Kosm Premiere Music Video “Ancient Heart”

Vancouver progressive alternative metal KOSM premiere their debut music video for “Ancient Heart” streaming below. The single will appear on the band’s planned debut album entitled “Cosmonaut” slated for release later in 2018.

Drummer Sterling Paterson comments:

“We’re quite excited to debut our first music video for our single ‘Ancient Heart’. It’s a milestone for all of us because, while we’ve shot a few cover videos for YouTube, manifesting a picture to the lyrics that’s a bit more than just a bunch of dynamic shots of us playing our instruments, required a lot more thinking outside of the box. We had to work within the concept and theme of our upcoming album ‘Cosmonaut’, as well as the lyrical direction of the song itself, and taking into consideration we didn’t have much for budget, it was a lot of thinking on our feet to make something from nothing.

A lot of the credit goes to our vocalist Jessie for her creative direction and our photographer/videographer Lee Tebb for really helping us bring this video to life. It’s not like we had a few grand to throw around for special effects, professional grade audio/visual gear, etc; so working with what we had, we all couldn’t be happier.”

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Arkheth Details Upcoming Release “2 Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew”

Tells the band’s label: “Good things take time. It was a challenge to find an equally outrageous artwork for the music of Australian black metal entity Arkheth. We’re pleased with the results. The music of Arkheth is unlike any other – they’re experimental in their own way without owing too much to any band per se. Listen to the creepy song in full below.”

12 Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew (Experimental Black Metal) by ARKHETH (Australia)

Track list:

1. Trismegistus
2. Dark Energy Equilibrium
3. Where Nameless Ghouls Weep
4. The Fool Who Persists In His Folly
5. A Place Under The Sun

Line up:
Tyrone ‘Tyraenos’ Kostitch – All Instruments

Glen Wholohan – Saxophone

Album artwork by T Bare McClough (UK)

Logo by Mark Riddick (US)

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New Song “Blood Prophecy” Issued By Dionisyan

Italian atmospheric doom/death act Dionisyan will release the second album, provisionally titled “Delirium and Madness – Concerto Grosso Opera N° 2 in G Minor,” which should be ready for release this summer via Sliptrick Records.

Band leader Tregor Russo brings an innovative doom metal style melted into symphonic baroque metal, structured in his polyrhythmic contrapuntal polyphony style. The lyrics written for the opera are based on the “Concept for the Human Sanctification.”

All Instruments were recorded and performed by Tregor Russo at Ultrasuoni Studio, Palermo, Italy. Check out “Blood Prophecy” here:

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Debut Self-Titled Album Announced By Sangue, New Song Available For Streaming

Today, Nuclear War Now! Productions announced April 15th as the international release date for Sangue’s debut recording, simply titled “Sangue.” The release shall be issued as a 7″ vinyl EP.

Charged with the restless emanations of the ancients, the first offering from Rome’s Sangue is pure Etruscan Death, covered in the dust and debris of civilizations long forgotten. Sangue’s approach harkens back to a time before there was a clear demarcation between death metal and black metal but transcends the usual combination of these genres that, by now, is often formulaic and predictable. In this way, Sangue’s approach is entirely modern, reflecting a new synthesis of the band’s stylistic antecedents such that, despite the band’s clear reverence for tradition, there emerges something unique and unorthodox in the final concoction that defies simple characterization or comparison.

The band’s performance on these tracks is primal, and the songwriting is austere and acute, shorn of all surplusage, making the record more engaging and complete. The production is superb for this style, with the instruments all woven together to create a cohesive core, and the vocals hanging hauntingly in the atmosphere. Sonically and conceptually, there is an atavistic element permeating Sangue’s music, evoking the rotten stench of the blood and waste of centuries past to channel sensations primitive and remote. The artwork for this EP is also notable in that it features work produced by three of the band members as well as cover art by Timo Ketola.

