Countess Parts Ways With Drummer Wolfram

Dutch outfit Countess has issued the following statement about parting way with the group’s drummer:

“With regret we have to announce that our drummer Wolfram has decided to leave the band. He made this decision because he feels he can no longer give the band the time and attention it deserves. We understand and respect his decision as we know it was not made lightly.

“Wolfram joined Countess early in 2014 and played an important part in the band’s return to the stage. His invaluable contribution to the band will be missed by all of us. We wish him all the best in the future and trust he will remain part of the Countess family.”

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Coldworker Breaking Up, Issues Statement

Swedish act Coldworker has checked in with the following announcement about deciding to call it a day:

“Attention! After seven plus years of full blasting death metal, Coldworker is calling it quits.

“Everybody in the band doesn’t want to do it anymore, so we feel the best thing is to just hang it up and be done with it. There’s no bad blood between the members and we remain friends.

“Thanks a bunch to everybody who supported us through the years, buying albums and t-shirts and coming to the shows, you are the best! Big thanks also to Listenable records, Relapse records and to AndrĂ© Alvinzi, who was an important part of the early days of the band.

“None of us is quitting music and we’ll see you around in other bands. Thank you and goodbye.”

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Ash Of Beasts Posts New Lyric Video For "Eternal Damnation"

Mauritius heavy metal act Ash of Beasts has posted a new lyric video online for the track “Eternal Damnation,” which can be found below. Ash of Beasts is:

Kenny Sholay: Drums
Ravish Ramdoss: Lead Guitar
Akshay Bundhoo: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Keveen Mihdidin: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Hiresh Etwaroo: Lead Vocals

The band also commented on its history and sound:

“Ash of Beasts is a Mauritian heavy metal band consisting of five friends who share the same passion and interests in music as a whole and of course Metal.

“The band was named as such, in the view that, we metal-heads are often considered wrong and misconceived. We chose to join the struggle for a better future in Metal music here, and also enjoy what we do! ‘BeasTs we became in the eyes of society and to Ashes we burnt in the thought of the insensible.’

“The band intends to speak out in our small island where opportunities for this genre of music is very limited. We have been, and are still struggling to take this genre of music to heights and also promote this kind of music in Mauritius. And the most important part of it, we are playing heavy ass metal for the love of it. Our passion!”

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Void Posts "Once Written In Blood" Lyric Video Clip

Swedish act Void has posted a lyric video clip online for the song “Once Written in Blood,” which is available below. Void is also currently streaming the entire “Humanity” EP online via the band’s Facebook profile here.

The band commented on it’s style:

“Void is a symphonic metal band, with a wide range of styles incorporated into that genre such as; power metal, death metal, a little doom metal influences and lots of classic heavy metal grit blending into one ominous and dark yet melodic, unique style.

“The lyrics play an important part in the formation of the music. They have a large variety of topics, which ranges from the more subtle such as delving into the psyche of humans (both on an individual and on a more general level) and contemplation of the human condition. Then there’s the more straight-forward approach such as the depiction of historical events. Mythology, folklore and epics of old is also themes which sometimes occur.”

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Demon Hunter Working On New Album

American heavy metal outfit Demon Hunter has announced that they have begun working on material for their next studio album, which they also confirmed will be produced by Aaron Sprinkle. The record will be released through Solid State, with whom the group have re-signed with. Speaking on the new deal and forthcoming album, frontman Ryan Clark stated:

“Solid State has always been an important part of Demon Hunter. They helped market the band before we’d even started writing our first record and they continue to push the band further with each new album. From the very beginning, Solid State has allowed Demon Hunter to do things our own unique way and they’ve become a vital part of the band’s existence. Re-signing was a no-brainer for us.

“We’re knee-deep in the writing process and the songs are sounding as intense as ever. We’ve always made an effort to stay true to our sound, but we like to push the boundaries of that blueprint with each release. These new songs have a lot of varying influences: from Viking metal to classic thrash; grooving 90’s rock to stompy hardcore. Our goal, as it is with each record, is to blend these influences into one cohesive but unique Demon Hunter album.”

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