Aeternus Premiere New Song “The Sword of Retribution” From Upcoming New Album “Heathen”

Norwegian black metal band Aeternus premiere a new song titled “The Sword of Retribution”, taken from their upcoming new album “Heathen”, which will be released on October 12 by Dark Essence Records. It was produced by Herbrand Larsen (ex-Enslaved).

Check out now “The Sword of Retribution” below.

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Gravdal Premieres New Song “Apostler av døden” From Upcoming New Album “Kadaverin”

Norwegian black metal act Gravdal premieres a new song titled “Apostler av døden”, taken from the upcoming new album “Kadaverin”, which will be officially unleashed on August 11 via Soulseller Records. “Kadaverin” was produced in Mackwerk studio by Lord Bård and mastered by Herbrand Larsen at Conclave & Earshot studios. It features guest appearances from members of Satyricon, Taake, SAHG, The Ruins Of Beverast, Seven Impale and Orkan and lyrics written by V`gandr (Helheim, Taake).

Check out now “Apostler av døden” below.

Full tracklist:

1. Kadaverin
2. Apostler av døden
3. Dans med livet, dans med døden
4. Arkaisk kamp, angrip!
5. Vi som ser i mørket
6. Eklipse
7. Roten til all ondskap
8. Inni menneskedyret
9. Når noen tar farvel

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Slegest Premieres New Song & Music Video “I Fortida Sitt Lys” From Upcoming New Album “Vidsyn”

Former Vreid guitarist Ese’s black metal band Slegest premieres a new song and music video titled “I Fortida Sitt Lys”, taken from the upcoming new album “Vidsyn”, which will be out in stores November 4 via Dark Essence Records. The new album was recorded in Conclave & Earshot Studio and Systrond Studio with Bjørnar E. Nilsen (Vulture Industries) and frontman Ese as producers. Nilsen mixed the album, and it was mastered by Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved). It also features Grutle Kjellson (Enslaved) on the track “Som i eit endelikt”.

Check out now “I Fortida Sitt Lys” below.

Says the band about the video and the song:

“‘I fortida sitt lys’ is the opening track of Vidsyn and is somewhat of a punk number or at least the closest you’ll get in the cold vein of Slegest, groove and heaviness being the centre of it all. We think the vibe, the visuals and the atmosphere of both the location for the shoot and the finished video complements the music and the feel of not only this song specifically, but the whole album.”

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Slegest Premieres New Song “Wolf” From Upcoming New Album “Vidsyn”

Former Vreid guitarist Ese’s black metal band Slegest premieres a new song entitled “Wolf”, taken from the upcoming new album “Vidsyn”, which will be out in stores November 4 via Dark Essence Records. The new album was recorded in Conclave & Earshot Studio and Systrond Studio with Bjørnar E. Nilsen (Vulture Industries) and frontman Ese as producers. Nilsen mixed the album, and it was mastered by Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved). It also features Grutle Kjellson (Enslaved) on the track “Som i eit endelikt”.

Check out now “Wolf” below.

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Sulphur Releasing “Omens Of Doom” In North America

Norwegian technical blackened death legion Sulphur — which features past and present members of Gorgoroth, Aeternus, Enslaved, Vulture Industries, and more — will unleash the “Omens Of Doom” full-length album in North America this Friday, April 15th via Dark Essence Records.

Already available on European soil, with “Omens Of Doom” Sulphur traverses the twilight between bestial and the epic. The album was captured again at Conclave and Earshot Studios with longtime collaborator Bjørnar E. Nilsen (Taake, Helheim, Vulture Industries) and mastered by Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved, Gorgoroth, Audrey Horne).

1. The Force Of Our Fall
2. Gathering Storms
3. The Devil’s Pyre
4. Plague And Pestilence
5. Omens Of Doom
6. Rise Of The Mushroom Clouds
7. Alt Svartner

Omens of Doom by Sulphur

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El Caco Reveals Details On New Album “7”

With 15 years of experience and a clenched fist, El Caco’s latest album simply titled “7” will hit the streets on January 15, 2016.

The band, which has remained a trio since beginning in 1998, has released almost a full shelf of records, with exponentially more successful results each time. About “7” the group can confidently share that “this is a record that will take you through an eclectic landscape and draw out a hunger in you never felt before.”

On this album, El Caco has whipped a creamy cream of both rock & roll, grunge, and stoner rock in a manner worthy of the band’s name. The recording was done in Bergen, more specifically in Earshot Studios mixed by Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved). All recording was done with live accompaniment to give it an extra authentic vibe. “Everything to make the mix closer to a live performance,” the band states.

1. Curious
2. Sickness
3. Ambivalent
4. Reach Out
5. The Silver Light
6. In Limbo
7. In Space All Huge Beasts Just Seem Tiny
8. Those Possessed

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66Crusher Reveals “Wanderer” Album Details

The Norwegian progressive thrash band 66crusher will release third album “Wanderer” on February 6th.

“Wanderer” will be released by Gymnocal Industries, and is already available for pre-ordering at this location. The album revolves around the themes of space, galaxies, and the end of everything. The following press release was also issued:

“The drums for ‘Wanderer’ were recorded at Conclave and Earshot Studios with producer Bjørnar E. Nilsen (Taake, Helheim, Vulture Industries etc.), whilst all the guitars, bass, vocals and keys were handled by the band themselves. As with the previous albums, mixing was in the hands of Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved). Mastering was this time done by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios.

