Mind Affliction To Release New Album "Pathetic Humanity"

Polish black/death metal act Mind Affliction will be releasing new album “Pathetic Humanity” later this month through Metal Scrap Records. A track from the album, titled “Human Centipede,” can be heard in the player below.

The album was recorded during the summer of 2012 at 67 Studio in Giebultów and the material was mixed, mastered, and recorded by Dominik Burzym. Mind Affliction comments:

“‘Pathetic Humanity’ tells the story of human depravity and perversion. The record features mixed styles ranging from black metal to technical death, often filled with harmonics and even some doom metal elements. Two vocals together with two unique guitars tuned all the way down to C, all accompanied by brutal blast beats on drums, create an eerie, sometimes psychedelic, yet soothing atmosphere.”

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Undead Pandemic Records Tracks For New Album

UK based blackened death goregrind project Undead Pandemic has revealed the title of its upcoming release. Undead Pandemic’s second full-length album will be titled “Nunslut” and the band promises that it will be even more extreme and offensive than its predecesor, “The Rising.” Ben Murphy, the mastermind behind Undead Pandemic, had to say: “I’m a few tracks into my second full length album (brutality has increased somewhat and will be a total goregrind massacre) – the artwork hasn’t been completed yet but I can reveal the title – it’s going to be called ‘Nunslut’. Full of blasphemy, brutality, hatred and alot of defiled nuns. Tracks written and recorded so far are as follows: ‘Hellfuck,’ ‘Home Surgery Face Transplant,’ ‘Hellfuck Part 2,’ ‘Thirty Thousand Fisted Nuns’ and ‘The Human Centipede (Surgery Perversion).’ I’m well into a few other tracks but there’s still a lot to be done.” Check out an upload for the track “The Human Centipede” below.

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