Time Walk Streaming “Beyond Eternity’s Grasp” Album

This week Static Tension Recordings released Time Walk’s “Beyond Eternity’s Grasp” on CD format, which can be picked up here or streamed in full below. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Ruinick Echoes 04:07
2. Fury Of The Sands 04:15
3. Time Heals Nothing 03:09
4. War 03:14
5. Temple Of The Forbidden 03:32
6. Enter The Realm Of Death 05:58

Beyond Eternity’s Grasp by Time Walk

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Static Tension To Issue New EP “Beyond Eternity’s Grasp” From Time Walk

Static Tension Recordings has been putting out one killer release after the other, so picking up the recently independently released EP “Beyond Eternity’s Grasp” from Springfield, Missouri’s Time Walk is no exception. The EP will see vinyl release through the label on May 12th.

Time Walk was formed in 2015 and offers the kind of power-packed death metal that we all remember in the ’90s. The attitude is fresh and it’s impossible to sit still while listening to the new EP. The track listing for the release is:

1. Ruinick Echoes
2. Fury Of The Sands
3. Time Heals Nothing
4. War
5. Temple Of The Forbidden
6. Enter The Realm Of Death (Runemagick Cover)

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War Agenda Posts “Night Of Disaster” Release Show Footage

War Agenda has released a video for the “Mosh” track taken from current album “Night Of Disaster” with footage from the band’s record release show.

The clip, available below, includes impressions and live footage not only from War Agenda’s performance, but also from the the other attending bands Cripper, TheProphecy23, Circle of Silence, Evil Drunken Death and Skeleton Pit.

“Night Of Disaster” dropped last month via MDD Records and the track listing is as follows:

1. Shot To Pieces
2. Geocide
3. The Wait
4. Sentenced
5. Night Of Disaster
6. Time Heals Nothing
7. Mosh
8. Destiny Of A Mad Man
9. Gone But Not Forgotten
10. Axis Of Evil

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