In the meantime, bear witness to to the first track to be revealed from Sangue, aptly titled “The Rite of Cosmic Void,” in the player below. The album artwork and track list can be found below:

1. The Rite of Cosmic Void
2. Il Sudore Delle Catacombe

Check out “The Rite of Cosmic Void” here:

Sangue by Sangue

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Cursed Moon Signs Record Deal With Hells Headbangers

Hells Headbangers is proud to announce the signing of Cursed Moon. The label issued this statement:

“A one-man entity hailing from the greater Los Angeles area, Cursed Moon is one of the most exciting newcomers the label has come across. Branding itself ‘deathwave,’ Cursed Moon uniquely combines classic goth-rock from the ’80s with early black metal sounds, weaving a witchy atmosphere whilst being grounded firmly in the grit of evil heavy metal. It’s a sound that’s immediately memorable and positively addicting – and not to mention one that will appeal to a wide variety of metalheads, punks, and other assorted freaks.”

“Well, Cursed Moon started last year (2015), when I began the writing process of it during late September,” explains mainman Sal “Hellraiser” Yanez. “I was pretty much just jamming on my guitar while I was listening to The Sisters of Mercy and I thought to myself, ‘This would actually be fun to play.’ So, just for fun, I wrote one song and I was really impressed on how it came out, so then I wrote second song and I also liked it. The style of music I was writing was different; it was something I haven’t heard of any band doing.”

Yanez goes on to say, “It was some sort of post-punk with an evil twist to it. It had band influences like Fields of the Nephilim, The Sisters of Mercy, and Christian Death mixed with Bathory, Celtic Frost, Amebix, King Diamond, etc. After that moment, I then decided to make it into a real music project and pursue it. That’s when the name Cursed Moon was born along with the unique style of subgenre in what I call ‘deathwave.’ After I had enough songs written, I wanted to go to a legit studio and record them and do them right so I can put out an album. I wrote and recorded all the instruments myself, since this was just a one-man music project. Now, thanks to Hells Headbangers for signing and doing an official album release and for also believing in the Cursed Moon vision, I am currently putting together a live lineup for shows/tours that’s almost complete. That is just the beginning in what’s to come…”

The first fruit of this union will be Cursed Moon’s self-titled debut album, which will be released by Hells Headbangers during the first quarter of 2017 on CD and vinyl formats. In the meantime, a four-song sampling of Cursed Moon’s unique deathwave can be heard below.

Cursed Moon (Album Promo) by Cursed Moon

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Vimic Posts “She Sees Everything” Music Video

Joey Jordison and his new band Vimic – Kalen Chase [Vocals], Jed Simon [Guitar/Vocals], Kyle Konkiel [Bass/Vocals] and Matt Tarach [Keyboards] – just debuted “She Sees Everything.”

The latest track to be released off Vimic’s forthcoming debut LP “Open Your Omen” new track “She Sees Everything” is streaming now accompanied by an official music video. Check it out below.

Earlier this month, Jordison spoke with Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal host José Mangin about forming Vimic and the significance of the band’s forthcoming album. “I decided that I really wanted to start fresh. I did not want to keep rehashing some old ideas, if I’m going to keep going I really want to break loose, wipe the slate clean and start fresh,” Jordison stated. “We went into the studio with (producer) Kato Khandwala and started hashing it out… kind of old school. We went in and said, ‘let’s just go back to being in the studio, jamming as a band, getting together with our instruments… and just creating from the ground up. That was one of the coolest things about creating this record.’”

Recorded at Sound Farm Studios in Jamaica, Iowa, “Open Your Omen” was produced, mixed and mastered by Kato Khandwala, whose production and engineering credits include My Chemical Romance, Blondie, Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, The Pretty Reckless and more.

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New Music Video “False Sense of Confidence” Issued By Dreamgrave

Hungarian progressive doom metal act Dreamgrave issued a new music video for the special violin edit of the track “False Sense of Confidence.” The song is taken from the band’s 2014 debut release “Presentiment.”

On the video, composer/guitarist Dömötör Gyimesi commented: “The fact is, since Presentiment is being a prog/dark metal record, everyone happened to expect some kind of grandiose, twisted theater, but well, as ‘False Sense of Confidence’ is far the most uplifting song from the album we’ve decided to focus on the instruments instead of the story. The new violin parts are icing on the cake, creating an even more dramatic atmosphere!”

