Condition Critical Posts “Intravenous Mutilation” Music Video

Condition Critical has a new music video out now for “Intravenous Mutilation,” which is the third track off the thrash band’s sophomore album “Extermination Plan.” You can get your own copy here and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Interminable Surgery
2. Fatal Incision
3. Intravenous Mutilation
4. Voluntary Disfigurement
5. Extermination Plan
6. Ostracized
7. Vindictive Hostility
8. Genocidal Void

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Vomitology Streaming “The Incision Of Silent” Single

Vomitology was formed last year in Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia with Yudie Sultan (Heretic Suicide) on guitar, P’man on Bass, and Battery Drummer (Ex-Hatestroke, Funeral Inception, Humonic) doing what his name would suggest.

After many vocalist replacements, Adith (Evil Circle) joined the band and now the band has released the single “The Incision of Silent.” Give it a listen in the Bandcamp player below.

The Insicion of Silent by VOMITOLOGY

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