Armahda Premieres New Lyric Video “Queen Mary Insane”

Brazillian power-thrashers Armahda premiere a new lyric video for “Queen Mary Insane”, taken from the band’s self-titled album.

Check out now “Queen Mary Insane” below.

Explains the band:

“Once she had disembarked in Brazil with the royal family to escape Napoleon, the Queen screamed in fear of demons surrounding her. This incident earned her the nickname ‘Queen Maria I, the Mad’. There are rumors that relate her ‘madness’ with a mental illness manifested after the deaths of her husband and her eldest son, whom she allegedly refused to vaccinate against variola (smallpox) because of her religious beliefs. Damaging acts enacted by Queen Maria I such as the prohibition of manufacturing in the Portuguese colony and heavy taxation on gold from mining efforts served as a trigger for riots and prompted the Minas Gerais Conspiracy.”

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