KISS Bassist Gene Simmons Announces Presidential Candidacy

Gene Simmons, the iconic bassist and vocalist of American rock legends KISS, has announced his intention to run for President of the United States Of America in 2020. Running as an independent candidate under the slogan, “I was made for running you,” the sixty eight year old musician is pledging greater focus on trade, the arts and a “unique” fiscal system, known as “Rockanomics.”

“America is at a crucial point in history,” Simmons stated at a press conference in Detroit, “I still believe it’s fine not to have a career politician in charge, they don’t know jack about the common man, however the image of America needs improving significantly. We need to show the world what kind of fun loving people we are, as well as proving our intelligence and business sense to the rest of the world. I believe I’m the man to do that, having demonstrated my business acumen, literary prowess and rock and roll attitude since the seventies… America, I was made for running you!”

Not much else is known about his policies right now but one issue already being discussed is whether or not Simmons will be eligible to run, as he was born in Israel. This is something also often brought up during the political career of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who served to terms as governor of California. Under the proposed, “Demolition Man” legislature though, foreign born American citizens of great upstanding would be able to be elected President of the United States.

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Details On New Album “In A Mirror Darkly” Revealed By Mekong Delta

German progressive thrash act Mekong Delta unveiled the album artwork and track list for the new album “In A Mirror Darkly.” The album drops in Scandinavia on April 23rd, in Germany on April 25th, in Europe on April 28th and in the USA on April 29th through SPV/Steamhammer. The album will be made available as a CD, double gatefold LP with colored vinyl plus CD in cardboard sleeve and download.

According to the press release: “It’s the hoped-for complex and ambitious album, and of course we wouldn’t have accepted anything less from Mekong Delta. Like few other contemporary groups, the German progressive thrash metal band surrounding mastermind and bassist Ralf Hubert continues to stand for innovation and independence in 2014. All those looking for pure mainstream or mediocre muzak have to look elsewhere – Mekong Delta score again with their intelligence, unwillingness to compromise and courage.”

The album picks up thematically where its 2010 predecessor “Wanderer On The Edge Of Time” left off. “For me, music doesn’t start with A and end with Z, it’s an ongoing process,” Ralf Hubert explains. “In this respect, you could call In A Mirror Darkly the continuation of the Wanderer theme, but it’s no copy, it’s an independent recording. Each Mekong album sounds unique and forward-looking in the original sense of the term. As a composer, I consciously allow myself to drift to be able to consistently explore new horizons.”

Martin LeMar (vocals), Ralf Hubert (bass, classical guitar), Erik Adam H. Grösch (guitar) and Alex Landenburg (drums) have recorded a total of eight songs for In A Mirror Darkly, among them three instrumental numbers like the classical guitar intro or the ingenious ‘Inside The Outside Of The Inside’ with its diverse arrangements. “Typically Mekong Delta, the new numbers all have a playing time of between five and seven minutes. As far as I am concerned, that’s just the right time frame to gain sufficient stylistic depth without pushing the envelope or creating artistic ambiguities,” band founder Ralf Hubert explains the initial parameters of the new album. “I feel that we’ve once again found the right mix of complexity and uninterrupted leitmotiv.”

The track list for the album is:

1. Introduction
2. Ouverture
3. The Armageddon Machine
4. The Sliver in Gods Eye
5. Janus
6. Inside the Outside of the Inside
7. Hindsight Bias
8. Mutant Messiah

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Traitors Posts New Music Video “Dead Nerves”

Traitors has released a new music video for “Dead Nerves,” which can be seen below. “Dead Nerves” comes off the band’s newly released self-titled EP, out now via We Are Triumphant Records. You can stream the entire EP over at this location, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Product of Hate
3. Irreversible
4. False Intelligence
5. Dead Nerves

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Zoltan Bathory Of Five Finger Death Punch Says Band Makes "Tough Guy Music" has posted a new interview online with Zoltan from Five Finger Death Punch about the band’s new album “American Capitalist,” which hits stores on October 11th, 2011. An excerpt from the interview follows, in which Zoltan addresses criticism of the band’s style, talks about winning a “Best Shredder” award, and more.

