Tyrant Disciple Debut New Single ‘The Great Dead One’

Death/Thrash metal band Tyrant Disciple from Kauhajoki, Finland released a new single ‘The Great Dead One’. The track is taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Weight Of Oblivion’ which is released by Inverse Records on September 7th 2018.

Check it out below:

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Unborn Generation Premiere New Song & Video “Ritual” From Upcoming New Album “Vøid”

Unborn Generation premiere a new song and video titled “Ritual”, taken from their upcoming new album “Vøid”, which will be out in stores June 15th through Inverse Records.

Check out now “Ritual” below.

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Mors Subita Premiere New Song “Into the Pitch Black”

Finnish modern melodic death metal band MORS SUBITA release second single “Into the Pitch Black” from heir upcoming album due to be released in April 6th 2018 by Inverse Records.

Watch INTO THE PITCH BLACK video on Youtube below:

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Dead Shape Figure Premiere New Video “The Last Of The Bearing Beats” From Upcoming New Album “Cacoëthes”

Finnish, Helsinki-based metal band Dead Shape Figure will release their fourth album ‘Cacoëthes’ on June 8th 2018 via Inverse Records. It’s been five years since their latest studio album ‘Opus Victoria’ was released. The first single ‘The Last Of The Bearing Beats’ can watched below:

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Hiidenhauta Premiere New Song “Hallan Valta” From Upcoming New Album “1695”

Finnish melodic black metal band Hiidenhauta is set to release their second album ‘1695’ on March 16th 2018 via Inverse Records. The first single ‘Hallan Valta’ is released today.

Watch “Hallan Valta” below:

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Vinide Premiere New Video “The Beginning Scene” From Upcoming New Album “Reveal”

Finnish symphonic metal band Vinide will release their third album ‘Reveal’ on January 26th 2018 via Inverse Records. The first single ‘The Beginning Scene’ from the concept album is released today.

Watch music video for it below.

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New Single “03,” Video Clip Available From Carnalation

Finnish alternative death metal band Carnalation has released a new brutally tight single! With the new single the band announces that it is set to to record the sophomore full length album for Inverse Records.

“We are honored to release the new ’03’ – single from this talented long-term band. Carnalation has stepped on a totally new path and I think the future looks bright for these metalheads!” says Inverse Records’ Ari Pietilä.

The new single was recorded, mixed and mastered by the Finnish mastermind producer Mikko Herranen (Rust, Velcra, Profane Omen, Lullacry etc.). Check it out here:

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Video Clip For New Single “Deadweight” Issued By Skein

Finnish alternative metal quintet Skein released the new album “Deadweight” today via Inverse Records. To celebrate, the band unloaded a video clip of the title track, which you can check out in the player below.

The track list for “Deadweight” is:

1. Seduction
2. Lies Divine
3. Bound (see video clip here)
4. Lies Mundane
5. The Fear is Love
6. Deadweight
7. Mare
8. In Circles
9. The Unknown

Check out “Deadweight” here:

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Post Pulse Streaming Full “Halls Of The Damned” Album

Post Pulse’s “Halls of the Damned” album was released on May 26th, 2017 via Inverse Records. Available now, you can hear all the tracks below, or grab your own digital copy on a name-your-price basis at Bandcamp.

1. The Gates 04:56
2. When The Snakes Are Dead 03:59
3. When I Dream 04:48
4. Final Goodbye 04:21
5. Frozen Heart 03:57
6. Losing Myself 04:26
7. Halls Of The Damned 04:07
8. Let It Burn 03:52
9. No More 04:55

Halls of the Damned by Post Pulse

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HMS Keelhaul Streaming “Anchord” Album

Finnish heavy metal band HMS Keelhaul released debut album “Anchord” via Inverse Records, which was mixed and mastered by Jeffro Lacksheide. You can stream all the tracks below or grab your copy at Bandcamp here.

HMS Keelhaul was formed in 2013 by Markus (Maake) Lukkarila, Tomi Kurtti, Janne (Faabio) Korpi, Tuomas (Poncco) Puhakka and Kimmo Korva. The band previously released EP “Catch You When You Fall (in love)” in 2015. The “Anchord” track listing is as follows:

1. Be Gone 04:18
2. Hand of Death 05:16
3. Lighthouse of Life 03:36
4. Fall To The Floor 05:03
5. Crashlanded 04:29
6. Missing piece 03:54
7. Rock n’ Roll 04:02
8. Back in the Game 05:07
9. Seven Years in Hour 04:50
10. Arch Enemies 04:43

Anchord by HMS Keelhaul

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