“The result is a highly progressive and melodic thrash album, which sounds very different from all other Norwegian metal bands. The classic 66crusher sound has reached a new level, with more complex compositions and more unique leads from guitar player Martin Legreid (also in Hellish Outcast).”

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Enslaved Posts Second Track-By-Track Commentary On New Album "RIITIIR"

In the second of eight installments, Enslaved bassist/vocalist/lyricist Grutle Kjellson and rhythm guitarist/songwriter/lyricist Ivar Bjørnson offer song commentaries on their trademarked Norwegian strain of progressive extreme metal that will be unveiled with their twelfth studio album, “RIITIIR.” The album is due out in Europe on September 28th and in North America on October 9th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Kjellson comments on “Death In The Eyes Of Dawn:”

“It is impossible for a band like ENSLAVED not to be inspired by Bathory! And we somehow always end up paying a little tribute to Quorthon on each album. Bathory is our musical roots, maybe more than any other band. On Axioma Ethica Odini, the song ‘Singular’ became ‘the Bathory song,’ and this time it was ‘Death In The Eyes Of Dawn’ that got that honor! The song changed a whole lot from the first sketches, partly because of mine and Herbrand’s vocal arrangements and partly because of co-producer Iver Sandøy´s crazy idea that the second theme in the song sounded very Beatles-like and thus we had to develop that theme in a more Beatles-like direction! We did so, and ended up sounding nothing like the Beatles whatsoever! Maybe the bass guitar does, but I doubt that Macca [McCartney] ever sounded like I do vocally… not even on the demos for Magical Mystery Tour. The lyrics are inspired by the idea of self-destruction and the final judgment (Ragnarok in the Norse Mythology). You can find in several of the different mythologies around the globe: the mutual fear of the ‘dark’ forces in cosmos.”

Bjørnson on “Death In The Eyes Of Dawn:”

“A great thing with writing music for ENSLAVED is how solid the core identity of the band is: there’s room for allowing quite ‘direct’ inspirations and references into the music, and it still comes out and across as ENSLAVED’s interpretations of the music we’re inspired by, rather than us trying to be someone else. The main theme of the song is a humble tribute to ‘Viking-era’ Bathory (Hammerheart and Twilight Of The Gods) without being anything else than pure ENSLAVED in my ears. The two singers are doing such a formidable job on this track, and I’ve got to say that Ice’s lead before the mid-break is my favorite lead of his on this album… perhaps even among his entire body of work: simple, elegant and saturated with emotion and atmosphere. It is also necessary to emphasize co-producer Iver Sandøy’s invaluable participation in both the arrangement and production of the song; he played a large role in the song’s dynamics and final arrangement. It also has to be mentioned how brilliant Grutle’s title for the song is. Discussing the lyrics with him, I learned that my own understanding of them took a different path from his – all you could wish from lyrics!”

“RIITIIR” was recorded in Bergen, Norway at Duper Studios, Earshot Studios, Solslottet Studios, and Peersonal Sound. At Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden, Jens Bogren handled mixing duties while Tony Lindgren handled the mastering. The team of producers includes Enslaved’s very own Ivar Bjørnson, Grutle Kjellson & Herbrand Larsen, plus Iver Sandøy.

A lyric video for the opening track “Thoughts Like Hammers” is available here and the full track listing is:

01. Thoughts Like Hammers
02. Death In The Eyes Of Dawn
03. Veilburner
04. Roots Of The Mountain
05. Riitiir
06. Materal
07. Storm Of Memories
08. Forsaken

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The Gathering Reveals New Album "Disclosure" Release Date

The tenth studio full-length from Dutch atmospheric rock icons The Gathering, entitled “Disclosure,” is nearing release, with a confirmed North American street date of September 25th via Psychonaut Records. The following press release was issued about the band:

“Now in their twenty-third year as a band, and having sold over a million records worldwide to date, this next step in the band’s process was produced by founding member René Rutten, mainly taking place in the The Gathering’s own home studio, with segments recorded at additional studios abroad, the final product then mixed by Guido Aalbers (Coldplay, Muse, Counting Crows, 16 Horsepower). This is the worldwide renowned outfit’s second album with Norwegian vocalist Silje Wergeland — who debuted her talents on their The West Pole LP released in 2009 – her sensual vocals for the new album recorded by Herbrand Larsen of Enslaved. The handcrafted cover art was created by Chilean artist Carlos Vergara Rivera.”

“Disclosure is the most personal soundscape the band has ever made, both lyrically and musically,” stated The Gathering keyboardist Frank Boeijen, who presents himself vocally for the first time on Disclosure. “The album is a great marriage between electronic and organic sounds, and has a wide range of colorful songs. With long, epic songs, we stayed close to ourselves. We are incredibly proud of this album which is a reflection of what we do best, and our urge for experimentation. Every band says the same thing about their new album, but we think we’ve made our best album yet.”

The album’s track listing is:

1. Paper Waves
2. Meltdown
3. Gemini I
4. Heroes For Ghosts
5. Missing Seasons
6. See For Miles
7. Paralyzed
8. Gemini II

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Ahab Unveils New Album Title and Cover Art for "The Giant"

German funeral doom band Ahab has announced that the band’s forthcoming third LP will be entitled “The Giant,” and is scheduled for a May 2012 release month through Napalm Records. Enslaved keyboardist/vocalist Herbrand Larsen will make a guest appearance on the album. The vinyl edition of the release will contain two bonus tracks.

Check out the album artwork here:

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