All Hail The Yeti Premiere New Song & Music Video “The Nuclear Dust”

All Hail The Yeti ‘s new full-length “Highway Crosses” will be released on November 16th via Minus Head Records.The band premiere the first single and music video from it called “The Nuclear Dust“. All Hail The Yeti worked with producer Warren Riker (Down, Crowbar) on this new effort.

Speaking of the new track, frontman Connor Gerritty comments:

“We are very excited to finally get one of our heaviest songs out there to the masses! ‘The Nuclear Dust‘ is a freight train and we hope you all are are ready for this storm. It comes off our new album ‘Highway Crosses‘, which will be backed by tons of world touring. Now its time to get out there and feed this beast!”

About the new outing itself:

“Our third record, ‘Highway Crosses‘, has seen the band evolve as artists and individuals. We are still keeping the heavy groovy sound that you are all familiar with, but also stretching our boundaries to try new things. It’s the old school Yeti sound (heavy, fast verses and killer hooks), and we spent a lot of time making sure we picked the right songs hoping not to alienate any of our die-hard fans. The weapons are drawn and we are ready for war!!”

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Runescarred Premiere New Song “A Darker Man” From Upcoming New EP “We Are”

Progressive groove metal band RUNESCARRED premiere a new video for their song “A Darker Man”. The track is taken from their upcoming EP “We Are”, which will be released on June 29th.

Watch the video below:

Vocalist Ven Scott commented:

“‘A Darker Man’ is a cathartic song for me. Lyrically, I drew from probably one of the heaviest and most disappointing times I have gone through with my art. In the last year many accusations and fingers were waggled in my face and I started questioning my own motives and actions. “Was this the right thing to do?” “Did I over react?” “Am I the problem here?” This tune addresses that and allows me to wear my vulnerability on my sleeve. Sometimes you have to get broken down to become empowered.

For the video, we shot it in the historic Red Top Jail in Llano, Texas. Contextually, imprisonment seemed very poignant especially when paired with teh content of my lyrics. Then I shot a horror film called Date From Hell. I could give you some deep meaning for using the footage but, fuck it. I wanted to co-promote my band and my movie .”

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The Dead Centuries Debut New Track “Attack of The Mutant”

Canadian instrumental prog metal trio The Dead Centuries debut their second single “Attack of The Mutant” that features a guest guitar solo from Jeff Tremblett, brother of TDC guitarist Adam Tremblett.

Listen to “Attack of The Mutant” below:

Adam Tremblett adds:

“’Attack of the Mutant’ is the heaviest song of the album thus far, using down tuned guitar and bass along with dissonant harmony to give the feeling of tension throughout the introduction. This tension is then resolved by a melodic, upbeat chorus which leads into another heavy section, followed by a guitar solo, and the album’s first guest solo. The song ends with several heavy parts, with the final section building into an extremely dissonant broken ‘computer’ sounding part.”

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Song Premiere: Nordheim – “I Wish You Were Beer” From Forthcoming Album “Rapthor”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Quebec based folk metal band Nordheim’s new song “I Wish You Were Beer” streaming below. The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Rapthor, which is scheduled to be released on November 24th.

The band commented: “You know the feeling you get when you are impaling a busty T-Rex with your giant throbbing errecsword while lightning strikes you and transforms your hand into a fucking laser-cobra? Well this song isn’t close to that but it’s still pretty good.”

“We want to give the fans one of the heaviest and nastiest folk metal albums to date with ‘RapThor’. It is different from our first two. We had great feedback when we played the songs live. This album is the heaviest of them all while cutting back on the European folklore influences. It’s the result of our hard work over the last few years. It is super-heavy party music!” says Warraxe.

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Dragonhammer Announces “Obscurity” Album Release

“The same instant I received and listened to the final master of our new album ‘Obscurity,’ sent by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio, I had clear the idea that we did a great job indeed, without any doubt the best, the most complete and the heaviest album of our almost twenty-year career.”

With these words Gaetano Amodio, bass player and Dragonhammers co-founder, presents the band’s new album to follow previous release “The X Experiment.”

The group today also presents a new line-up with Flavio Cicconi on guitars and Andrea Gianangeli on drums.

“Obscurity” with its ten songs will be released on October 27th once again on My Kingdom Music. Pre-orders are online here and full details, including the cover artwork and track listing, will be made available soon.

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Stick To Your Guns Debuts New Song “The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: Penance Of Self” From Upcoming New Album “True View”

Stick To Your Guns premieres a new song and lyric video titled “The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: Penance Of Self”, taken from the upcoming new sixth full-length album “True View”, which will be out in stores October 13th through Pure Noise Records.

Check out now “The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: Penance Of Self” below.

