Nightrage Posts New Single “The Damned” Online

Nightrage is back with their second single, “The Damned”, from their upcoming album “Wolf To Man” where the band invites us to a mesmerizing melodic musical journey, telling the truthful story that guides us all the way to the inevitable demise of mankind. The music delivers a delicate and well-balanced blend between brutality and melody, and also an intricate mix of thrashing riffs, airy instrumentals and hooking choruses to bang your fists to. “The Damned” will be released February 1st via Despotz Records.

“Humans have given up on living for real and now just live for next cheap thrill not giving a shit how to make it to the next day. It’s more important to have many “likes” on social media then it is to take care of or interact with the ones living around you. We and our bodies are just empty shells now losing the last of our damned souls to the cheap thrill of fake life online. It’s our own fault. Hate us and blame us. We are the damned!” – Nightrage

This relentless story of extinction is told with as much aggression as there is intriguing and mesmerizing melodies. Memorable hooks and some of the catchiest choruses that metal has seen in decades, does nothing to compromise the brutality and honesty that Nightrage is known for.

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Devilment Posts Live Video “Hell At My Back” Online

Witch County nefarious frights Devilment – led by vehement frontman Dani Filth – have released an official live music video for the track “Hell At My Back,” which was shot during the band’s storming set at Bloodstock Open Air Festival last year. You can check it out below.

The band states: “The live video for ‘Hell At My Back’ was taken from Devilment’s performance at Bloodstock 2017, which was an awesome show played at an awesome festival. We had quite a riot at Bloodstock that year, with some truly unforgettable moments courtesy of meeting bands and friends amid many alcoholic beverages.This was actually the last show for both Lauren and Nick, who left the band amicably not long after the show for commitments in the real world.

‘”Hell At My Back’ is a precursor to our forthcoming appearance at this year’s HRH Metal III. Lyrically, the protagonist of the song is constantly haunted by his past, hunted by the horrors he has confronted since time immemorial. Awful things he has done in the name of love. But it is again another song of defiance, of staying the inevitable, of the eternal struggle of ‘being’. Of evading the clutching powers of Hell.”

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Born Of Osiris Reveals New Album “The Simulation” Details; Posts New Video “The Accursed” Online

American metalcore outfit Born Of Osiris has announced that they will be releasing a new studio album, “The Simulation” through Sumerian Records on January 11th. In preparation for the release, the group has released a new music video for the song, “The Accursed,” which can be found below, along with the album’s artwork and tracklisting.

Lee McKinney (guitars) states: “The first single and video for ‘The Accursed’ plays exactly off of the album titles and themes. People are stuck and addicted to machines, social media, virtual realities and anything that creates a life or reality that’s not their own. Our phones have become an extension of ourselves, a body part. We play games or throw on virtual headsets that literally suck us out of the reality we live and into a fantasy. What’s the future going to look like, a simulation? Could the simulation have already begun?

“Also, this new album keeps the integrity high across the board. I want to make the best songs I could for the people who are listening (and myself), and I want to perform them to their best ability on stage to give the people attending our shows those ‘wow’ moments. We want to give them those concert memories that’ll last a lifetime.”

Joe Buras (backing vocals, synth) further states: “We welcome the incorporation of steel, or have we already? It’s hard to prove we are not already in a simulation with the development of AI, advances in brain mapping technology and the inevitable singularity. We now see an age that is either here or on the horizon.”


1. The Accursed
2. Disconnectome
3. Cycles Of Tragedy
4. Under The Gun
5. Recursion
6. Analogs In A Cell
7. Silence The Echo
8. One Without The Other

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Nightmarer (The Ocean, Ex-War From A Harlots Mouth) Premiere “Death/Swansong”

Nightmarer (The Ocean, ex-War From A Harlots Mouth, etc.) debut “Death/Swansong” from their new effort, “Cacophony Of Terror“, which will be out on March 23rd via Season Of Mist.

Says guitarist Simon Hawemann of the track:

“Our track ‘Death‘ marks the inevitable end of ‘Cacophony of Terror‘ – it is the final stage of a battle that was never meant to be won. My inspiration for this song was all too real: I had to witness a person close to me decease over the course of several days. The riffs and sounds in ‘Death‘ reflect the heavy breathing, the tortured moans, and the spasms of a dying human being – sights and sounds that are burned into my memory forever.

This experience served as a morbidly twisted foundation to give death itself an appropriate soundtrack. Once it’s all over, ‘Death‘ seamlessly makes the transitions into ‘Swansong‘, which offers nothing else than just the relief of not having to fight any longer. One could not exist without the other, so we’re premiering both tracks merged into one today.

We are thrilled to have joined forces with Alan Dubin (KHANATE/GNAW), who lent his terrifying voice to ‘Death‘. His piercing screams serve as the perfect personification of the demon that lurks in the plagued mind of the album’s protagonist. Without further ado, embrace death!”

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Crescent Premiere New Song “Beyond the Path of Amenti” From Upcoming New Album “The Order of Amenti”

Egypt’s blackened death metal band Crescent premiere a new song entitled “Beyond the Path of Amenti”, taken from their upcoming new album “The Order of Amenti”, which will be out in stores February 9th, 2018 via Listenable Records.

Check out now “Beyond the Path of Amenti” below.

Explains the band:

“The heart and soul of The Order of Amenti album resides in the “Beyond the Path of Amenti” track. It represents the key features of the whole album in what it holds of melodies, hooks and aggression. The track unfolds the visions of the afterlife and the grandeur of the Egyptian afterlife mythology encompassed in the divinity and might of the great Anubis. The Hieroglyphs on the walls illustrate the path of death and resurrection, for nothing is as certain as the inevitable justice. We take pride in using, for the first time in metal history, full sentences and verses in real spoken hieroglyphs representing Anubis’ speech! “Beyond the Path of Amenti” is the first part of a trilogy that wholly forms a lyrical epic and musical journey.”