Bloody Disgusting: Let’s jump right into the new album, American Capitalist, and, specifically, the title. What does it mean and how does it relate to the music?

Zoltan: First of all, we always liked the idea that the title could push a couple of buttons on top of being just a title. And I mean “pushing a button” as in we have something to say. Though it’s definitely not a concept album, there is a definite theme that runs across the songs.

I don’t want to jump into analyzing the economy and politics and the various fields of social sciences, but it’s kind of connected to the songs in a way that America adopted a form of capitalism that is very close to nature. Nature is pretty cool in that the way it works is that the strong kills the weak and it’s a circle of life and we dig that theme. We placed that in today’s society. We’re living in a concrete jungle, you know what I mean? You have to go and “hunt” so that you can make money. Even though the process changed, the fundamentals are still the same. So if the fundamentals are still the same, you pretty much, humans especially due to the intelligence we acquired, have to make conscious of whether you’re going to be the zebra or whether you’re going to join the lion pride and go out there a maul a motherfucker! [laughs]

It’s just what it is! You know! And we get a lot of flak from people who say “This is bro metal” or “This is tough guy music” and you know what? Yeah! It’s like, “Fuck you! I don’t play music for the pussies. It IS tough guy music!” I like that we play to an audience that share this idea of survivalism. And this connects to the spirit of the champion. You get the fuck up and fight one more round, no matter what!

And that’s what American Capitalist is about. I can definitely speak about this because I came to this country with my guitar on my back and nothing in my pocket. I came from absolute zero and kind of made it! I look at my singer who was a foster child. My guitarist was adopted after being found in the streets in some garbage. Every single member of this band came and fought for it.

Bloody Disgusting: You won the Best Shredder at the 2010 Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. Did this make you feel any kind of pressure when writing and recording for American Capitalist?

Zoltan: No, it’s more that I want to give a shout-out to Yngwie Malmsteen and all those guys: Thank you for not running that year! You know what I mean? There is no way you beat Yngwie, right? Or Steve Vai. No, but it’s definitely an honor and I feel like something like that, an award like that, it is a milestone, it is an honor. It is not an open door for someone to become an asshole. It just means that at that moment you were bringing something interesting to the table that is both technically interesting for the people that play and was also digestible enough for the fans so that they will vote for you.

Look, I’m sure there are guitarists that can play our eyes out but maybe they didn’t bring anything to the table. Music in an interesting thing because there are songwriters and there are noodlers. The noodlers can sit at home and play your eyes out but they’re never going to go anywhere because they just fucking noodle. You have to understand that there is another part of music, which is songwriting. Much more difficult to connect to millions of people with a song than to write a song that has weird time signatures and a million notes per second. Yeah, we can all do that but that’s not the idea. So an award like that, that’s what it means.

As for pressure? Not really. The pressure is more self-inflicted if anything because we are a people that can’t fail. We do not expect and do not accept failure and if we would do a record that is not really strong or just thrown together, that would be unacceptable to us first and foremost. So if the pressure comes from anywhere, it comes from ourselves and from our band mates. You have five guys in a band that has a really strong “shit meter”. We are really critical and we get on each other if somebody sees something that is not right or that could be better.

Bloody Disgusting: Knucklehead has been on the cover of both The Way of the Fist and War Is The Answer. Will he be gracing us with another sexy pose on American Capitalist?

Zoltan: You know, it really wasn’t planned. It wasn’t something we decided, it just kind of happened. Now, it’s part of the whole world, our world. I guess we can’t leave him off, he’ll always be present. I remember we did the Dos Equis things where we had Knucklehead and some Chuck Norris quotes over top, like “You can piss your name in snow. Knucklehead can piss his name into concrete.” Stupid shit like that. We put it together like the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Guy In The World” commercials and put it on national television. It was fucking hilarious! [laughs]

You can check out the rest of the interview by heading over to Bloody-Disgusting’s website here.

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