Comments frontman Jesse Barnett of the track:

“Something I see in a lot of people, including almost everyone of my peers, is the inability to be honest with oneself. Everyone thinks they’re right. Everyone can’t seem to get a grip on the reality of being self-aware. I was this way and I’m sure I still can be. I was an incredibly selfish person who did whatever I felt like doing. I would leave a trail of destruction everywhere I went and my loved ones would always give me the pass — ‘Oh well, that’s Jesse.’ I came to a point where I realized no one is going to keep me accountable for my actions but myself. I lost some of the most important things in my life these last few years and I had nowhere left to hide. I had to face my fire. I had to finally, for fucking once, live with the hurt I created. I had to own my mistakes and it’s been the heaviest weight I’ve ever had to carry.”

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New Video Clip “Obsidian Tears” Posted By Ann My Guard

Hungarian metal act Ann My Guard has released a new music video for “Obsidian Tears,” which you can check out in the player below. The song is taken from the latest album “Ourania,” which was released in January 2017 via Rock’N’Growl Records. This song is the heaviest on the record, so the video represents this dark atmosphere through the visual concept too.

Grief, fury, mysticism: these three words inspired Szabi Kollár (Hindmost Visuals) the producer of the video. Check it out here:

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Tarlung Streams “Beyond The Black Pyramid” Album

Austrian group Tarlung released new album “Beyond The Black Pyramid” on May 5th, 2017 via Black Bow Records. You can stream the full release below, or get your own copy at Bandcamp here. The following press release was also issued:

“Dense and suffocating, Tarlung’s music crawls along ponderously, squeezing the life out of its listeners. This kind of expression in sludge is rarely done but ends up being most satisfying.

“The riffs command the direction, as within the mire of the deafening sludge you have catchy hooks and memorable tunes. Influences from closely related genres such as death metal and even stoner doom coalesce to form their monolithic sound. Listen to one of the heaviest albums in this style and quiver under its might.”

1. It Waits In The Dark 01:50
2. Dying Of The Light 08:16
3. Mud Town 06:27
4. Kings And Graves 09:47
5. The Prime Of Your Existence 10:56
6. Resignation 04:02
7. Born Dead 09:13
8. Beyond The Black Pyramid 07:29
9. Karma 08:21

Beyond The Black Pyramid by TarLung

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NY In 64 Posts New Song “50 Lbs Of Ash”

New Jersey-based instrumental hardcore outfit NY In 64 has released a first single from impending second album, “The Gentle Indifference Of The Night,” which is nearing release later this month through Magic Bullet Records.

The first example of the record’s lush riffs and tones is on display with “50 Lbs Of Ash” – listen in below. Offers guitarist Chris Alfano:

“For roughly a year and a half or so, NY In 64 has been in a long-distance relationship. Our bassist, Tom, moved to Albany, New York from New Jersey, but we were determined to keep the band going. ’50 Lbs of Ash’ was the first song we wrote in full after transitioning to a new way of doing things, which involved sending recordings back and forth and then cramming things into longer weekend sessions when we were able to get all four of us in the room.

“So I remember being especially happy with the way this one turned out – not just because it covers so much ground (from quiet and creepy, to us at our heaviest, to triumphant harmonies), but also because we wrote one of our best songs in spite of working around new logistical challenges. So uh…high-fives all around, I guess?”

NY In 64 has booked a record release weekend May 26th through 28th with shows in Flemington, Providence, and Brooklyn, and new tour dates are being planned as well.

5/26/2017 Flemington DIY – Flemington, NJ
5/27/2017 Psychic Readings – Providence, RI
5/28/2017 Gold Sounds – Brooklyn, NY

NY IN 64 “The Gentle Indifference of the Night” by NY in 64

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In The Company Of Serpents Streaming New Song “Limitless Light”

“Ain-Soph Aur,” the new studio offering from Denver doom duo In The Company Of Serpents, will see independent release on March 10th, 2017. In advance of its release, today closing track “Limitless Light” comes online and can be heard below.

“‘Limitless Light’ is probably the heaviest thing we’ve written to date,” comments vocalist Grant Netzorg, “and it’s my favorite track off the new record. It’s a very cathartic and often painful song for me to play live. Thematically, this song deals with striving to realize the true version of one’s self, the self that is who we essentially are at the core of our beings when all other baggage we acquire in life is stripped away.”

He goes on to say, “It is that true and beautiful version of ourselves that we must take every effort to honor and act upon, and it is a lifelong pursuit. This song has a strong melancholy to it, because I know that in many ways I have personally failed in this endeavor, whether through personal or professional obligations, or in the simple reality of how our society operates. Nonetheless it is an immense goal worthy of constant and continued effort, regardless of any personal setbacks I have encountered on the path there, and I intend to keep chasing that ideal.”

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