odrzansky and will be revealed on the 30th of March. Stay tuned & happy Ostara!”

The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. In Hoc Signo Vinces
2. Abandon All Hope
3. Harrowing Of Hell
4. At The Heart Of Darkness
5. The Sacrifice
6. Thy Kingdom Come
7. Upon The Blood Red Throne…
8. Show No Mercy!
9. The Ninth Circle
10. Morning Star Rising
11. I Am Become Death

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