Otep Releases New Music Video “Shelter In Place”

Just over one week ago, iconic rockers Otep unleashed their most uncompromising, candid, all-inclusive and controversial assessment of the current residing political regime that they have ever released – the new album “Kult 45.” Today, they have released a shocking new music video – pointing a finger at the NRA and their allowance of continued gun violence – for the single “Shelter In Place.” The video, directed by Otep and filmed by PR Brown, can be viewed below.

Otep Shamaya says, “The video for “Shelter In Place” challenges the NRA’s irrational claim that “only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun”. It aims the blame of mass murders of our children in school shootings directly on the NRA, not necessarily its members, but the administration who continue to fight for people on Terrorist Watch Lists to own a gun. Why? It’s my belief the more murders that occur, the more money they make from weapons manufacturers and increases in membership which strengthens their ability to be a political power that continues to frighten the Republican owned Congress.

“The number of mass murders of children in schools by gun violence is our national shame yet the Republican owned Congress (and shills for the NRA) have done nothing, not a single thing, to protect our kids. In contrast, when ONE man attempted to detonate a shoe bomb on board a plane in flight, legislation was enacted to protect people from this SINGLE attempt of failed terrorism. Now all of us have to remove our shoes before boarding a flight. All of us have to be searched and x-rayed.

“Enough is enough. Our children deserve better. And their safety and the safety of their teachers are worth fighting for.”

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Behemoth Tap Children’s Choir For Potentially Blasphemous Lyrics On New Album

Behemoth‘s upcoming new effort looks to feature a children’s choir singing blasphemous lyrics. You can watch the band’s frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski lead the kids through a rehearsal for the song below. Behemoth have been recording the album with Daniel Bergstrand (Dimmu Borgir, Meshuggah) and Haldor Grunberg behind the boards.

Behemoth Tap Children’s Choir For Potentially Blasphemous Lyrics On New Album

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Attila & Emmure Frontmen Beefing Via Twitter Following Attila’s New Diss Song “Callout 2”

With Emmure being one of the bands targeted in Attila‘s new single track “Callout 2“ streaming below, the outfit’s vocalist Frankie Palmeri took to Twitter (February 15th) to fire back at Attila mainman Chris Fronzak, tweeting:

Thanks for the shout out bud – I could of helped you at least write a scathing subliminal or something! @FRONZ1LLA – You also might be the first person in history to ever use the word ‘EMMURE’ in a song ??.

— FRANKIE PALMERI (@FrankiePalmeri) February 15, 2018

Y r u so scared to @ me bro?! ?? The rest of my band ain’t who you’re salty about…c’mon sen..?? https://t.co/mlTbj7RvSh

— FRANKIE PALMERI (@FrankiePalmeri) February 15, 2018

Fronzak has since replied tweeting:

You’re absolutely right. I LOVE your band and every member past/present. You’re the arrogant fucktard (in real life). Why didn’t I @ you in the song? Dawg come’on…. no one knows who tf you are ???? https://t.co/mvwHqRbfiV

— SLiME DADDY (@FRONZ1LLA) February 16, 2018

Palmeri firing back at Fronzak:

?? Arrogant? Bruh..the pot calling the kettle black is too real right now. https://t.co/QNgyVRohE2

— FRANKIE PALMERI (@FrankiePalmeri) February 16, 2018

I really don’t have the energy to beef with @FRONZ1LLA – Unfortunately, I inadvertently gave birth to his entire persona and image, anyone with half a brain knows this. Its funny for him to say “no one knows you” but uses my band to chase some internet clout and feed his kids.??

— FRANKIE PALMERI (@FrankiePalmeri) February 17, 2018

I gotta admit Fronzy, you pull off the Frankie Palmeri look even better than I did. pic.twitter.com/J1HztLuFfz

— FRANKIE PALMERI (@FrankiePalmeri) February 17, 2018

The song’s lyrics an be found below:

“Yo, buckle up motherfuckers
No one is safe, this is Callout 2 bitch!
Let’s go!