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Bermuda Debuts New Video “Gnashing Teeth” From Latest Album “Nepenthe”

Bermuda debuts a new video entitled “Gnashing Teeth”, taken from the bands latest album “Nepenthe”, which was released June 16th via Urban Yeti Records. Comments the band’s vocalist Corey Bennett of the video:

“The first step in the 7 stages of acceptance of death is denial. Refusing to believe or accept the inevitable is an underestimated emotion that can lead to great things. Anger is too often considered a negative emotion when in the face of things you can’t change it’s often times what helps you survive. And yes, I willingly got buried alive.”

Check out now “Gnashing Teeth” below.

This November Bermuda will head out on this U.S. tour with Denihilist:

11/01 Manchester, NH – Bungalow Bar & Grill
11/02 Providence, RI – Alchemy
11/03 Phoenixville, PA – Polish Club
11/05 Chesapeake, VA – Riffhouse Pub
11/07 Augusta, GA – Iron Heights
11/08 Orlando, FL – Backbooth
11/10 Atlanta, GA – TBA
11/11 Memphis, TN – Growlers
11/12 Baton Rouge, LA – 524 Studios
11/13 Austin, TX – Come And Take It Live
11/14 Houston, TX – White Swan
11/15 Dallas, TX – Tomcats West
11/17 Wichita, KS – Barleycorns
11/18 Emporia, KS – The Theatre

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Loviatar Streaming “Nascent” Track

Canadian post-rock/doom four-piece Loviatar (pronounced low-vye-ah-tar) just posted a lyric video taken from the band’s self-titled debut full-length, which is due out worldwide on July 28th, 2017 via Prosthetic Records.

The track “Nascent” is the first of the three-part “Stygian Wyrm” opus and can be heard below. Loviatar comments “‘Nascent’ is the first movement of he Stygian Wyrm trilogy. The song relates the birth of a dragon in fire, death and thunder, his formative years in solitude and his experiences among humans. Focusing on human failings, corruption and the inevitable apocalypse, Loviatar’s debut opus will be released over the coming weeks.”

The band’s new self-titled album features two monolithic tracks: the aforementioned “Stygian Wyrm” (broken down into three parts for the digital release) and “Blind Goddess of the Nine Plagues.” It will be available on all digital platforms, digipack CD and a limited edition gold and black swirl LP. Pre-orders are available here.

1. Nascent (Stygian Wyrm Part I) – 6:11
2. Discordant (Stygian Wyrm Part II) – 3:39
3. Ascendant (Stygian Wyrm Part III) – 8:07
4. Blind Goddess of the Nine Plagues – 19:03

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Farsot Unveils New Album “Fail-Lure”

Experimental black metal band Farsot will release third album, “Fail?Lure,” on April 21st via Prophecy Productions / Lupus Lounge. Produced by V. Santura (Triptykon, Secrets Of The Moon), the album merges Farsot’s avant-garde songwriting with original black metal arrangements and a dynamism that could only come from one of the world’s most ambitious underground bands.

A blend of failure and allure, the album is conceptually inspired by the critically acclaimed Peter Greenaway film, “Drowning by Numbers” which won the award for Best Artistic Contribution at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival, as well as Art Nouveau works such as Khnopff’s “Ishtar,” Klimt’s “Water Serpents,” Kotarbinski’s “Kiss of Medusa,” and Schwabe’s “La Vague.”

The record’s album art features a sculpture by French artist Denis Lavoyer that depicts a female idealized with threatening, claw-like branches for arms, addressing the inevitable dilemma between fascination and mania and seeming rifts between the sexes; it is an allegory of life as an endless game that cannot be won.

1. Vitriolic
2. Circular Stains
3. With Obsidian Hands
4. Undercurrents
5. The Antagonist
6. A Hundred To Nothing

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Dark Tranquillity Nominated For Swedish Grammis

Dark Tranquillity may not have won our 2016 best metal album award, but the melodic death metal band is up for the Swedish Grammis Awards for new album “Atoma.”

Frontman Mikael Stanne comments, “We are honored that in a year of amazing Swedish albums our own ‘Atoma’ has been nominated for the Swedish Grammis awards. We are indeed in good company among the nominees and we cannot wait for the awards ceremony and the inevitable party afterwards!”

Dark Tranquillity just recently announced a European tour with no less than Swedish heavy metal Vikings Amon Amarth and Finnish label mates Omnium Gatherum for 2017.

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Night Demon Releasing Self-Titled EP On Cassette

Shadow Kingdom Records has set October 31st as the international release date for the cassette version of Night Demon’s self-titled debut EP. The label comments:

“Night Demon is a young trio from California who literally fell out of the sky from nowhere…well, they did when they first released the ‘Night Demon’ EP on CD in 2013. Even before its release, when they’d just created a Bandcamp page – and where Shadow Kingdom found ’em and were instantly blown away – Night Demon were invited to play the KIT festival in Europe.

“From there, the stage was set for their inevitable debut album, ‘Curse of the Damned,’ which was released last year by Steamhammer and through which the band hit the road hard and converted the masses to their heavy metal faith.”

1. Night Demon
2. The Chalice
3. Ancient Evil
4. Ritual
5. Axe Crazy*
6. Lightning To The Nations*
7. Radar Love (live)*
8. Ritual (live)*

(* = cassette-only bonus tracks)

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