Bohemian Grove Releases “Embodiment Of Evil” Music Video

U.K. outfit Bohemian Grove has released a new music video for “Embodiment of Evil,” which can be seen below. The track comes off the “Eternal Ruin” EP, which has the following track listing:

1. Intro 00:54
2. Reflection of Hollow Eyes 04:42
3. Eternal Ruin 03:51
4. Embodiment of Evil 03:01
5. Departures 05:49

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Waxen To Release New Album “Agios Holokauston”

Waxen will release “Agios Holokauston” this coming May 27th, 2014 via Moribund Records. Waxen is the cult solo project of metal vet Toby Knapp (Onward, Toby Knapp band, Godless Rising). Knapp comments:

“Waxen is my personal musical manifestation of the extreme negative polarity. Waxen’s debut was recorded nearly a decade ago, and this follow-up Agios Holokauston was only made possible by a cloud of darkness that once again lingered over me that needed to be transformed into an artform.

“I recorded this in the most primitive ways to capture the true essence of black metal. Broken, tiny earphones were used as the ‘microphone,’ and all instruments were plugged into a 4-track and overdriven by ‘maxing out’ the unit itself. My aim is to reintroduce a strain of black metal that inspired me, bands like Octinomos, Algaion, early Graveland, and Craft, just to name a few.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Suicidium 4:20
2. Procession 11 5:27
3. Destined For Division 4:13
4. At War With Reason Itself 6:26
5. With Hatred Be Destroyed 4:38
6. Hollow Eyes 6:03
7. Eight The Adept 4:30

 photo waxen_zps17dbfb0d.jpg

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By Crimson Light Posts New Music Video For “Here By Sunrise (Hollow Eyes)”

Manchester, England’s By Crimson Light has released a music video for the track “Here By Sunrise (Hollow Eyes),” which can be viewed below. The track comes off the band’s debut EP “Fragments.”

For more info on By Crimson Light, and download instructions for the EP, head over to the band’s Facebook profile here. By Crimson Light is:

Joe Tohill – Vocals
Luke Townsend – Guitar & Vocals
Matthew Lockwood – Guitar
Mike Jones – Bass & Vocals
Jack Langfeld – Drums

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Arrayan Path Comments On Upcoming Album "Ira Imperium"

Arrayan Path has checked in with the following statement about the band’s upcoming album:

“Arrayan Path’s new, third album, ‘Ira Imperium,’ is almost here and we can confidently say that this album is simply a masterpice (for lack of a better word)!

“As previously announced, the album features a guest appearance (on the title track more specifically) by the legendary Tony Martin (ex BLACK SABBATH). It also sees the return of Vagelis Maranis (SANVOISEN) lending his voice on several tracks.

“Recorded and mixed at Maranis Studios in Germany, ‘Ira Imperium’ is released worldwide on November 4th (November 7th in the UK) while at the same time it will be available as a digital download through major mp3 stores. A limited edition will also be available for die-hard fans, details of which will be revealed later.”

Arrayan Path is also offering a free download of the new song “77 Days ’til Doomsday,” which can be found here.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Dies Irae
2. Gnosis of Prometheus
3. Ira Imperium (The Damned)
4. Kiss of Kali
5. Katherine of Aragon
6. 77 Days ’til Doomsday
7. Emir of the Faithful
8. Hollow Eyes of Nefertiti
9. Amenophis
10. Lost Ithaca
11. I Sail Across the Seven Seas
12. The Fall of Mardonius
13. The Poet Aftermath

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