Composer/keyboardist János Mayer added: “With Krisztina joining the band I’ve got a new toy, and a totally new and unique way as well, to improve on the dramatic side of the songs, moving them to a completely new dimension. This is what you’ll see and hear on the live shows, as well as on this video.”

Check out the clip here:

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Operus Posts “Maya And The Wolf” Lyric Video

Toronto, ON based Operus creates compositions of heavy, classical-influenced metal and released debut EP “Opus I” during November 2015.

Today the band posted a new lyric video for the track “Maya And The Wolf,” which can be viewed at the following link below. Band founder Oscar Rangel comments:

“I believe ‘Maya & the Wolf ‘ is the most interesting song in the album, its sound is very classical, yet the story telling in the lyrics and the instrumentation gives it folkish undertones as well. This is the song we chose to produce a lyric video for because we believe this is the most ‘relatable’ song in the EP and yet it still sounds heavy and it is clear that its part of a metal album.

“The instrumental part in the middle is one of the many “band solo” sections I have worked over the years using mainly the counterpoint composition technique, where all the instruments play different melodies at once to build up a very interesting sounding passage.”

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To Set Ablaze Disbanding, Releasing Final EP

Wisconsin outfit To Set Ablaze just issued the following announcement about deciding to officially call it a day:

“We regret to tell you it is time for To Set Ablaze to hang up the instruments. We feel that some drive and passion for this band has been lost, through numerous lineup changes, a hiatus and loss of a member we feel we do not have the energy to keep picking up the pieces.

“We will be finishing out our shows the last one planned being Hometown Throwdown 2016 and then plan on having a show in our hometown. We have shirts for sale which will be first come first serve and the money will go to projects by other members. WE WILL STILL BE RELEASING OUR EP! It will be free!

“From the bottom of our hearts we thank every single person who has been there for us, whether it be fellow bands or amazing promoters to the ones who matter most… our followers. A huge huge HUGE special thank you for our friends in Pantheon Productions, B2 Booking and the mom and pop Rictus Grin for giving us our first show as Seeking The Hollows.

“WE LOVE ALL OF YOU AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AMAZING YEARS WE HAVE HAD! See you one last time at our remaining shows.”

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Obsidian Kingdom To Play Be Prog! My Friend Festival, Posts New Video

Spain’s progressive metal outfit Obsidian Kingdom will play this year’s Be Prog! My Friend festival in Barcelona. The fest, which begins on July 1st, sees the band play alongside Opeth, Between The Buried And Me, Steve Wilson, and more.

Obsidian Kingdom’s new album, “A Year With No Summer,” will be released by Season of Mist worldwide on March 11th. Regarding the new album, the band comments:

“Our sophomore full-length is finally written. We recorded it at Orgone Studios in London with Jaime Gómez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Primordial, Ulver) and it will be out on Season of Mist in 2016. We just wanted you to know that we can hardly wait for you to experience our new songs. We kindly ask you to give a warm welcome to our new, young and talented members: Seerborn Ape Tot on guitars and Om Rex Orale on bass.”

To celebrate the album announcement, the band have released a video showcasing a special “Drone Set” performance featuring Brunetto on “BCNmp7. Metal·lúrgies.” This clip was recorded at Centre de Cultura Contemporània in Barcelona on June 4th, and can be viewed below.

The band comments: “Aside from our studio production, we combine our ‘rock band’ aspect with the Obsidian Kingdom Drone Set effort; an ephemeral live project focused on impromptu and sonic experimentation. Through active listening and an exclusively live approach, we amalgamate drone, noise, ambient music and video projections to display a unique and surrounding audiovisual live experience.”

The band continues, “In these sessions, which sporadically take place in little venues or art galleries, the performers rethink their connection with their instruments, deepening their sonic possibilities through an unorthodox use, while supported by the heavy application of pedal effects. All of this is organically entwined with the work of a video artist, who arranges and screens video fragments from the other side of the stage, and becomes one more member of our avant-garde jam sessions.”

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