Feral Releasing “Dragged To The Altar” Vinyl Edition

Feral’s debut album “Dragged to the Altar,” originally released in 2011 by Ibex Moon Records, is finally seeing a release on vinyl as the band teams up with the freshly started Austrian label Rotten Relics.

The re-release of “Dragged to the Altar” has been remastered for vinyl by ex-guitarist Petter Nilsson, who also played on the album, and will feature the original cover art made by Jonathan Hultén of Necromantic Art. Vocalist David Nilsson has made the following statement:

“When the guys from Rotten Relics first got in touch with us and explained what they were all about we instantly knew that they were the kind of people that we wanted to work with. Fans and vinyl collectors making releases for fans and other vinyl collectors, with exactly the right attitude that is needed for the genre. People have been asking us about a vinyl release of ‘Dragged to the Altar’ since the initial release in 2011 and we’re proud to announce that these guys will finally be giving our debut album the vinyl treatment. Dragged to the altar to be revived again!

The label also comments: “Newsflash from the vaults! Skellefteå’s own Feral teamed up with the Austrian treasure seekers Rotten Relics for a vinyl release of ‘Dragged To The Altar,’ the debut album from 2011 containing 11 blasts of enthralling death metal! Originally supposed to be published on vinyl along with its CD release, this LP eventually never saw the light of day… until now! Rotten Relics is proud and ghoulishly joyous to present ‘Dragged To The Altar’ to all undead headbangers out there! Expect the vinyl release of this sonic avalanche in spring 2016.”

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Magic Circle Streaming New Track “Journey Blind”

In preparation of the release of Magic Circle’s sophomore LP, “Journey Blind,” through 20 Buck Spin next month, today a stream of the title track comes online.

Previously posted track “A Ballad For The Vultures” can also be heard at this location. “Journey Blind” sees its initial release in CD and digital formats on November 20, with the vinyl to follow in early 2016. The track listing is as follows:

1. Journey Blind
2. The Damned Man
3. A Ballad For The Vultures
4. Lightning Cage
5. Ghosts Of The Southern Front
6. Grand Deceivers
7. Antediluvian

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Obsequiae Signs With 20 Buck Spin, New Album Forthcoming

20 Buck Spin is proud to announce the signing of American metal outfit Obsequiae. The following press release was issued about the band:

“Hailing from the great Northern end of Minnesota, the band creates a unique, organic blend of dark, melodic black and death metal infused with traditional medieval music.

“Obsequiae’s debut album, Suspended In The Brume Of Eos, was released on CD via Bindrune Recordings in 2011. Having remained an in-house favorite since its initial release, 20 Buck Spin is proud to confirm the upcoming release of Suspended In The Brume Of Eos on vinyl for the first time on May 27th. Repackaged with new artwork the new vinyl edition will act as a reintroduction of Obsequiae in advance of the band’s anticipated second LP, which will surface on 20 Buck Spin later in 2014.

“Conjuring images of a medieval Europe where modern life has yet to infringe, Suspended In The Brume Of Eos harkens back to the pre-wimp-out melodic Scandinavian death metal of the 1990s; dark, aggressive, conscious of songcraft and unintimidated by complexity. Their deep knowledge of European traditional music and instrumentation is evident throughout, particularly in the ornate, colorful interludes that tie the album together like tapestries in a ruined castle.”

The “Suspended In The Brume Of Eos” track listing is as follows:

1. Altars Of Moss
2. Sidhe
3. In The White Fields
4. Suspended In The Brume Of Eos
5. Wildes Heer
6. The Wounded Fox
7. Atonement
8. Estas Redit
9. Arrows
10. The Starlit Shore
11. Boreas
12. Cabin Lights

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Rottrevore Announces “Hung By The Eyesockets” EP Release

Although the comeback EP of U.S. death metal act Rottrevore was recorded back in March 2011 and planned for a summer release through Xtreem Music, several problems made it impossible to see release until now.

The “Hung by the Eyesockets” EP is now coming in August 2013, and was recorded & produced by Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studio in Florida. The initial release will be on CD format, with a special vinyl edition coming down the line. Xtreem Music comments:

“One of these problems that delayed this release was the cover artwork and after trying three artists, the band decided to use the skills of Juanjo Castellano who again proved to be one of the most renowned artists in extreme Metal, creating another sick piece of art.

“Originally entitled ‘Blind Sided Attack,’ this EP changed its name to ‘Hung by the Eyesockets,’ so for those who might think this is a different release, don’t worry it’s the same one. This release will coincide with Rottrevore’s very first and only European appearance ever at KillTown Deathfest in Denmark next 30th of August.”

The release date for “Hung by the Eyesockets” is planned for August 8th and an advance track can be heard below.

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Dantalion Announces New Album "Return To Deep Lethargy" Release

Spanish metal act Dantalion has issued the following announcement about releasing a new album:

“Dantalion announces the forthcoming release of their fourth full length album! After several months of hard work, Dantalion has finally finished the preparations for their new album which will be entitled ‘Return to Deep Lethargy.’

“Dealing with death, humanity’s decadence, angst, sorrow, emptiness… this new opus contains 6 new tracks in 45 minutes of atmospheric and melancholic black metal. From an initial release of 1500 copies, the first 500 will come in a limited special edition with Katatonia’s classic ‘Murder’ as bonus track. ‘Return to Deep Lethargy’ was again recorded in B2V Studios with Brais Barreiro and, this time, mastered by Sverker Widgren in Sweden’s Necromorbus Studios.

“The new album will be soon released by the Swedish label Unexploded Records, known for their previous works with acts such as Blodsrit, Gravdal, Krohm, Bergraven, Pagan Rites… You can watch a promo video with footage taken during the recording sessions of ‘Return to Deep Lethargy’ visiting Dantalion’s youtube channel.”

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