Fuck a stupid racist
Fuck a terrorist
Fuck a politician, they can suck my fucking dick
Fuck a Buddy Nielsen
Fuck a stupid coward
Fuck a Jeffree Star, lipstick on this big dick
Fuck a record label, fuck this industry
Fuck a handout, bitch nothing is for free
Fuck a Danny Worsnop
Fuck a Denis Stoff
Fuck the band Attila, sike we’re the fucking shit

I dont fuck with anyone
And fuck you too bitch
Said I wouldn’t do shit
Now I’m fucking rich bitch

Fuck a Logan Paul
Fuck a Ricegum
Fuck a Bhad Bhabie, these hoe’s aint shit
Fuck a Harvey Weinstein
Fuck a fucking rapist
Fuck an offset homophobic little bitch
Fuck the stupid grammys
Fuck your radio
Fuck a Martin Shkreli
Yo seriously, that dude raised the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000% so people go fucking die
Fuck a damn religion
Fuck a Westboro Baptist
Fuck a sting ray, rest in peace Steve Irwin

I dont fuck with anyone
And fuck you too bitch
Said I wouldn’t do shit
Now I’m fucking rich bitch

Fuck a Tim Lambesis
Fuck the band Emmure
Fuck Conor McGregor, there’s no Money Team bitch
Fuck a Kardashian
Fuck a Ronda Rousey
Fuck a Tom Brady, Gronk you’re fucking sick tho
Fuck a Tyler Carter
Fuck a 6IX9INE
Fuck a pineapple on my goddamn pizza
Fuck a 9 to 5
Fuck this stupid song
Fuck wearing a condom bitch
Pullout game is strong

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Hollywood Undead Debuts New Song & Video “Renegade” From Upcoming New Album “Five”

Hollywood Undead debuts a new song and video entitled “Renegade”, taken from the upcoming new album “Five”, which is headed for an October 27th release on Dove & Grenade/BMG.

Check out now “Renegade” below.

Comments the band’s Johnny 3 Tears :

“I hope this song and video can inspire kids to believe that they can change the world, and it’s up to them if it’s for the better or worse. The truth is that the kids of today, are the renegades of tomorrow.”

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Dagger Premieres New Music Video “All Hope is Gone” From Brand New Self-Titled Debut EP

Hong Kong’s very own hardcore metal band Dagger premieres a new music video entitled “All Hope is Gone”, taken from the band’s brand new self-titled debut EP, that came out last month.

Check out now “All Hope is Gone” below.

Explains guitarist/vocalist Riz:

“The song touches on the issue that has been plaguing the youth of Hong Kong for decades due to the age old education system that we have here. The education system puts a lot of pressure on our kids, their families and then in turn back on society because there’s no balance between academics and a life. The kids even during Christmas breaks or summer holidays have to keep up with school work and thus are placed in summer or winter classes or an insane amount of tutoring. This starts as young as 3 or 4 years old and by the time they get into their juvenile years it all comes to a head for some of them. Just this past February within 17 days, 5 teenagers decided to end their lives. It’s an issue that parents are up in arms about here, rightfully so, but nothing seems to happen. Nothing has pushed the government to make a massive change in our education system and its policies. There are literally kids jumping off of buildings now, and still nothing changes. As a band steeped in the world of hardcore and punk, the music has to be socially driven. All the tracks on the EP touch on some subject matter that either we’ve experienced directly or that is impacting the world at large.”

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Powerflo Premieres New Song & Video “Victim Of Circumstance” From Upcoming Self-Titled Album

Powerflo premieres a new song and music video “Victim Of Circumstance”, taken from the upcoming self-titled album, which will be released June 23rd on New Damage Records. The band also feature former members of Cypress Hill, Fear Factory, Downset.

Check out now “Victim Of Circumstance” below.

Comments vocalist Sen Dog (also of Cypress Hill) of the track:

“I wrote the song after watching a few episodes of one of my favorite TV shows, ‘The First 48,’ which is a show about people getting caught up in street life and eventually getting twisted up by the Feds or local law enforcement. This show depicts how fucked up most of the kids in America’s inner cities got it…the loss of innocent life along with outright cold-blooded murderers who have chosen to kill at will. The result of their offenses affects not just their victim’s family but whole communities.”

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New Year’s Day Posts “Kill Or Be Killed” Music Video

New Year’s Day is out on the Warped Tour across North America this summer and now the group’s first look into new full-length album, “Malevolence,” is online via the track “Kill or Be Killed,” which can be heard through the music video below.

The new effort is set for an October release through Another Century (the hard rock spinoff of Century Media). Ash Costello (vocals) states:

“‘Kill or Be Killed’ is a song we loved making because it’s about taking control of your life when others want you to fail. It encompasses the idea that we are all messed up and sometimes we have to make decisions before they are made for us. It also has been so much fun to play on Warped Tour each day because it’s jumpy and I love seeing the kids bounce with us.”

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The Mentors To Possibly Reform As El Duce Comes Out Of Hiding

On April 19, 1997, near his home in Riverside, California, then Mentors vocalist/drummer Eldon Wayne Hoke a/k/a El Duce reportedly fell asleep drunk on railroad tracks and was killed by an oncoming train. Or did he? To this day, there were no witnesses to the accident and details on his death were always considered “murky.” Speculation arose as to the true circumstances around his death – as just a week earlier Hoke revealed that he was offered $50,000 by Courtney Love to take out husband Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) in an interview with writer Nick Broomfield.

