Displeased Disfigurement Announce Re-Release Of “Extermination Process”

Earlier this year, South African slam lords Displeased Disfigurement released their sophomore effort, ‘Origin Of Abhorrence’ on CDN Records. On the heels of this album, the guys are back with another lesson in sheer slam violence with the re-release of their 2013 debut effort, ‘Extermination Process’, due out December 29th.


1. Lockdown
2. Eviscerate the carcass
3. There will be vengence
4. Default Identity
5. Megalomanic human abduction
6. So bleed it
7. Suck your pussy
8. Fleshpots of Eqypt
9. Nausea

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Nitrogods Releasing New Album “Roadkill BBQ”

“Roadkill BBQ” is a musical homage to all the dead and living rock gods of Motörhead, Status Quo, and The Who. Rock’n Roll and boogie do not have to be re-invented, they just have to be played properly, say the Nitrogods and the guys do so, like no other band these days.

A good dozen of new songs by the German three-piece are going straight forward and they are unstoppable like a burning freight train without brakes. “Roadkill BBQ” will be available worldwide via Steamhammer / SPV as download, CD, and vinyl editions on May 26th, 2017.

Henny Wolter (guitar, Nitrogods) comments: “We are very proud on our new album. We are so dämn’ close to the bands’ live energy like never before.”

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Triaxis Parting With Vocalist In December

Vocalist Krissie from U.K. based metal band Triaxis has checked in with this update about parting ways with the group:

“Dear Triaxians, at the end of 2016, I will be stepping down as vocalist of Triaxis with my last performance being at our now annual Christmas bash at Fuel Rock Club on Dec 16th. No, I’m not pregnant. No, I’ve not had a falling out with the guys (I adore them very much, which has made my decision very hard to say the least). No, I’m not joining another band.

“As most of you know, I run my own business and often that dictates a lot of when and where we are able to gig. Add to that that I’ve also done a fair whack of the backroom stuff for the band since I joined in November 2007, coupled with bouts of ill health over the last 12 months, I have decided that I need a break from performing and all that comes with running a successful band.

“Did I make the decision lightly? Hell no. I mulled it over for a good month before I decided and then I took a good three weeks before I could pluck up the courage to tell the rest of the band.
Then, why are you announcing it so early if you’re not hanging up your mic until the end of the year, I hear you ask? Because I want the guys to have as much chance to find a suitable replacement as possible, without it affecting the Triaxis gig calendar.

“It would be very unfair of me to ask them to wait until Dec to start hunting, when the band has a great run of gigs coming up taking it well into the new year. Also, I want them to utilize all avenues we have available for advertising, including the Facebook page and website, and I wanted to let you, the fans know, without you wondering what was going on when adverts started appearing. We all know what the rumour mill can be like, even when speculation is done with the best of intentions.

“So, Dec 16th will be the last outing with me at the helm. I’ve loved being in this band, loved helping shape it into the monster it has become. Yet, it is definitely time for me to step down and let someone else make it his or hers for a while. Details of how to apply will be released early part of next week.

“I’ll leave my farewells for closer to the time but thank you to my wonderful band mates for being so supporting in my decision. Thanks to the Wilsons for the opportunity to help shape Triaxis into what is, in the first place. And thanks to you, the fans, for continuing to support the band on it’s next chapter. However, until then I still expect to see you at the front.”

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Unbowed Releases “The Fall” Music Video

Canadian blackened death metal outfit Unbowed released the “Dogma” EP late last year, which was recorded and mixed entirely by the band.

Adding to this DIY attitude, the guys have also created and crafted their first-ever performance video; again a venture taken on by the members themselves. Check out “The Fall” below. The “Dogma” EP’s track listing is:

1. The Bleeding Throne
2. Besieged
3. The Fall
4. Echoes of Cernunnos

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Anti-Mortem Talks Cow Tipping And Musical Influences

Southern hard rock outfit Anti-Mortem is set to release the “New Southern” album in just over a week via Nuclear Blast. In anticipation of the band’s debut, the guys were sat down in front of a camera and quizzed.

After posting a video introducing the band, the second in a series of clips about the album is now online, in which the guys discuss their Southern heritage, musical influences, and cow tipping!

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Ektomorf Posts European Tour Trailer

Hungarian outfit Ektomorf is gearing up for an upcoming European tour, which will be the band’s most extensive so far. Check out the tour trailer below.

The band has also revealed a video clip for “You Can’t Control Me” is coming this Friday. After the video premiere, the guys from Ektomorf offer a unique chance to meet them online on their uStream broadcasting channel. Fans can submit questions right here.

 photo ekto_zps2adfb59f.jpg

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Pig Destroyer Recruits Bassist John Jarvis

Grind kings Pig Destroyer have added a new member to the fold: Adam Jarvis’ cousin John Jarvis has joined Pig Destroyer as the band’s first bass player. John will make his live debut at the bands appearance at the Housecore Film Festival curated by Phillip Anselmo in Austin, TX on October 27th at Antone’s. He comments:

“It’s an honor to be a part of Pig Destroyer. I’m looking forward to making new music with the guys, as well as adding some ‘low end’ to the older material live. After being able to see every incarnation of the band live in the past, I can honestly say that the guys are at the top of their game. See you at Big Phil’s Housecore Horror Fest!!!”

Founding member and guitarist Scott Hull added: “Having John come into the band adds the ability to expand musically into new territories that we haven’t explored yet. For many years we haven’t had a bass player or second guitarist because, as JR once put it; ‘mo people, mo problems.’ But a band is a living organism. Change is good. New blood. New energy. We’ve had great experiences adding Blake before Phantom Limb and Adam before Book Burner.

“Both additions to the family have had huge positive impacts on the band. We’d thought about adding a bassist for some time, but it always seemed like it would be more of a hassle than anything else. John has come in like a soldier and has mastered everything we’ve thrown his way. We’re excited for you guys to hear how the older material sounds with an expanded low end and can’t wait to get to work on new material.”

Pig Destroyer released fifth studio album “Book Burner” this past October on Relapse Records.

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VATTNET VISKAR premiere video for “Breath Of The Almighty.” Debut album SKY SWALLOWER in stores now

Hailing from New Hampshire VATTNET VISKAR has caused quite a ripple of excitement with their debut album SKY SWALLOWER, catching the attention of both fans and press alike. The English translation of their Swedish name is ‘The Water Whispers.’ One look at these four guys is not what you would imagine when listening to their […]

heavy metal updates:
VATTNET VISKAR premiere video for “Breath Of The Almighty.” Debut album SKY SWALLOWER in stores now

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