However, just today, Hoke came out of hiding to reveal that his death was a hoax in order to “get [himself] away from the world of music and live a normal life.” The revelation comes just a day after Hoke was sighted doing tree cutting work in a bucket lift in a residential area outside of Los Angeles. Witnesses who pointed him out noticed the business slogan on the side of the truck – “You Axe For It…We Chop It!”

James Glausen of Highland Park commented: “I was a huge fan of The Mentors and a member of the Four F Club back in the day. I saw the truck and did a triple take. I looked up and there was El Duce sawing a huge tree limb!”

El Duce confessed later: “I really needed to get away from the world of music and live a normal life. So I killed off El Duce and became Eldon Wayne Hoke, the friendly neighborhood chainsaw wielding guy!”

When asked about whether The Mentors would reform with the original lineup, El Duce added: “I’ve never lost touch with Sickie [Wifebeater] and [Dr. Heathen] Scum. Hell…I go to all their kids’ soccer games! Now that the proverbial ‘sandwich of love’ is out of the bag, you never know!”

El Duce was with The Mentors from 1977 to his supposed death in 1997, having appeared on “You Axed for It!” (1985), “Up the Dose” (1986), “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll” (1988), “Rock Bible” (1990) and “To The Max” (1991). He was first replaced by El Rapo (Jake Huber) and most recently Mad Dog (Marc DeLeon).

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Psycho Spoon Splits With Guitarist C.C. Murphree

Psycho Spoon guitarist C.C. Murphree has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band:

“Before this gets through the grape vine as things like this tend to do, (and because I’ve already been questioned about missing the photoshoot Sunday) I am going to go ahead and announce that I have decided that it is best for me, my family, and the band that I leave Psycho Spoon.

“There are no hard feelings between any of us, and I still love and respect them all as great friends and brothers. I was going to play the show coming up on the 25th as a farewell, but they have found a special guest to fill in that I think is going to be pretty freaking cool (No it’s not Karl).

“I will continue to support the guys in the future because I believe that this band has what it takes to make it. But, I have a seven year old daughter, and 12 year old son who are growing up faster every day. Instead of using weeks of my vacation to tour and be a rock star, I feel that I should be using that time to take my kids to places like Disneyland and be a father instead.

“It has truly been one of the biggest honors of my life to play with Pete, Rick Mark and Decha. Thank you so much guys for the chance to get to play with greats like you.

“I will now start concentrating on my album to finish writing and getting all of it recorded with the help of many of you who have jumped on board with me to offer your talents. And I am very excited to get to work with some of you that I have never gotten to work with before, and others I haven’t worked with in many years. Keep the horns flying high.”

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Shadows Fall To Go On Hiatus, Announces European Tour

Massachusetts metal band Shadows Fall will embark on the group’s “final” European tour in less than a week. The “Hell on Earth” tour will begin in Frankfurt, Germany on Aug. 29 and runs until Sept. 14. The tour also features Unearth, The Acacia Strain and War of Ages.

The band has been touring non-stop for over a decade and has decided that it’s time to “take a hiatus” from future extensive touring. In addition to this upcoming European run, Shadows Fall is planning a final North American tour and will possibly visit a few other territories some time over the next year.

“There are many factors that are behind this difficult decision that the band has been dealing with for some time now,” the band said in its update. “In a nutshell it comes down to families, member availability, and finances. Further impacting our decision is the fact that we have two members with young children. Plain and simple, they want to be with their families to watch their kids grow. Touring full time in a band these days has never been more difficult financially. When you have to ensure the future comfort of your family, difficult decisions have to be made.

“Another reason is the fact that our lead guitarist (Jon Donais) is now in Anthrax, which makes it hard for us to do any extensive touring with our full lineup. Due to his obligations with Anthrax, he will not be able to join us on this European tour. Felipe Roa will once again fill Jon’s position and we are thankful to him for joining us on this run. Also returning for this tour is original bassist Paul Romanko who has sat out from touring for the last two years to raise his son.

“This has been a real hard decision for all of us to make but we feel at this time this is the right thing to do. We don’t hate each other, we’re not bitter, we in fact still have a really great time together, but the ride has slowed down and it’s time for the next chapters in our lives, whatever that may be.

“We can’t thank the fans that have supported Shadows Fall since the beginning enough. Without you, none of this would have been possible. For the past decade and a half, we have been able to create the music we have always wanted to hear and share it with music fans everywhere. That being said, you still may see us at a festival or two over the next few years…if they ask, we will come! In the meantime please check out the dates for the last European go around and we will see you out there!”

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